Teen arrested for shooting farmer

2011-12-13 11:32

Johannesburg - A 17-year-old youth has been arrested for the murder of a farmer in Merweville, in the Western Cape, police said on Tuesday.

Preliminary investigations show that Frederick J v Z Snyders, 35, and his wife were sitting on their porch when one of their farm workers walked up to them on Monday evening, said Captain Malcolm Pojie.

"He took the deceased's rifle out of the bakkie that was parked outside and suddenly fired a shot in his direction, killing him instantly with a single gunshot to his head."

The youth fired further shots at the farmer's wife but missed. He later handed over the 243 Ruger rifle to the wife before handing himself over to the police.

Pojie said the youth worked on the farm at the time of the incident.

"The motive for this murder is believed to be an argument between the farmer and the youth on Monday afternoon," Pojie said.

He will appear in the Leeu Gamka Magistrate's Court on a charge of murder on December 15.

  • Michelle - 2011-12-13 11:38

    Typical, kill the hand that feeds you!!!

      willbeonekenobi - 2011-12-13 11:43

      I wonder what the argument was about that made the youngster kill his boss.

      eric.klopper - 2011-12-13 11:48

      Not exactly, he might have killed the one hand that feeds him in return for work, for another, THE STATE, that feeds him, clothes him, gives him complete medical care, pays him a daily wage, lets him sit around speaking crap with his friends everyday, learning how to be a better criminal for when he eventually comes out of jail, and HE DOESNT HAVE TO DO ONE SECONDS WORK FOR IT, he just HIT THE JACKPOT.

      eric.klopper - 2011-12-13 11:49

      I forgot to mention, all this holiday is payed for by Taxpayer Expense.

      HermannH - 2011-12-13 11:53

      Wonder if the farm labour unions are going to have protest demonstration to condemn this callous murder. I am not holding my breath.

      Penny-wise - 2011-12-13 12:15

      Have these guys ever heard of labour court or CCMA to resolve labour disputes? Why the hell would should you murder someone over an argument ??? Animals don't even behave this way. Disgusting !!!

      pjsawers - 2011-12-13 15:10

      @ Eric - must say Eric I have to fully agree with your posts! At 17 he is a killer and killing the hand that feeds him - Must give it to the youth of this country - going nowhere quickly!

      Hugh - 2011-12-13 17:32

      The way he thought about it was that he was swapping his life of percieved purgatory for a holiday home at Sun City where he will likely be let out after a few years. The return a hero to his home.

      husstla - 2011-12-13 19:33

      @willbeonekenobi...maybe he recently watched the movie 'horrible bosses'

      Boeretroos - 2011-12-14 12:18

      Warning to all farmers and people of european origin - Beware "they" are out for blood and indiscriminate violence !

  • Shawn - 2011-12-13 11:40

    I'd like to say that this is an open & closed case . . . but let see what comes out the woodwork, however, it is sad that another life has been taken . . .

      procold2 - 2011-12-13 11:45

      for sure the first excuse is going to be a payment issue or human rights abuses on the farmers side, i will bet my arm on it.

  • Ben - 2011-12-13 11:42

    Must have been one hell of an argument and no other way to solve the problem. I do not think murder solves any problem. It only makes a big problem out of a small one.

      Ettienne - 2011-12-15 10:05

      The irony is it was most likely an argument about something insignificant and miniscule. Have they ever had a good reason to perform these hanus acts? They kill for peanuts. They kill for no good reason. How many arguments have you had in your life? I have had plenty. Have you ever killed someone because they disagreed with you? NO! You are human. These things cannot be clasified as beast or man. These things are more alike to viruses than any mammal walking the earth. a Living, breathing, walking virus. And everyone knows there's only one thing you do when you encounter a virus. You sure as sh*t do not employ it, feed it, interact with or invite it into your house.

  • richard.hipkin - 2011-12-13 11:43

    So the mentality in this case is in order to get the better of an argument you must kill the other person... Jees, we screwed.

  • braamc - 2011-12-13 11:43

    Prime youth in this country.

  • Paul - 2011-12-13 11:43

    Makes we wonder whether 'Shoot the Boer' does in fact encourage this kind of barbaric behaviour?

