Teacher arrested after pupils killed

2012-04-17 14:49

Polokwane - A Limpopo teacher has been arrested after he allegedly knocked over and killed two primary school pupils, police said on Tuesday.

The teacher, from the Ramabu High School in Dikgale, was driving home from work at about 15:30 on Monday when he allegedly struck the children, Constable Moses Molepo said.

Maite Matlala and Karabo Tauyatswala, both aged 7, were pupils at Sebayeng Primary School in Mankweng.

"The two died on the scene and 37-year-old suspect will appear tomorrow [Wednesday] before the Mankweng Magistrate's Court on two charges of culpable homicide," said Molepo.

  • Irene - 2012-04-17 14:52

    Another SADTU member?

      Antipoaching - 2012-04-17 14:53


      ttshabalala - 2012-04-17 18:55

      Perhaps just an accident that couldn't be avoided. I doubt anyone would just decide to derive pleasure out of running children over that he doesn't even know. I can't find any relevance of SADTU membership to the story. Maybe I'm just too slow.

  • Deon - 2012-04-17 15:27

    Too many pedestrians dies in SA each year. Think Cars and Taxi's when you walk.

  • npretorius2 - 2012-04-17 15:39

    If children play in the street and I don't see them and accidentally run them over, Will I get arrested? Parents need to teach their children not to play in or near the road.

      phumlanii - 2012-04-17 15:57

      Yes for taking another person's life.

      npretorius2 - 2012-04-17 16:09

      Think it is wrong to arrest me if I didn't see them and they were in street?? Bit harsh me thinks.

      Jeffrey - 2012-04-17 16:55

      "If they were in the street and you didn't see them" you have not business being behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. You are supposed to be driving with due care and attention.

      lucky.mlambo2 - 2012-04-17 23:14

      Ya thats true u masy not see them,bt what speed u wer drivin for to knock both of dem to sudden death,think before u act they r speed limit on the kasi roods werby u have to drive 80/hm

  • Sharon - 2012-04-17 15:46

    What, is it fashionable for teachers to run over people these days? Condolences to the families of the pupils....

  • Marion - 2012-04-17 16:10

    May they RIP. Sincere condolences to the families of these kids. We have no idea of the circumstances here so do not know if the accident was avoidable. However, I am constantly having to tell little kids not to play near the corner in our road. Any car coming around the corner in the late afternoon, when the sun shines straight into the drivers eyes, will kill them for sure. Sadly their parents do not seem to care about the risks. Tannie Marion

  • Mazimba - 2012-04-17 16:23

    I'm not surprised. Another 'teacher' tried to mow over Lindiwe Mazibuko in broad daylight!

      Thandekile Pokolo - 2012-04-17 16:55

      me also i don't understood unless their just making a story anyway (mazibuko) she is not that much or president

      lucky.mlambo2 - 2012-04-17 23:07

      This is another story which is different 4rm that of lindiwe.intention and accedent are two different thing with two different consequense!

  • Jacky Mutsila - 2012-04-17 16:44

    im sure this was a mistake nd it cud have happened to any1

  • david.lebethe - 2012-04-17 17:02

    The report sounds like an act of "culpable homicide" is with an intention to kill while it could be accidental. Inasfar as I know, culpable homicide is not as serious as murder and unlike murder, it is only adjudicated by district court. However, my input doesn't suggest that a culprit here is innocent (depending on the statement) and/or that his conduct should be condoned. My gripe is how the report is constructed - it lacks details for one to make an opinion.

  • Shiven - 2012-04-17 17:21

    if u driving within legal speed limit, and if someone decides to run accross, wont it be hard to avoid them, but it a different case if it purpose

  • rtrecia - 2012-04-17 19:50

    he deserves life sentence.

  • Mpho MrBlax Legodi - 2012-04-18 07:12

    guys i live wer this accidnt happend nd i say the guy is wrong coz he uses tht road evriday he knw tht therz kids around tht place besides thy made 7 speed ramps so how the hell dd tht happen? he must b charged wit murder not calpable homocide

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