Teen Satanist cell found

2003-03-11 22:13

Johannesburg - The West Rand is the new "witches' Mecca" of Gauteng with hundreds of minors - including primary school pupils - allegedly involved in Satanism.

Police found an underground storm-water drain in Florida Hills two weeks ago where new Satanists are allegedly initiated.

Police decided to investigate the matter when residents in the area became suspicious of the number of children roaming the hills at night. Evidence of a "youth cell" was found in the outlet.

Dr Kobus Jonker, an expert in occult activities, said rituals have been held in the area for at least five months.

"The initiation ceremonies probably took place once a week after midnight. It is definitely a young cell with about 30 members - I suspect they live nearby."

Hennie Brits, a counsellor, said the area was known as the witches' Mecca. "Hundreds of school children are drawn into Satanism and become involved in crime, drugs and prostitution in this manner. The youngest witch that I know of is 12 years old."

Jonker and the police unit against occult-related offences found images of demons on the walls of the drain.

Other Satanist symbols such as pentagrams, goat heads and slogans were painted on the walls in bright colours.

Jonker said new recruits had to swear a blood oath and then had to take part in sex orgies - where rape was a common occurrence. The new members then had to attend a weekly worshipping ceremony.

"The number of Satanists in South Africa is estimated at about 62 000 and 80% are younger than 18. Up to 14 people are killed in Satanist sacrifices every year."