      StarStruck - 2011-12-13 11:49

      Well this is a clear point in case. I thank Afriforum for fighting this cause. These are hate-crimes at their best.

      Sean - 2011-12-13 23:00

      @ Paul , I believe 100% it does ! It`s like teaching a 2 year old the wrong thing , the 2 year old will do the wrong thing.Most Malema supporters are 200% uneducated and they all believe the sh@t he feeds them !

  • Larry - 2011-12-13 11:44

    No Morality, no Conscience. Savagery at its best. A pity this guy and his ilk are not in China.

  • Shirley - 2011-12-13 11:50

    Is this the only way South Africans know how to settle a dispute? Kill,Kill!What ever his dispute was it didnt warrent murder. He will be out on bail by the end of the week,spend christmas with his family and the case will go on for 3 years and eventually be thrown out of court! That is the pathetic justice in S.A. Im starting to think Chna has the right attitude-swift,no nonsense-do the crime and youre done!

  • Theresa - 2011-12-13 11:52

    17 years old...these murdering thugs are getting younger by the day.Most probably going to blame apartheid again,even though he wasn't part of it.

      Herman - 2011-12-13 12:11


  • John - 2011-12-13 11:58

    Violence - the repartee of the ignorant. Solves nothing; ever.

  • Ian - 2011-12-13 12:02

    Watch this, people are not going be NEARLY as upset about this as about the drug mule over in china... I mean WHAT THE F*CK!? just walk up and shoot the guy providing you with a job in the head?!!

      coenraadt - 2011-12-13 12:21

      The DA said they are upset because the punishment should fit the crime and death for running drugs is not fitting, but in this case, death for death should be ok!!

  • John - 2011-12-13 12:02

    Just another thought, why was a loaded rifle lying about in a bakkie? "Suddenly" fired a shot doesn't sound like the act of a callous murderer. Perhaps he should be 'suddenly' hanged.

      JLWilson - 2011-12-13 17:13

      You go John - I agree!

  • Lana - 2011-12-13 12:03

    He must be hanged like in the old days.... but he wil prop be walking the streets in 2 or 3 months.....

  • The-Azanian - 2011-12-13 12:05

    race aside, something is wrong...theres some kind of secret of organization behind this. a 17 year old knw nthn abt the past regime. ths needs serious intervention...

      Merven - 2011-12-13 12:08

      It is called the ANCYL.

      Karmah - 2011-12-13 12:10

      Oh wow you only realise this now?

      Penny-wise - 2011-12-13 12:18

      You right, the younger and younger killers no nothing about the past, so something is definately wrong !!! Do you think these youth might be getting a bad message from the current youth 'leaders' ??? Just asking, maybe we need better youth leaders ???

      Herman - 2011-12-13 12:31

      @poliwanki, nope, he is there because his and your elders never educated him, all you consumers want to blame is apartheid and the whites, but never will you see that your downfall is your spineless attitude.

      Deon - 2011-12-13 13:16

      Poly, during apartheid the struggle was full of people that went to University and passed. Now we have many leaders struggling to get matric before they turn 21. Maybe education was better during apartheid?

      mbossenger - 2011-12-13 13:45

      "That 17 year old is where he is because his parents where denied education by the past regime..." - does that give him the right to kill someone?

      Merven - 2011-12-14 08:12

      Just yesterday a friend and me chatted about execution methods, and he was shocked when I told him about necklacing the ANC used. "Hau, that never happened in the ANC, they were peace full" was his remark. So I googled it for him and was he shocked! He (24 year old youngster) was taught the ANC was a peaceful movement! So I educated him quickly. That is the problem Lacostsa, you guys only tell one half of the Apartheid years, you never mention the shopping centre, church and bank bombings, you never mention the rocks and bottles the people threw and the necklacings that lead to tthe Sharpville, Boipatong etc 'massacres', you never mention the landmines and sticky mines the ANC and PAC used on farm roads etc. And you guys never mention the 14 000 plus black people being murdered by the ANC in less than 2 years before the 1994 elections.

      J-Man - 2011-12-15 09:41

      Azanian - please don't write like a 12 year old girl on twitter if you want to be taken "srsly".

