Suspended school principal reinstated

2012-04-30 08:33

Johannesburg - A school principal accused of assaulting a pupil with a hosepipe has been reinstated before criminal charges against him could be finalised, the Star newspaper reported on Monday.

Hosea Maboya of Diversity High School in South Hills, south of Johannesburg, would resume his duties on Wednesday, education department spokesperson Charles Phahlane told the newspaper.

Maboya was reinstated after an internal disciplinary process.

"The hearing was conducted, there was a verdict and then a sanction," said Phahlane.

The Grade 9 pupil's mother, who cannot be named to protect the identity of her child, said she was furious by the decision.

"How can Mr Maboya be reinstated while there is a criminal case pending against him? I don't think that is right," she told the newspaper.

"Where is justice here?"

Phahlane said the department would meet with the family.

"We understand the concerns of the family and we will hold a private meeting with them so that they can raise their concerns," said Phahlane.

He said Maboya was charged with assault and found guilty in February, He served his two-month suspension without pay from March.

Maboya was reinstated along with a female teacher who was given a precautionary suspension after she was filmed repeatedly striking a 16-year-old girl's knuckles with a blackboard duster.

The teacher resumed duty on April 16.

  • Whispers4life - 2012-04-30 09:00

    Fire them and give the temp teachers the perm job!! they want it more that a teacher that cant do their job properly and lets their emotions get physical! #makesmesick!

  • Vusi - 2012-04-30 09:01

    I remember when i was at school a long time back, you could have sworn that being canned was part of the syllabus. At the end of the day, all pupils towed the line. Today you discipline a student, you are a criminal. Where are we headed as a society with all these ill disciplined students, school drop out, pregnant teenagers, pot heads ,who one day would be leaders of this country

      dave.prinsloo - 2012-04-30 09:06

      assault is a criminal offence, idiot. You weren't caned hard enough obviously

      Whispers4life - 2012-04-30 09:13

      The ill discipline comes from home Vusi, its parents that need to pull their fingers out their behinds and mold their children into respectful beings that the starting point, how can a teacher teach a student that has no respect or discipline.

      Hermann - 2012-04-30 09:43

      Agree Vusi, when I was at school we regularly got the cane and we are still normal today and better that the so called liberated scholars. When discipline is seen as assault then I am afraid we may as well close the book on civilisation Dave.

      dave.prinsloo - 2012-04-30 09:52

      hermann, assaulting a child with a hose pipe is assault. It has nothing to do with discipline (other than the pricipal's lack of it). If assaulting children is your idea of civilization, then PLEASE CLOSE THE BOOK ON IT NOW!!!

      Kenny - 2012-04-30 10:32

      I think it is time to back the teachers. Because if something goes wrong does not matter in what case it is "the kid is always the victem"! And that is wrong, when the kid gets expelled because of his or hers wrong doing then the parents jump up and scream theyre lungs out why dont you spank the child.

      dave.prinsloo - 2012-04-30 10:58

      kenny! Why is your spelling so bad? Did they not assault you enough at school?

      Sabelo - 2012-04-30 11:30

      Dave your comment on Kennys spelling is very irrelevant. You can clearly see you've never got a proper hiding! \r\nAssault as a form of punishment is not right. Regardless of who is at fault. There are much more better effective methods one can use in disciplinary proceeding that would have a much greater long term effect.

      Kenny - 2012-04-30 11:33

      @ Dave! I only did english classes half, because I could not pay attention in class because of idiots like you complaining about how they have been bulied in school. You know what build a bridge and get over yourslelf. If you want to hang out with the dogs don't piss like a puppy!!!

      Nikki Bodenstein - 2012-05-01 04:34

      Ja Dave definitely is in need of a klap!

  • Sizwe - 2012-04-30 09:10

    The Principal and teacher were punished for their conduct and they fulfilled the terms of their sanctions, any further suspension would really make no sense irrespective of the criminal process as they were separate actions. One was internal at departmental level and another a criminal case handled by the courts.

      dave.prinsloo - 2012-04-30 09:29

      assault is a criminal offence, idiot. Criminal charges supersede internal processes. Educate yourself, or come here, so I can cane the knowledge into you, whippersnapper.

      ndumiso.mncwango - 2012-04-30 09:57

      @dave it's very easy to have such pompous comments if u are not involved in the teaching and learning environment. If u were involved u would know how difficult it is to instill discipline and make sure that the learners do their work.

      Rodney - 2012-04-30 11:22

      While i agree to a certain extent that caning should be brought back, hitting a child with a length of hose is assault. I got caned on a regular basis, hardly ever for the same thing so it did help keep most kids in line. The school is wrong in reinstating the principal at this point as there is still a criminal case against him. they are going to look pretty stupid when the court finds him guilty and sends him off to jail.

      Jacqui - 2012-04-30 11:42

      A teacher that need this kind of bullying is not a good one. The parents should have been called to school and their child expelled. That is the way things are done in a civilized world. But then do we belong to such a world?.

  • CliveK - 2012-04-30 09:23

    No doubt he's a SADTU member.

  • dave.prinsloo - 2012-04-30 09:37

    real teaching is done by engaging and inspiring young learners. It would have been great if knowledge, or discipline could be instilled through violence, but guess what? IT CAN'T. It only serves as an example that violence is an acceptable way of dealing with things.

  • dave.prinsloo - 2012-04-30 09:42

    the idea that assaulting a child will teach him respect is misguided, as it does the opposite, it breeds more disrespect, BECAUSE RESPECT IS EARNED THROUGH INTELLIGENT ENGAGEMENT OF A LEARNER'S INTERESTS AND NOT THROUGH INSTILLING FEAR OF ABUSE!

      Ted - 2012-04-30 11:42

      Principal Dave Prinsloo. I want to know where I can find you. I want to bring the whole ANCYL for a year. After that we can measure your beliefs against attained results! The carrot and stick has worked for me. It was never stick, stick, stick! Characterising discipline as assault is irresponsible. I remember at my former school there was a manual for disciplining students. The alumni of the school is impressive! Even on this forum you can see who went thru these schools and who didn't. I appreciate the character corrections I received. I could be in prison or dead!

      Vusi - 2012-04-30 12:58

      Full year will be too much. Half a day with 3 of the ANCYL clowns will drive Dave to reach for his sjambok. Wait a minute, I mean his wristle.

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-04-30 10:30

    All governments fault again.

  • strydom.arno - 2012-04-30 11:37

    Dave please tell us how will you discipline a child? Lets make him/her a grade 10 student, talking continuously in you class. You ask him/her to keep quite in your class and his/her response is "piss off my dad/mom is paying your salary so I will do what i want to when I want to".

  • Jacqui - 2012-04-30 11:39

    "Where is justice here?" Why it is nowhere in this country. Justice is a seven letter word found in the dictioanry and not in South Africa.

  • Nikki Bodenstein - 2012-05-01 04:32

    Please, I think more kids need some discipline. They obviously have no respect!

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