Tears as family relives murder

2004-07-26 14:21

Pretoria - Relatives of murder victims Janine and Kayla Drennan and Hester Rawstone wept silently while Judge Monica Leeuw summed up a convicted rapist's testimony in the Temba Circuit High Court on Monday.

The family attended the trial for the first time since it began in June.

William Kekana and his suspected accomplice, Charles Fido Baloyi, allegedly kidnapped Janine Drennan, 24, her one-year-old daughter Kayla and Kayla's grandmother, Hester, on July 31, 2003 from Arcadia in Pretoria. Drennan was then raped and three victims were murdered. Baloyi was shot dead at the time of Kekana's arrest.

Kekana pleaded guilty in June to 10 of the 14 charges against him. He admitted abducting the victims, and abducting and raping another 17-year-old girl at Stinkwater, north of Pretoria, and attempting to kill her, but denied involvement in the murders.

Kekana said Baloyi had shot Rawstone through the neck and threw her out of the car on the Heilbron road because she had answered a cellphone.

Kekana said he had feared Baloyi and had been forced to commit the crimes. He said "everybody feared death".

But Dewald Reynierse for the State argued they had acted with common purpose and Kekana could have left Baloyi and even prevented the crimes had he wished to.

Kekana described how he and Baloyi, after abducting the family, proceeded to Soshanguve where they visited Baloyi's sister. She called the police after she saw Drennan and Kayla in the back seat of the car and became suspicious.

After the short visit Kekana and Baloyi drove to Stinkwater where they kidnapped a 17-year-old walking down the road with her boyfriend.

Kekana told the court in June they had kidnapped the girl because Baloyi wanted to rape Drennan but did not want to rape a woman on his own. He said Baloyi told him to take the girl so that he could rape her while Baloyi raped Drennan.

Reynierse argued that both victims were raped twice, once by each accused.

The court also heard that Drennan was shot multiple times. A coroner's report said Drennan's body had 14 bullet wounds.

Kayla was shot once in the head and once in the chest.

The 17-year-old was shot in the head but survived.

Kekana has admitted to the rape of the girl and her attempted murder but denies the rape and murder of Drennan and the murder of Kayla.

The 17-year-old in her testimony said both accused had opened fire on Drennan after the rape "until she fell to the ground silent".

The autopsy found two different types of bullets Drennan's body 9mm and .22.

Appearing in court on Monday, Kekana wearing shackles and an electric anti-escape belt, appeared relaxed.

Heavily armed police kept close watch as Leeuw re-read the evidence before the court.