Suspect confesses to being 'Sunday Rapist'

2011-10-17 14:37

Johannesburg - The man accused of killing Roodepoort schoolgirl Louise de Waal has confessed to being the "Sunday Rapist", police said on Monday.

"Johannes Jacobus Steyn confessed before a magistrate in Krugersdorp on Friday," Lieutenant Colonel Tshisikhawe Ndou told reporters outside the Krugersdorp Magistrate's Court.

"He confessed to being the so-called Sunday Rapist, but not to being De Waal's murderer", he said.

Steyn had allegedly raped a number of young girls in Gauteng and the North West, mostly on Sundays, since 2008.

"As you all know, the modus operandi was the same in all these rapes. He wore a wig, sunglasses and a cap. He confessed to that."

Steyn covered his face with a jacket as he entered the courtroom on Monday.

He quickly sat down and buried his head between his legs. He continued covering his head as the charges were read to him.

Steyn faces 13 charges of rape, 10 of kidnapping, one of murder and six of sexual assault.

The case was postponed to December 13 for further investigation.

The court ruled that photographs of Steyn may not be displayed in a manner that could show his identity, as an identity parade might be needed at a later stage.

Steyn allegedly abducted De Waal in Roodepoort, west of Johannesburg, nearly a week ago. She would have turned 17 at the weekend.

A burnt body, believed to be hers, was found on a farm in Magaliesburg later the same day.

Steyn handed himself over at the Margate police station in KwaZulu-Natal on Thursday morning.

Two cases of kidnapping he allegedly committed in Rustenburg and Potchefstroom in the North West province, would also be heard at the Krugersdorp Magistrate's Court.

This was after the State applied for all cases against him to be centralised.

Outside the court, a lone poster strung around a refuse bin read: "Hang the bliksem."

  • Danilla - 2011-10-17 14:44

    This world is becoming a sick and evil place - its not about race, blacks&whites are committing ghastly crimes that are totally the evidence that satan is on the loose. We all need to pray for our country, our world, and our people.

      tristan.kilian - 2011-10-17 14:49

      Because he's been locked up until now?? Please... look at the history of the human race.

      GetitRight - 2011-10-17 14:51

      A pity Sexwale is not yet the President because this is what he believes : "When you are young you go wrong - we fix you and you go wrong again and we fix you, not to destroy you. The Criminals will be having ONE XMAS AFTER ANOTHER...many many field days....but for Sexwale it does not matter...Sexwale needs their VOTES...not right Sexwale

      tristan.kilian - 2011-10-17 14:51

      But we are definitely living in a Godless country at the moment...

      Ann - 2011-10-17 14:54

      "He confessed to being the so-called Sunday Rapist, but not to being De Waal's murderer" - "Steyn allegedly abducted De Waal in Roodepoort, west of Johannesburg, nearly a week ago." These two statements are very confusing - Why did he then abandon his vehicle at his home and run to Margate? Why did it take a policeman to convince him not to commit suicide? This case is going to be extremely confusing indeed. Sadly in Piet Byleveld's book he highlights confessions and retractions down the line when people have time to compose themselves. Apparently they usually claim that they were tortured into confessing. My heart just goes out to the de Waal family and friends in this case and even to his wife and child who must be under severe distress. However his wife must have known something was "up" when he disappeared on Sundays to do community service.

      GetitRight - 2011-10-17 14:57

      So...who is Louise De Waal's murderer. Don't tell me there is still another one of these MAAIFOEDIES not yet apprehended.

      meredith.r.pollock - 2011-10-17 16:08

      @George, it isn't about race, you get your good & your bad in every race, I have said before there are sick psycho peope who are white its not just blacks, but Danilla has hit the nail on the head, we are living in a Godless society & Satan is reaking havoc, one only needs to open their Bible's & start reading, whether we like it or not we are entering the end times & it was told in the Bible that horrible evil will start to happen including murder, just look at all the earthquakes & hurricanes happening etc all predicted in the Bible one only needs to read Matthew 24.. So instead of being Satan's pawn & trying to make another issue (being racism) focus on the truth and the case at hand..

