Sugarcane suspect tries to flee

2010-02-21 21:50

Durban - Suspected sugarcane serial killer Thozamile Taki was seriously injured when he fell while trying to escape from the Westville Prison on Sunday afternoon, KwaZulu-Natal police said.

“I can confirm that Taki tried to escape today (Sunday). Eight other people managed to escape and they are still at large,” said director Phindile Radebe.

It was believed that Taki and other prisoners broke the roof of their cell and he fell from the fourth floor of the building, injuring himself.

"All eight others managed to escape, but Taki fell and hurt himself. He is being hospitalised as we speak," said Radebe. She said some of the escapees used a car to flee.

Some of them faced murder, robbery and escape charges, she said.

Taki, who was arrested in September 2007, is accused of killing 13 women and dumping their bodies in sugarcane plantations in Umzinto and tea plantations in Port St Johns.

Taki also faced 13 counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances.

Taki’s escape happened at the time when the State was about to wrap its case against him.