Taxi driver returns man's lost wallet

2012-12-14 16:02

Pietermaritzburg - Good Samaritans still exist today, in the most unexpected places.

Mark Webber, a horologist and Pietermaritzburg’s City Hall clock mender, lost his wallet containing his driver’s licence, bank cards and a small amount of cash some weeks ago.

“It contained everything a wallet pretty much has”, said Webber.

“I went to see a life coach, Fiona MacCrimmon, and parked near Comrades House. I had a whole lot of things in my hands and wasn’t sure where my wallet was.”

When he was later making a purchase at Hayfields Mall, he realised his wallet was gone.

He then retraced his steps in an effort to recover it, but had no luck finding it.

“I waited for about a week and then I decided to cancel the cards,” said Webber.

Spirit of goodwill

However, two weeks later, a fortuitous encounter saw his wallet returned to him.

Webber was sitting in his parked car in Scottsville.

“I had to make another visit to Comrades House. It was a hot day, I remember, and then I saw this old blue taxi reversing up. I thought the taxi driver was dropping off passengers but he ran up to me, greeted me, and told me that he had my wallet.

“He said he was keeping an eye out for me by placing my licence on his dashboard and looking in every car he passed for my face. But then he told me he was in a rush with a taxi full of passengers and left suddenly,” said Webber.

The astonished Webber didn’t even get a chance to ask his name or contact details. The wallet was returned with everything in it.

“It makes you feel fantastic seeing the spirit of goodwill during the festive season. My estimation of taxi drivers has really gone up,” said Webber.

Asked what he would say to the taxi driver if he were to meet him again, he said he would like to thank him and give him a reward for his honesty.

Webber wrote a letter to The Witness to express his gratitude to the taxi driver whose name he never learnt.


  • johan.jacobs.5680 - 2012-12-14 16:04

    Miracles still happen?

      klippies.coke.7 - 2012-12-14 17:16

      Wow, wow, wow... just when you lose faith in humanity something like this happens.

      BulletProof. - 2012-12-14 18:05

      Give that man a Bell's.

      vuyisan - 2012-12-14 19:37

      I was in a car accident in 2010, a breakdown guy found my wallet and brought it to hospital, so there are still people with good hearts

      michael.kleber.376 - 2012-12-15 06:13

      Just shows you how seldom it happens as its headline news , sad reflection on our society

  • kalabafazi - 2012-12-14 16:06

    Cool Friday story. Well done Mr Taxi driver!!!! Have a Bells!

  • ian.robertreid - 2012-12-14 16:09

    One in a million? Born again taxi driver?

  • Lyndatjie - 2012-12-14 16:15

    YES! This restores some of my lost faith in our people.... :)

  • chris.phago - 2012-12-14 16:21

    How much bonus inside the wallet?

  • beki.khumalo - 2012-12-14 16:22


  • osmaseko - 2012-12-14 16:26

    Most taxi drivers do this, its a petty that people who don't travel with taxis don't know. At Centurion they have a baket of lost and found goods. When ever you think that you lost something in a taxi you can go there however a positive identity is required

  • ronell.germshuys - 2012-12-14 16:28

    Great stuff, driver. Karma is a bitch, but she can be a nice bitch as well. Your kindness will find you. Thank you for being a kind soul!!!!

  • frans.vanderpoll - 2012-12-14 16:28

    I suggest we trace this taxi driver and force him to be president of South Africa. Other people's hard earned money doesn't bother him!!

  • scouter.fourone - 2012-12-14 16:29

    Hope you got the registration number of the taxi for when you realise that you may have become the victim of an identity theft. Sorry to be so glum about what appears to be a 'good news story' - but this is the new SA

      sudika.harkhu - 2012-12-14 16:46

      Who stole all your marbles?

      wessel.jordaan.3 - 2012-12-14 17:05

      You miserable twat!

  • Barefoot - 2012-12-14 16:35

    was accused of mugging a lady after i returned a bag found next to the road - found her by calling last dialed numbers on her phone. nice to know some people appreciate having their stuff returned. good one

  • Madimetsa Mashishi - 2012-12-14 16:47

    taxi drivers r so honest if they found something dt they dnt know dey display it in a taxi sodat de owner cn gt it well done mr taxi driver dnt gt tired of doing wt is right man

  • tjohnsonuk - 2012-12-14 17:00

    Great to read a good story for a change.. buy the man a Bells as usual ;-) But, waited a week before cancelling his cards!? .. that's really brave, or stupid.