      Ofentse - 2011-10-17 16:18

      Sick...South Africa is Fast turning into a non-god fearing Country

      Farm - 2011-10-17 16:22

      Just because the culprit is white does not mean the world is doomed, please just go out and say it Hand that Him. These is pure tactics I believe he killed that poor girl. If he did not kill that girl then he is probably not a Sunday rapist, I think he just want to divert the attention from the real case and if the prosecute him only on the Sunday Rapist case the would most likely fail to successfully find him guilty on that one and he would be a free man again. I wonder if that is what he call Sunday Community work

      Johan - 2011-10-17 16:34

      ....hang him and ET murderers... public...!!!

      Farm - 2011-10-18 08:53

      @Johan your statement would have been logical sense if it read "..hang him..."

  • Lawrence - 2011-10-17 14:46

    Evil isn't the word...

      Jason - 2011-10-17 15:10

      I feel for both families, the De Waal's for the lose of their daughter and Steyns wife and son who now have to go through life with the knowledge of what he did.

  • Tshifhiwa - 2011-10-17 14:49

    I don’t understand why people rape, I mean there are prostitute all over the country and some are even much cheaper, why don’t you just buy a prostitute do it and go home rather than raping and killing innocent people?

      Pennie - 2011-10-17 14:54

      Rape is not about sex. It is about power

      Peter - 2011-10-17 15:03

      Rape is not a sexual act. It is an act of Violence, Dominance, hatred and pure evil.

      Tshifhiwa - 2011-10-17 15:24

      @Grant, aarchaic has just given you the answer.

      pokum - 2011-10-18 08:07

      there are hookers that do role play, so they will let you have your little power trip, dont wreck innocent lives

  • Marion - 2011-10-17 14:50

    If they could sentence the FB rapist to 50 years after he confessed, within days of catching him, why does this case have to be postponed for further investigation after he has confessed to being the Sunday rapist? Simply because he doesn't admit to the murder? He confessed to enough vile deeds to go away for the rest of his natural life by sounds of things and whether he admits to the murder or not he is directly responsible for her being in a situation where she could be murdered. Justice deferred is justice delayed.

      Ann - 2011-10-17 15:22

      Our justice system is so confusing. I agree - the FB rapist and those guys who threw the young girl off a bridge in KZN some time back - these were sorted out "chop-chop". The agony the people who have been affected by these crimes must be going through is just so unfair. Swift justice will help healing all around.

      aarchaic - 2011-10-17 15:26

      it gives them time to diagnose him legally insane and lock him up in a padded room for a couple of year and let him out once he is rehabilitated. But once you confess to doing something just lock him up and throw away the key safe the money of the tax payer in expensive court cases and pain of all the families involved!

      barry.mcbride - 2011-10-17 16:28

      "A burnt body, believed to be hers, was found on a farm in Magaliesburg on Wednesday." I remember that they were waiting for the outcome of DNA testing to confirm that the body was in fact hers. Has anything been mentioned about such results yet?

  • Thelma - 2011-10-17 14:56

    Did he not confess to the rape and murder of Louise de Waal at the Durban police station?

      Vincent - 2011-10-17 15:06

      That's what I also read - that he confessed to murdering her. Now he says he didnt? But what are the odds? So someone else conveniantly came and murdered and burnt her after he had finished raping her? What are the odds of that?

      Dudleygbu - 2011-10-17 15:28

      no this is seriously a ball of crap, i bet u Louise's murderer is still out there hoping this guy takes the fall. Why does it take so long to do a identity lineup, Louise's friend saw him so she can quickly tell if its him or not, why does he need to admit to it, Louise's friend is a critical witness, come on SAPS, dont you guys watch CSI, geez! Wake up!

      pokum - 2011-10-18 08:13

      he did, that was before they brought up the other charges and he figured that being the sunday rapist was probalbly a lighter sentence than being the dude who had kidnapped an innocent looking girl before her birthday, raping her and burning her beyond recognition. the girls he had targeted all those sundays have no faces to the public and the anger is not as intense...Louise on the other hand had her pic published all over the country, that case has shocked and angered all of SA, black or white

  • Cayle - 2011-10-17 15:02

    give him the chair!

  • Sammy - 2011-10-17 15:05

    Why do these freaks ALWAYS cover their faces? Bleg just shoot the prick!