      Ettienne - 2011-12-15 10:19

      @ Whoever made this comment: "That 17 year old is where he is because his parents where denied education by the past regime...". Focus Moron. --> Subtract 1994 from 2011. What do you get? a New born baby with as much equal rights and freedom as every other citizen in South Africa with equal chance and unlimited choices, yet, he still ends up choosing to kill in cold blood over a little argument. Please explain to me how the "past regime" is responsible for his cruel act.

  • wnkambule - 2011-12-13 12:07

    Its all his fault with that stupid song... Lucky he's suspended!

      Moss - 2011-12-13 21:08

      Now you are sound Political Analyst haa!! get a brain first - 2011-12-15 10:23

      Good riddence!!

      zterblanche - 2012-01-27 14:47

      @moziz. You know its true. Its hate speech, and is most definitely responsible for a whole lot of farm murders. You can deny it, but hopefully you'll jump off a cliff straight afterwards. Brainless idiot.

  • Lorenzo - 2011-12-13 12:11


  • Koos - 2011-12-13 12:14

    why shoot the hand that feeds you>????? i dont understand these people's!!!!!

  • Merven - 2011-12-13 12:15

    When will farmers learn, there are roughly 80 white squatter camps in and around Pretoria, get them as farm workers.

      Chum Scrubber - 2011-12-13 16:57

      A farmer myself, I doubt I'd find white okes prepared to work as labourers on my farm.

      Merven - 2011-12-14 08:15

      Have you tried? Go and ask some of the white car guards, they want to work.

  • rossallenronnie - 2011-12-13 12:17


      Michelle - 2011-12-13 12:20

      His farm, his bakkie!!! That young f$%#er had no right to take the rifle!! Charge him with theft as well as murder!!!

      AyGeewils - 2011-12-13 14:16

      Both these 'stupidities' are a result of the socio-political disaster we live in. Him leaving the loaded rifle - as protection, i'm sure - why else? and this 'youth' who has no role model but the likes of Julius Malema who inculcates the notion that killing whites is acceptable with very little or no reason at all ...

      Chum Scrubber - 2011-12-13 16:59

      Michelle, he had no right, granted, but weapons should not be left lying around. Its asking for trouble, we live in crazy times, don't expect people to be rational, those days are past.

  • Ruth - 2011-12-13 12:19

    Did I read right, left the rifle in the van / car????

      Hendrik - 2011-12-13 13:07

      Rather careless yes is it not? Silly bugger, but being executed for such an error is a bit harsh.

      Chum Scrubber - 2011-12-13 17:01

      Some people think "it" will never happen to them. Just the way it is, we trust people won't react so insanely. We must stop trusting, it seems in todays world trust is something that will one day backfire on you.

      Ulindi - 2011-12-14 12:46

      I think in this day and age most farmers carry their weapons on them at all times for protection - you (we) don't know the situation, maybe he went home for tea-time before setting off again (he was on the porch with his wife...) the reason why the rifle was still in the bakkie. so Ruth, yes it might be a bit careless, but "springbokke maak ook foute" this however is not the issue at hand. what you should have read and remembered was "farmworker murders farmer"

  • Fredster69 - 2011-12-13 12:22

    What are you doing about this Mr President?

      Tia - 2011-12-13 16:31

      Catching a plane to somewhere divine for Christmas, no doubt!! While the rest of his people either suffer or perpetrate vicious crimes

      Sharon - 2011-12-15 08:18

      makulu kop is sitting back and having a good laugh,probably saying yebo yes one more gone

  • The-Azanian - 2011-12-13 12:34

    Mzansi's black n white panda problem wil only be solvd by eduction, sharin da wealth of nation equaly n integration of societies. end of story. spitin venoms on each other wnt.

      The-Azanian - 2011-12-13 12:47

      Ja ths ship in the middle of indian n atlantic ocean is goin nowhere except drwnin.

      AyGeewils - 2011-12-13 14:03

      why hasn't that worked in America? 14% of the population - over 80% of the prison population .... now who would that be??

      Merven - 2011-12-13 14:04

      Hopefully education starts with you.

      Yurak - 2011-12-13 14:08

      NO, WAR IS THE ONLY SOLUTION..........choose a side buddy.

