Support for Mandela continues

2013-06-28 21:51

Johannesburg - A SA flag with get-well messages written on it was planted in the ground outside ailing former president Nelson Mandela's Johannesburg home on Friday.

A former nurse of Mandela, Colleen Mclintock, arrived at the Houghton home to drop off stones on behalf of herself and a friend from the US with messages of support.

Mclintock said she was one of several nurses who treated Mandela at the Park Lane Clinic around 15 years ago.

"I remember what really stood out for me, even though he was a patient in the hospital, he would get out of bed to greet us when we came to nurse him."

She fondly remembered his respectful demeanour.

"He managed to have the capacity to still be so respectful and obviously awe-inspiring."

As evening drew closer, more people stopped outside the house to drop flowers and other hand-made items for the ailing anti-apartheid legend.

Seven-year-old Francesca Genovese stood outside the house and read aloud her get-well card for Mandela.

As the child started reading the words: "Dear Mandela, I hope you get well soon", a woman passer-by battled to contain her emotions and had to walk away wiping tears from her face.

Genovese said when she learnt at school on Friday that Madiba was critically ill, she and a friend decided to put crayon to paper and make him a card.

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