      John - 2011-10-17 15:37

      sammy he is not allowed to show his face because there might be an id parade later,but you right about being a freak this is a sick sick evil human,dont know how he went home and played with his child after commiting these crimes

  • charmaine.cousins - 2011-10-17 15:17

    Its digusting that the SAPS does not make note of previous molestors of children in local suburbs and make it known to the people who live in the area that they live there. This infact would have made people aware of what he was capable of and maybe have saved more than just the life of Louise. I say bring back the death penalty as now he will live the rest of his days under a roof with food albeit prison- feeding off tax payers money instead of hanging the disgusting human being that he is! Now in order to save our childrens lives we place a monster rather in jail than in HELL where he deserves. Im sorry RSA this is a joke if you dont protect our children as you say you always are!

      charmaine.cousins - 2011-10-17 15:26

      And as his wife you state you did not know! That makes me more furious tghan your petty attempt at declaring your innocence. Think of your child! I am disgusted that you hide behind God now asking the world to forgive you... maybe you should be placed in jail just like your husband for all the innocent lives you have both ruined in the process by your silence. Forgive you... please...remove your right from the public domain and society.

      Jean-Louis - 2011-10-17 15:43

      and in prison that creep mat catch "shaikism" a deadly disease that will force the authorities to release him !

      San - 2011-10-17 15:54

      I completely agree with you about his wife having had to have known. He was doing community work as part of a suspended sentence. There must have been other signs too. She should be investigated as well. Her silence = accomplice

  • gbestenbier1 - 2011-10-17 15:19

    Lock him up,and destroy the cell keys . This man is a menace,and must never ever be allowed to walk our streets again.

  • Danilla - 2011-10-17 15:32

    @ George: whether your black OR white, when you have the capacity to commit crimes, such as these, you are evil. And our world is unfortunately filled with evil sources. if you deny that - then you are eating too much magic mushrooms my friend

  • San - 2011-10-17 15:43

    He was doing community service as part of a suspended sentence, each and every weekend he'd spend time there. How could he's wife not be aware of his deviancy?? There is much to this monsters story, if someone had collated all the facts together long ago he would have been put away, he killed another girl prior to this in an attempted kidnapping. Why were the rapes of these young girls not publicised as a warning to parents and other young girls. Why after he'd killed the 2nd girl is only all of this coming to light? The police and justice have been in cahoots with this monster, through their lack of previous action and commitment

  • Dean - 2011-10-17 15:54


  • cosmos.ndebele - 2011-10-17 16:05

    The COLOURLESS nature of crime that all too well has been preached in this blog even though other people have always disagreed. Some children in certain communities ar brought with false belief that some communities are more savage than others. Look now. My prayers go out to this little girl s soul.

  • Deirdre - 2011-10-17 16:05

    What I have to say in no way excuses this man's actions, however I do think there were some inconsistencies between the Sunday rapist and the Louise de Waal case: The Sunday Rapist 1. Cruised around to find his victims, stalked them 2. He would drive 20 - 30 km away to find them 3. He was always in disguise Louise de Waal's case 1. Happened early in the morning 2. He lived in Roodepoort, the incident happened in Florida, a suburb of Roodepoort 3. He was not in disguise With regards to his wife not knowing, there are many many women out there who don't know what their husbands are doing, and vice versa! Do you know where your partner is, 24 hours a day?? I will pray for his wife, and the kids that they may grow up up normal and not hold resentment towards their father ... it may sound trite, but it's true!

      Marion - 2011-10-17 17:08

      We don't know for sure that he lived in Roodepoort do we?+ - only that he did some of his stalking there... he appeared in the Krugersdorp magistrates court... that could be where he lives... also takes him a lot closer to NW if he does and easier to operate within a certain circumference, particularly if he works in the area and can make excuses to his wife about having to go to work etc., and then go do his vile deeds... just saying...

  • Sam.Ancy - 2011-10-17 16:06

    Bring back the death penalty for crimes such as these is my 2 cents worth

  • nicky.vniekerk - 2011-10-17 16:16

    His mama must be d*mn proud of him!!!

  • abrie.burger - 2011-10-17 16:22

    Dear "elected" government. Please do your job and remove all these dangerous and sick people from our streets. You are more worried about the transformation of sport, reducing speed limits and criminals' rights than trying to catch the rapists, killers and hi-jackers walking the streets and terrorising South Africans. TIP: to win the next election with more than 2/3 votes, bring back the death penalty. Regards another fed-up tax payer.