      Flowingriver - 2011-12-13 15:05

      @Yaruk......u guys will fall and beg for mercy......remember BOP!

      Merven - 2011-12-14 07:32

      Flowingriver, Bop wasn't a war, remember Angola?

  • Peter - 2011-12-13 12:44

    "He took the deceased's rifle out of the bakkie that was parked outside and suddenly fired a shot in his direction, killing him instantly with a single gunshot to his head." So he was already dead on the porch?

  • Donald - 2011-12-13 12:58

    aw dubul'ibhunu dubula dubula Thanks Malema... what else can we expect?

  • Deon - 2011-12-13 13:00

    I will sponsor you a free trip overseas, i`l even buy you some recreational substances, what do you say, you wanna see the great wall of china???

  • phumlanii - 2011-12-13 13:01

    There is no person in a good state of mind who will shoot another person without the arguement being unsued. The boy is the worker, his voice is nothing compared to the farmer. Maybe the boy tried other forms of solving the case, but the farmer had his rifle at hand. This is going to be defensive racial issue. Nobody wants to find the outcome and the reason that prompted the boy to shoot the farmer but quick to point out who was wrong. There is always two sides of the story. I don't believe the "shoot the boer kill the farmer" has anything to do with this incident, it's just the coincident that the boy shot the farmer while the ANC slogan is rife.

      mbossenger - 2011-12-13 13:42

      "This is going to be defensive racial issue" - so if the white farmer had shot the black boy would it be a racist killing?

      AyGeewils - 2011-12-13 14:08

      Bollocks mate!

      Jason - 2011-12-13 15:29

      Phumlanii of course the Shoot the Boer Kill the farmer has plenty to do with this, come on my man, this is South Africa, who are you kidding??

      Shirley - 2011-12-13 15:48

      Maybe you should stop maybe-ing and when you have the facts comment. Its always the white guys fault even if he is a bloody corpse! Heres a maybe though-MAYBE the farmer had the right to live,be with his family,sit on his stoep,leave his bakkie parked on HIS property,farm HIS farm without some delinquent shooting him-JUST MAYBE!!!!!

      Philip - 2011-12-13 16:08

      My voice is nothing compared to my boss either ... his rifle is in the form of a letter and I do what I'm supposed to do and earn my money

      Peter - 2011-12-13 16:20

      lol.. are you joking.. someone actually wrote this..

      Sean - 2011-12-13 23:07

      @phumlanii- I don`t have words for such idiotic comments !

      Merven - 2011-12-14 08:17

      If you are not happy with your job, quit!

  • Leon - 2011-12-13 13:03

    Jeez most of these comments DESERVE Subtitles,makes for a difficult read due to a lack of propper spelling.

      Jason - 2011-12-13 15:30

      Leon, maybe check your spelling there before you post mate!

      Shirley - 2011-12-13 15:49

      Neol forget to spell check?

      Philip - 2011-12-13 16:10


  • indianajohn - 2011-12-13 13:04

    This is awful and inexcusable but I must ask again... why the hell do people have guns?

      Shirley - 2011-12-13 13:17

      We live in South Africa where the police comissioners hang out with the drug lords,minister of security has a wife who smuggles them,white farmers die daily. Would you live 50kms from town unarmed?

      Tia - 2011-12-13 16:39

      Perhaps if your'e on a farm, its to protect your livestock from predators, oops, my bad, clearly I am wrong!!

      indianajohn - 2011-12-14 13:16

      Ok sure. But what does a rifle have to do with self-defence? A handgun maybe, especially one locked up or kept on one's person. But a rifle in the back of a bakkie? No. Sorry.

  • Rika - 2011-12-13 13:14

    Send him to China!!

  • Nitesh - 2011-12-13 13:19

    send the pig to china.....

      Flowingriver - 2011-12-13 15:20

      @Geeks .....and i see u have .... a real one of urself!

      pjsawers - 2011-12-13 15:32

      Flowing river is going to become blood river!

  • ludlowdj - 2011-12-13 13:21

    and the genocide continues, Statistically being a farmer in South Africa is the most dangerous occupation in the world. Its little wonder Genocide watch has upped our genocide status up to a 6 out of 8 (genocide imminent)

      Merven - 2011-12-13 14:41

      Sorry lacoste, google it, farming is much more dangerous than Transit or SAP.