  • denzil.a.ferreira - 2012-12-14 17:04

    Give this taxi driver a bells, hell give him a bottle...

      kingswing69 - 2012-12-14 17:11

      No he needs to drive lol. Only after hours

  • eugene.muller.7 - 2012-12-14 17:11

    What should be human nature makes the news, how odd. Good story nevertheless.

  • kitty2wp - 2012-12-14 17:12

    Nice story. My son once left his wallet in a taxi. And i said to him - if you had put your tel no. inside with your name - someone may have had chance to return it. This taxi driver will have this favour returned to him 10 fold.

  • andre.krige - 2012-12-14 17:19

    Sounds like news24 attempt to get the comments going . Nice story, but really is this newsworthy ? Do we live in a society where acts like this make news.

      nic.nomicos.3 - 2012-12-14 17:27

      Unfortunately Andre yes we do live in said society...nevertheless it's a bit of good news methinks...

      koketso.senabe - 2012-12-14 17:29

      I'd rather read such stories than those about people dying and doing terrible things to one another.

  • numerofigo - 2012-12-14 17:20

    I live among people like that! But they are very few i tell ya.

  • maureen.churchill.9 - 2012-12-14 17:22

    Great, got you Christmas present early.

  • celeste.m.lackay - 2012-12-14 17:27

    I believe that EVERYONE is a good person @ heart, we just don't often have the chance to show it. Good one Mr Driver and to the owner of the wallet too. Karma has already rewarded you!

  • lenox.ntlantsana - 2012-12-14 17:30

    They can be rude, wreckless, inconsiderate and anything bad u can ever think of and all drive the same as though they were born by the same mother but there's good ones among them. I myself have friends and home boys among them!

  • andre.krige - 2012-12-14 17:38

    @koketso agreed 100% rather hear positive stories !!

  • tobie.bosman - 2012-12-14 17:44

    So refreshing to read a story like this with all the negative news that seems to rule the world these days.I think the press can cover more of these tipe of stories and remind the public like myself that there is still so much potential in this beautiful country I call home

  • michele.lavagna - 2012-12-14 17:50

    I really hope that he finds the Taxi driver Thanks him & gives him the reward. It is so Awesome to hear of good honest people that went the extra mile. May God bless him.

  • Benjamin - 2012-12-14 17:58

    There is hope :-)

  • Bingo - 2012-12-14 18:06

    While this is a good news story, it's pretty sickening that it makes headlines on News24 How immoral has this country actually become, the answer is right here!

  • tinyiko.mkansi.3 - 2012-12-14 18:16

    People have bad attitude toward tax driver but he changed it all, there are good people out there, God be with him.

  • lucky.hlangu - 2012-12-14 18:20

    There's no fairness here nina man. If da taxi operators did something offencive like violent killings, insulting, violating mini skirts sisi's you turn to vomit poridge to da certain nation that I wont going to mention. And I'm happy cause what happened happened in PMB in KZN.

  • Sakhiwo - 2012-12-14 18:57

    Tjo that's rare in these days,lucky you Mr W

  • Sakhiwo - 2012-12-14 18:57

    Tjo that's rare in these days,lucky you Mr W

  • dodo.c.pilkington - 2012-12-14 19:05

    Good people are not a fairy tale. Thank-you for making every South Africa proud

  • JamesMWood - 2012-12-14 19:07

    There is hope people, there are still some good people out there. Similar thing happened to me, only it was at the gym, the guy managed to track me down on the same day to return it. It gives me hope!

  • jason.marshall.1804 - 2012-12-14 19:22

    The same happened to me, but all the cash were missing. The person problably did it because he was hoping for some sort of reward for returning my wallet with all the cards, etc in it...

  • mshiniboys - 2012-12-14 19:57

    This is a lesson to all of you sceptics...people are individuals so stop painting people with the same brush.I have returned three phones to their owners and the last idiot wouldnt even say thank you because for some unexplained reson she thought I was interested in her and started sending me messages after the fact.

  • liezl.haramis.7 - 2012-12-14 20:14

    @Lucky: you are obviously not one of them!! Hope the very worst for you sir.

  • paul.hemming.39 - 2012-12-15 06:49


  • michelle.marshall.3158652 - 2012-12-20 11:36


  • Juanroux Stiffler Greyling - 2013-06-05 11:45

    give that man a job in parliament......!! Honest and in a hurry to get back to his job....

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