  • SimnikiweNtingi - 2011-10-17 17:14

    Sunday rapist VS Facebook rapist, I wonder who's gonna rape who in jail

  • Sandra - 2011-10-17 18:41

    So sorry to read that you were shaking in court today, were you scared? Can you comprehend how terrified your young victims must have been while you, a strong adult man were raping them? Were they crying, pleading that you must stop, pleading for their lives? I’m glad that you did not apply for bail because you don’t have the right to it. I’m glad that your family did not attend the court proceedings and they should not in the future for you don’t deserve the privilege to see them one more time, to tell them that you love them or to say your final goodbyes because you even stole that right from Louise and her family. The court should sentence you to stay in prison for the rest of your sick, perverted life and to await the day that you will stand before God to plead your case and receive your final judgement!!! My thoughts and prayers are with Louise’s family and friends and with Mr Steyn’s family.

  • Gail - 2011-10-17 20:01

    News24's report is misleading. He is not denying he killed Louise, it is simply that forensics have not been able to positively identify the remains found in Magaliesburg and so his photo cannot be published in the media until his rape victims who survived come forward and identify him. The murder he committed previously involved the girl jumping from his bakkie to escape him and breaking her neck. No comfort there for the victims but minds can rest easier that this IS the same man who murdered Louise as he confessed to the police on Friday. He knew that he would do it again and didn't want to spend time behind bars because he knew what awaited him and couldn't face it. His wife and extended family are going to face a much more traumatic time than Louise's as she was the victim as were all the others who were raped and survivedI just can't understand how his family did not suspect him? Was he not doing the community service and using that time to victimise people and his family imagined that he was actually where he was supposed to be. Do the police check up on whether offenders are where they are supposed to be? Now his family are going to have to accept what may be happening to him in prison at any time of day or night. That is why they stopped him committing suicide so that he can feel what his victims felt when he abducted them. They should also allow him to be used as a guinea pig by medics to see if chemical castration and cognitive behavioural therapy would change him.

  • Claire - 2011-10-18 07:33

    In response to the "race" comments: The colour of your skin does not make you who you are or determine your actions it is how the individual with his own mind and understanding of what is right and wrong will determine how they live their life. Bad decisions and evil behavior has got nothing to do with colour it is the person on the inside. We decide our path. We choose to rise above apartheid, we choose to hold grudges, we choose to move on and grow as a human being. It is only up to us and education to move on from this mess and once again live as part of a community.

  • jolenevanniekerk - 2011-10-18 08:03

    I say hand him over to fathers. He will get what just dictates. Condolences, thoughts and prayers too all the affected girls and families.

  • Ronaldo - 2011-10-18 10:33

    Let our voices be heard like this petition on facebook to bring back the death penalty to stop the killings/rapings of our woman and children.

  • Malcolm - 2011-10-18 10:58

    Anybody who is old enough to remember the SABC TV programme Police file, may recall that about 50 percent of the killers/ rapists/ criminals where all named Johannes Jacobus. Its a fact. Not sure if they all come from the same blood line.

  • Puseletso - 2011-10-18 12:13

    he deserve a serious punishment this guy

  • Kaz - 2011-10-18 13:14

    wat jy saai sal jy maai... the sad thing is when I thought about it I was very close to her at that time when it happened and I didn't know, if I could only have driven a street or two down then I could have helped, I drive past the school she went to every day on my way to work. If only... and a comment to the race thing, it's not who does it, it's what they do that's horrific.. no-one have the right to take another person's life, that's God's job. People on the whole are evil. My other opinion is he probably is the sunday rapist but he probably looked around for the next victim and just decided to do it there and then... he's sick and I really feel sorry for his family to know what he is. well wishes to Louise's family.. I hope and pray you guys can forgive this monster for what he did to her.

  • Lee - 2011-10-18 13:42

    He should be held for murder x 2 since he gave that poor youngster no choice but to jump from his moving car which then caused her death. The chap is obviously very sick in his mind. I wonder why he killed Louise though, was she the only one he took to his house to rape her, is that why?

  • Dianne - 2012-03-07 16:01

    Another piece or worthless cr*p who does not deserve to share our oxygen!

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