Taxi dragging victim tells of her ordeal

2012-02-29 12:13

Johannesburg - Sandton advocate Kim McCusker has spoken publicly for the first time about the incident in which she was dragged 700 metres by a minibus taxi five months ago.

The Star reported on Wednesday that McCusker had written a heartfelt letter to all those who helped, supported and prayed for her.

In the letter on her sister's Facebook page, she wrote that she is not fully recovered yet, and requires intensive physiotherapy twice weekly. She battles to walk and is in constant pain, although on some days the pain is more manageable.

"I suppose it is a slow process one has to go through, and good and bad days are expected. One day I hope I will wake up and be ‘back to normal’."


She has been left with "many physical scars which will always be a reminder of this struggle".

She is expected to have knee surgery this week.

McCusker and her fiancé, Lourens Grobler, were involved in a minor accident and road rage incident with minibus taxi driver Matome Thamage while on their way to gym on September 13 last year. She was knocked over by the taxi and dragged underneath it.

She was admitted to ICU and was discharged from hospital before Christmas.

In the letter, McCusker said she was sincerely grateful for all the love and assistance she had received, and wanted to thank everybody – especially Grobler, her family, the staff at Life Fourways Hospital, and those who assisted her after the incident.

"I wanted to write this note to thank everyone for the incredible support I have had over the last five months. I also want to thank you all for your continued interest and concern for me, Lourens and my family. I believe that all this had a vital role to play in my recovery and the fact that I am here today," she wrote.

  • elewies - 2012-02-29 12:24

    It's sad what happened to her. I can't decide whether I believe that the taxi driver intentionally ran over her and dragged her around or if he really was trying to escape from the fiance... I can imagine a ruthless taxi driver doing something like that to a woman, but I can also imagine an infuriated man assaulting a taxi driver and chaos erupting...

      JohhnyBGood - 2012-02-29 12:31

      That is what makes this so difficult. Who do you believe? One thing to learn from this:Do not cross paths with a taxi, dont stand in front of the damn thing to block his way. It is not worth it. . .

      Fred - 2012-02-29 12:46

      @Johnny - exactly, you can be correct in your actions, but dead. Then what. Rather avoid any and all contact as far as possible with any taxi driver. Some might be nice people, but others weren't even capable enough to get into the SAPS...

      Kevin - 2012-02-29 13:08

      Taxis are a nuisance, show zero respect for anyone on the road and are treated with kid gloves by the authorities which in turn makes them more aggressive on the road. The metro cops who should mostly be fired stand and watch taxi drivers break the law and then stop a little old lady for a minor offense . This disgusting situation needs to be stopped ,a line drawn and taxi drivers who refuse to obey the law must go to jail. this Well done to the CAPETOWN judge who dished out a 20 year sentence to a taxi driver for causing death.Lets hope that our soft judicial system sorts this thug out .

      Nathan - 2012-02-29 13:40

      700meters of dragging to escape an assault? The taxi drivers version is a lot less believable in my opinion.

      Tanie - 2012-02-29 16:46

      Elewies I have read couple of your comments, you stike me as an intelligent, non-biased peson.You are really clever and you will go very far if you can keep that way,ask me. OR else you are fronting with that picture ,you do not strike me as an africanner. Back to business now, how did the woman get to the taxi? or is the taxi driver the one who went to her? too many questions to be answered here.As far as I am conserned, it is aggressive to approach someone to a point where the person feels like running for their life. And if the poor taxi man tried to run for his life and the woman grabbed the taxi with the intension of stopping it,then the man should be left to walk free. As always the guilty party will try to gain sympathy and support from others by writting a thank you letter with the intension of blinding them, let the court decide before you plead innocent. THE EGG BELONGS TO THE CHICKEN THAT CRIES FIRST.

  • Ryan - 2012-02-29 13:24

    1. Carry a firearm. 2. Practice with it. 3. Be prepared to use it. 4. Use it with deadly accuracy and speed. 5. Permanently avoid taxi drivers telling lies!

      msendi - 2012-02-29 13:58

      6. Be immortal…

      JohhnyBGood - 2012-02-29 14:07

      Dude, you sound like Bheki Cele...Shame man

  • Pierre - 2012-02-29 13:25

    I'm sorry for what happened to her. But seriously - who gets out of their car during a road rage altercation? That is just plain stupid.

      Forsythe - 2012-02-29 13:33

      and apparently she went and stood in front of the taxi to prevent him from getting away. good idea........if she were superman.

      Zimbobwe - 2012-02-29 14:34

      I said the same thing when it happened and I was called a troll. Rather be safe than sorry!!!

      Irene - 2012-02-29 15:51

      Forsythe ~ She obviously thought she was dealing with a normal human being and not some low life scum.

      Vuks01 - 2012-02-29 18:17

      @Irene She was standing in front of the taxi to make sure that the taxi driver was not going to escape until he had received a good beating from her "Rambo" boyfriend.If someone is assaulting me - yes I will use my car as a weapon to remove obstacles and escape from the assault.I would rather go to the nearest police station to report - than stop and take a beating from a deranged motorist. I dont carry a gun - but yes I will use my car to protect myself and escape. Violence solves nothing - if anyone is to blame is the boyfriend - now we are supposed to feel sorry for someone who stood in front of a taxi - even my 5 year old will not do that.

  • Marion - 2012-02-29 13:26

    700m is a long distance to be dragged on a tar road. She is lucky to have survived and I wish her well with her continued rehab. Strongs Kim.

  • Traygon - 2012-02-29 13:39

    In my opinion - A street sweeper and public toilet cleaner rank high above the profession of being a mini bus taxi driver.

      msendi - 2012-02-29 14:00

      Unless a mini bus taxi driver is saving money to further his/ her studies like some I know…

      Simon - 2012-02-29 15:21

      Why thumb down Msendi's comment. The more educated people we have in this country the better. Hopefully they can study econimics and learn that nationalisation, socialism and communism don't work!

      Tanie - 2012-02-29 16:52

      Traygo, I know why you wrote that, It's because you like thumbs up your rS. Think about it.

      paulmandlankosi - 2012-02-29 18:41

      There are thousands of taxi drivers who are paying university fees for their children at universities. Not as useless as you may think, do a research

      Cynthia - 2012-03-08 11:14

      I am inclined to agree with you.

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