Taxi dragging accused back in court

2011-12-06 07:23

Johannesburg - The trial of a minibus taxi driver accused of hitting and dragging a Johannesburg advocate with his vehicle continues in the Randburg Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

Matome Thamage, 30, has been charged with attempted murder and reckless or negligent driving.

He allegedly hit and dragged Kim McCusker after nearly crashing into the vehicle carrying her and her fiancé Lourens Grobler in September.

McCusker was discharged from the Fourways Life Hospital in November after numerous operations, including skin grafts.

Thamage is out on bail of R5 000.

  • Larry - 2011-12-06 07:35

    Here we go for another long drawn out trial, with the clown blaming everyone else except himself.

      Servaas - 2011-12-06 12:27

      ...And when all else fails? BLAME APARTHEID!

  • Marius - 2011-12-06 07:49

    I can just imagine his usual arrogant behavior behind the wheel, untouchable, free of any liability. Well, that's all going to change now. Unfortunately the majority of these taxi drivers get away with a lot but now and then one messes up so bad that he can't get away. This bugger would have gotten away if she didn't get stuck and it would have been a hit and run.

  • Hansie - 2011-12-06 08:24

    All of you should know by now that nothing will happen to him because he is one of the poor people coming from the struggle. If it was a white taxi driver he would have been sentenced allready.

      madsipho - 2011-12-06 08:31

      I disagree with you mate. Will you please tell what happened to the drunken white boy who opened fire to the black people and killed some?

      Ian - 2011-12-06 08:33

      havent seen one of those since pre 94, maybe rose taxis has a few, lol

      Barefoot - 2011-12-06 08:53

      Typical! when someone is sentenced "yay the justice system works", when a person is going to trial "he'll probably be out because he's black" what do you want exactly? all black people to be sentenced without going to trial?

      Ian - 2011-12-06 09:01

      madsipho when was this, provide a news link pls, i want to read it, thanks

      theO rAcLe - 2011-12-06 09:40

      @ Mad Sipho, We are talking about taxi drivers in general, not a once off incident that happened years ago. You do me a favour and look at the percentage of black as opposed to white in our prisons, that surely says something or what....It is people like you that prevent this country from going anywhere, from being anything other than third world.

      Barefoot - 2011-12-06 10:03

      theo you are an idiotic racist obviously you'll find more black people in South African prisons why? because there are more black people than white people here. go to India or England and tell me the percentage of black people in prison compared to Indians and the white British people

      madsipho - 2011-12-06 10:22

      This Black and White thing is not going to help us fight crime, to me Criminal is a criminal whether is Black, White or Red.

      paulmandlankosi - 2011-12-06 11:44


      Jacob - 2011-12-06 15:29

      Barefoot you have shot yourself in the foot, mate. In the USA blacks make up 13% of the population yet they make up over 50% of the prison population. There blacks are jailed 6.5 times more than whites. In the UK and Wales they are jailed 7 times more than whites. They make up 3% of the population but are in the majority in the prisons. So check your facts, my friend. Google is a good place to start.

  • Archie - 2011-12-06 08:27

    We need to secure a safer driving enviornment ,so in every munisipality in RSA the following must happen Take 20 taxi drivers each day and make them do their drivers licence over again Road worthy the taxis again Check for traffic violations(jumping robots etc) Check for false licences If you fail go to jail

      aarchaic - 2011-12-06 09:46

      make it compulsery for taxi/bus/public transport drivers to do their lisences each year! I mean really they are playing with peoples lives here.

      PyroSA - 2011-12-06 20:20

      To drive a taxi you need a professional driving permit (PrDP), no? Those should be more strictly enforced and you could have much more luck already. Hammer the drivers who go hooligan and remove them from their status as professional drivers. That means they forfeit their R400+ to get their license.

  • BA - 2011-12-06 08:53

    This should not become a black/white issue, please. We have all experienced terrible taxi driving but we have also all experienced regular drivers doing stupid things. Black people suffer from bad taxi drivers as much as whites do. It takes two to tango, and I am sure both parties were having the fight. That doesn't excuse the taxi driver's actions in knocking McCusker down and dragging her, but this is not about race, it's about two people who had a road range incident. This is really one where the courts must listen to the evidence and decide.

      Barefoot - 2011-12-06 08:58

      Thank you finally a voice of reason. there so many people in these comment sections suffering from superiority complex - "no my people aren't evil, they are the bad evil one's u can just tell by looking at them" 'm tired of this

  • Erich - 2011-12-06 10:07

    What a miusleading cap. At the first glance the reader will think a taxi(driver) dragged the accused back to court. You have heard the old joke that in journalism it is an art to use snappy and criptic caps (headings). In England an inmate of an asylum escaped and on his way out he raped a washer woman (like Andy Capp's wife). The newspaper carried the following cap: 'NUT SCREWS WASHER AND BOLTS'

  • Cynthia - 2011-12-06 10:24

    This taxi driver is as guilty as hell. Finish and klaar! Most of them, not all of them, have total disregard for the rules of the road. They never get prosecuted and fines? how many of them ever get paid?

  • Mohsin - 2011-12-06 12:13

    this isn't a race war it's a quest for justice, get over the whole black and white thing

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