  • Gavin - 2011-12-13 13:40

    Was this argument really worth the death of one person and life in prison for the other ? Why is it in SA that we think with our fists and not our brains ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Ryan - 2011-12-13 13:42

    Death by lethal injection!

  • AyGeewils - 2011-12-13 13:50

    wild west - or the wild south? If you gonna be a farmer why employ these people - when will we learn? Go and find unemployed minorities and start a farming revolution - 5 of my neighbours were killed in KZN - all of them because of some 'dispute' - its madness and time we stopped employing our own murderers!

      James - 2011-12-14 16:02

      Time to mechanise and get rid of farm labour, no labourers, no problems, and a safer environment. More productive and cheaper in the long run. Its done in the States and Canada, why not here?

  • Itumeleng - 2011-12-13 14:21

    This is a crime and should be treated as that, not a race agenda. I'm getting sick and tired of reading ya'll peoples black/white comments. Lets start commenting on how we can contribute on making the situation in our country better. Please you are all straight thinking adults, behave so, for the sake of the future of our children

      AyGeewils - 2011-12-13 14:28

      Change the government - and hang murderers - no other way...

  • Karin - 2011-12-13 14:24

    PLEASE LISTEN!!!!! 1. I have nothing good to say to the journalist that publishes incorrect facts like this. Shame on you and your agency. You only contribute to hate speech and violence - damage that can’t be undone. May the Lord have mercy on you for you are definitely not able to even understand what you have done!!!! 2. The deceased is not 35 years of age... he is merely 33. The only son of a lovingly farmer – the eldest brother of two sisters. 3. The accused is, according to his own family - 18 years of age and raped a local coloured girl earlier this year – one of his own... – so skip the racist comments or remarks – he did not even respect is own – so do not blame this on anything else (not race nor abuse, nor an argument – what so ever) 4. The farm is not even close to Leeu-Gamka. It is in the Merwevile area – in the direction of Laingsburg. eljo

      StarStruck - 2011-12-13 14:30

      Thank you for clarifying Karin. This report was poorly constructed to begin with and as a result sparked racial insults. This is none the less a disturbing article and indicates serious problems with South African youth.

      MadMorgs - 2011-12-13 15:00

      Well said!

      Sean - 2011-12-13 23:08

      I hope he rots in jail !!

      Jenny - 2011-12-14 20:33

      This foul act shows how far down the road of perdition SA has gone. Have an argument or a dispute with someone and you feel entitled to kill them. If the farm worker was unhappy with something, he should have gone through the proper complaint channels. Or he should have left - even if it meant he wouldn't have a job. But he chose to commit a cowardly murder and the result is that he still doesn't have a job and is now a rapist AND a murderer. Scum.

  • Karin - 2011-12-13 14:26

    PLEASE LISTEN!!!!! 1. I have nothing good to say to the journalist that publishes incorrect facts like this. Shame on you and your agency. You only contribute to hate speech and violence - damage that can’t be undone. May the Lord have mercy on you for you are definitely not able to even understand what you have done!!!! 2. The deceased is not 35 years of age... he is merely 33. The only son of a lovingly farmer – the eldest brother of two sisters. 3. The accused is, according to his own family - 18 years of age and raped a local coloured girl earlier this year – one of his own... – so skip the racist comments or remarks – he did not even respect is own – so do not blame this on anything else (not race nor abuse, nor an argument – what so ever) 4. The farm is not even close to Leeu-Gamka. It is in the Merwevile area – in the direction of Laingsburg. Eljo

  • Karin - 2011-12-13 14:26

    4. The farm is not even close to Leeu-Gamka. It is in the Merwevile area – in the direction of Laingsburg. 5. There was no argument. You obviously did not make sure of your facts... He and his worker had a good relationship. Frits was a true gentleman and a gentle man! A truce Christian, whom had time for his fellow human – regardless of race. He was known for his high values and excellent manners. And if it was due to a argument – how do you justify the fact that he wanted to kill the wife? There is no justification!!!! His family: People whom I have never – in my 32 years - heard of or witnessed to lose their tempers – investing in the coloured community without expecting anything in return. His mother was a loving teacher to many. 6. The accused, at times smoked dagga.... and then there are still those that believe that dagga does not alter your actions/brain..... Eljo

