Taxi boss shot dead

2012-03-03 16:00

Johannesburg - Police spokesperson Tshisikhawe Ndou said on Saturday that a Johannesburg taxi association chairperson was shot dead after leaving a meeting in Alexandra.

The man, who could not be named, had just left a meeting in Marlboro on Friday afternoon when he was shot.

He had been getting into his car when two men approached him on foot, shot him and fled the scene.

Ndou said the police were conducting a murder investigation.

  • Anthony - 2012-03-03 16:15

    dont stop

  • phathuchicos - 2012-03-03 16:34

    Another normal day in South Africa...someone just felt like taking another person's life.

  • Lumko Ntshinka - 2012-03-03 17:05

    Tjo stuff mafia movies are made off

  • Lumko Ntshinka - 2012-03-03 17:05

    Tjo stuff mafia movies are made off

  • Sam - 2012-03-03 17:10

    how long the taxi bosses will know that these meetings are arranged to kill someone, this is an old story, and why go alone as a taxi boss , you have money you can afford bodyguards maaan

      Lumko Ntshinka - 2012-03-03 17:16

      Yaz ive always heard this, that whenever theres a meeting among taxi bosses usually someone is going to get killed in the end tjo ja neh guec its our own version of the mafia.

      Steward - 2012-03-03 20:11

      I believe it is. Or they have enough involvement with the mafia. Why do you think government is so scared to act decisively against them? Start cutting out taxi routes and you'll see how quickly some politicians get assassinated.

      zmhlophe1 - 2012-03-05 08:17

      Sam, as a next door neighbour of this man i know what happnened. the police dont have their facts straight as usual but one thing i can tell you he was not alone when he was killed and his family is really suffering because of this. Lets show some sympathy please.

  • frans.mosia - 2012-03-03 17:36

    I thought those days of Taxi people killing one another were over.But obviously i was wrong.

      Bakers - 2012-03-03 18:31

      There is a law but it is not enforced. That’s why we will always have this sort of tragedy. Start with education. Fix the attitude of the civil service. Hey they don’t even know that you employ them. They should serve. The police need to be retrained, the lot of them from the top down. Our condolences to the family for this unfortunate and unnecessary waste of life.

  • ZION - 2012-03-03 17:49

    Reminds me of the gangsters in New York with a permanent vendetta against their opposition selling gin and hooch under the counter then driving away full speed with their 11 meter cars at 60 miles and hour. Like in Al Capone. But keep it up gentlemen less for the cops to do.

  • Kusleg - 2012-03-03 19:42

    Oh Too bad...! Why don't these thugs do the same to all the racist bloggers on News24...

      Irene - 2012-03-03 19:57

      Kusleg, be careful what you wish for or don't you value your life?

      ZION - 2012-03-04 07:25

      Kusleg: I have no feelings for criminals of any colour or hue whatsoever. If he goes against the law then he/she is a criminal full stop despite his race and there will be no sympathy from me. I will, however, extend my condolences to the family of the deceased.

  • Nombuso Buzwe - 2012-03-03 21:25

    they always fighting each other and i dnt think the war will end in the taxi rank,enough is enough

  • Kusleg - 2012-03-03 21:37

    @Irene.... I value lives of sober minded people not racists. Racists can die as many times and l don,t give a damn..!

      My Opinie - 2012-03-04 02:01

      Does that include Malema?

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