Tatane witness request refused

2012-04-25 14:54

Ficksburg - The Ficksburg Regional Court on Wednesday refused a request to go the scene of Andries Tatane's murder, to help a State witness give his evidence.

Questioning Phillip Selokoe on his account of Tatane's assault, the lawyer for the seven policemen accused of the murder, Johann Nel, asked him how far he was from the scene.

"Were you in the immediate vicinity or somewhat away?" Selokoe replied that he was near.

When Nel asked him to indicate the distance in the court room, Selokoe wanted to go to the scene, just outside the court. He told the court he had problems with discussions about distance in the court.

The request was refused, and Nel told Selokoe he was an educated man and should be able to explain.
The seven officers are accused of killing Tatane, a local teacher, during a service delivery protest in April last year.

Defence’s questions ‘unfair’

Selokoe complained Nel was treating him unfairly.

"The defence’s questions were unfair, because yesterday (Tuesday) when I gave answers, he alleged I was a liar," said Selokoe.

Nel told him his comment was uncalled for and irresponsible.

"You are headstrong and not in a position to give testimony in court."

Nel's cross examination of Selokoe continued after the debate on aspects of the assault.

During the morning, State prosecutor Sello Matlhoko stopped the court translator at one point to correct the translation of some of his questions.

Matlhoko also asked the court to intervene, saying Selokoe had already answered some of Nel's questions. Nel disputed this.

The trial continues.

  • Joseph - 2012-04-26 05:57

    The video camera shows it all. Nel is just doing his job to get paid at the end of the day. It is most likely that at some point, he (Nel) is going to question the authenticity of the video.

  • Jane Smith - 2015-02-09 13:41

    Sello Matlhoko is a bully and abuses his position.

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