  • Karin - 2011-12-13 14:27

    7. For those of you that comment without even knowing the surroundings. The farm is situated in a mountainous area... lost of predators... out to kill the defenceless and vulnerable sheep... That is the reason for carrying an firearm. The next time you enjoy meat – think of all the effort the farmer has to put in to ensure and do his bit to provide food to all the people of South Africa – regardless of race... It is the same farmer of whom you have nothing good to say – that’s making sure that you may have something to eat – not those who demonstrate (toi-toi).... 8. Where is the human part in – shooting a man in front of his loving wife? Straight through the head.... that was no accident... you need to aim in order to accomplish that. eljo

  • Karin - 2011-12-13 14:27


      Esperanca - 2011-12-13 15:18

      Karin clearly you know the bereaved family, our condolences go out to his wife, family and freinds, may the Lord be with them. Thank you for clarifying this story, however, in all honesty, there was no need, a Human life was lost in a senseless manner, that should concern ALL human beings, these racials comments and insults are really uncalled for.

  • MadMorgs - 2011-12-13 14:47

    Lets all just go around shooting the people we have arguements with.. I'll say it again.. EDUCATION!!!!!!!!

  • ttrevenen - 2011-12-13 15:04

    I'm astonished at the way fellow South African's react to news reports involving both race's! The report is "but a snipet" of what actually happened and already opinions have been formed and insults hurled.

  • Andrew - 2011-12-13 15:04

    Are we becoming such a violent nation that we cannot settle matters without resorting to this type of killing.

  • Clarissa - 2011-12-13 15:06

    Malema:"Shoot to kill" remember ...

      pjsawers - 2011-12-13 15:37

      You were given land - look at all the citrus farms, dairy farms etc. and you sold them back to the white farmers or your pulled them through your arse. Take the land and we won't need a death penalty because you will kill yourselves and beg for the Mlungu to return!

  • Regan - 2011-12-13 15:25

    it is our right to have laws protecting us from this gruesome reality.let us fight for the re-instatement of the death penalty.

  • richard.galpin - 2011-12-13 15:31


  • Ovie - 2011-12-13 15:42

    Some serious trolls on here.

  • khutso.b - 2011-12-13 15:47

    another day... another kill, scary SA!

  • Mark - 2011-12-13 15:58

    As the saying goes BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY. There are just too many farmers being killed.What are our police doing to protect us ????

  • Thozi - 2011-12-13 16:09

    Last week a white farmer shot two black kids, one fatally. This week again he appeared in court charged with assaulting his farm workers. Many black people wrote in to condemn the farmer, accusing him of racism. Many whites preferred to ignore the whole thing. Today, it appears that a black kid shot a white farmer dead. Many whites are up in arms, while a sprinkle of blacks is either neuetral or celebrating the killing. The few things common about both black and white compatriots, is that all are South Africans, all are as divided as ever and that all fail to recognise crime, in whatever form, as the real problem. The worst crime South Africans suffer from, is the crime of 'predudice' and it affects both white and black South Africans equally. This particular crime robs people of the ability to think rationally, and not jump to (racial) conclusion. Murder is no longer murder if it involves different races - it is always a racial execution of some kind. In matters involving crime, especially serious crime, it is always better to wait for the professionals to deal with each case: these are the police and the courts, because they're at least trained to listen to both sides before they make judgement. Finally, my condolence goes to the families of the affected, especially of the deseaced. But both families, have effectively lost sons in the unfortunate incident.

      Peter - 2011-12-13 16:16

      I tend to agree with what you have said.. it is also political leaders, the most influencial, that preach the very thing you are trying to defend.. hate speech.. land expropriation without compensation..

      Merven - 2011-12-14 07:39

      Not really Thozi, the ANCYL and ANC sing songs, the youth listen to it, and react accordingly. The only people who don't have the ability to think rationally are the leaders of this country.

      ttrevenen - 2011-12-14 13:57

      I couldn't agree with you more!I echo your sentiments.