Strike interrupts refuse removal

2011-02-25 14:36

Pretoria - A solidarity strike will interrupt refuse removal in parts of Tshwane on Friday, Tshwane city officials warned.

The strike by Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (Imatu) and SA Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) was in support of their members at the Tshwane Bus Services (TBS), spokesperson for the city Dikeledi Phiri said in a statement.

The strike is linked to corruption allegations in the management of TBS, which was under investigation, she said.

Phiri said that contingency plans to deal with the backlog had been implemented, whereby additional shifts on Saturday had been organised.

"Residents are advised to leave their bins outside until they are serviced," she said, adding that a Sunday shift may be necessary if the areas were not cleared by then.

Bus services in the city were also expected to be suspended on Friday.

She said that city management met with the unions on Thursday, but by Friday, it had not been established whether their offer had been accepted.

  • jstathought - 2011-02-25 14:50

    why pay rates and taxes when they are always on strike or supporting another strike? We the contributing portion of society are being bled to death by more and more taxes and we are expected to kkep on paying and paying. The insanity of this beautiful country really is getting out of hand !!!!!

  • kevin - 2011-02-25 14:51

    It's Pretoria not Tshwane, get it right. Hopefully there will be another strike afterwards about service delivery :-P

      Johan - 2011-02-25 15:55

      @Kevin The strike is in the Metro of Tshwane. The city name is still Pretoria

  • Law Abiding - 2011-02-25 19:02

    Does this mean that the strikers are going to march, sing songs that unit them into one hive mind, destroy public property, pour garbage all over the streets, attack any worker that doesnt agree with their ideas with pangas, focus media attention on them and then release press statements about the big civilized heroes they are? YES/NO Obviously YES. What makes this strike any different to the other strikes we were forced to endure?

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