Taxi rivals clash over lucrative route

2011-12-20 15:29

Durban - Fifty-two people were arrested after violence erupted at the Newcastle taxi rank on Tuesday morning, KwaZulu-Natal police said.

"Some of those allegedly involved in the violence sustained minor injuries and were attended to by paramedics," said Captain Thulani Zwane.

Two rival taxi groups attacked each other with knobkieries, sticks and a sjambok.

A rift had developed between the Masihambisane and Sizwe taxi associations over a taxi route from Newcastle to Johannesburg, flaring up into a protracted feud that resulted in the violent clash, said Zwane.

All weapons used in the violence were confiscated and two minibus taxis were impounded.

"We are maintaining a strong presence at the rank and taxi operations have been suspended pending negotiations among all stakeholders," Zwane said.

Those arrested were aged between 22 and 50.

  • mduduzik - 2011-12-20 15:48

    Let them kill each other than killing innocent people in the road with their recless driving.

  • Anthony - 2011-12-20 15:53

    give contract to third group

  • Johan Britz - 2011-12-20 16:07

    Fair game, idiots. You can't "copyright" a stretch of road and/or the passengers on it.

      Sean - 2011-12-23 23:30

      I totally agree with you since when can someone stake a claim on a publik road!? Bribery!? Are the taxis ruling this country?

  • Hunter - 2011-12-20 16:14

    Would be interesting if Xstrata takes on Anglo American with knobkerries to determine the new ownwership of a mine!

  • Yurak - 2011-12-20 16:19

    I've seen this exact occurence on animal planet (do I need to mention the type of animal)

  • Fawzia - 2011-12-20 17:21

    Greed in any colour & total disregard of morals, fairness

  • Eugene - 2011-12-20 17:24

    Goodness me,remind me of the 80's and 90's when I served in the old Riot Unit in Newcastle..We would not have allowed that to happen.Intelligence was paramount.To many politicians involved nowadays...Just wonder how many illegal firearms are (still) being transported in those taxi's.....

  • Irene - 2011-12-20 17:24

    Wish they'd all drive themselves over the nearest cliff.

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