Teen bullied at special needs school

2012-02-23 09:50

Cape Town - The Western Cape education department has promised to investigate allegations of bullying at a special needs school in Cape Town.

A concerned mother said her 16-year-old son frequently came home from school with bruises to his face, reported Eyewitness News.

The boy attends a special needs school in Milnerton.

He wouldn’t talk to his mother about the bullying, and she believes he is scared of reprisal attacks.

But the boy told his cousin that he was being targeted during break and between classes when teachers were not present.

The mother contacted the education department but received no response.

The department told Eyewitness News it would investigate the matter.

  • TheyTookMyNickLaZynEko - 2012-02-23 09:57

    it's disgusting how evil lashes out at those least able to defend themselves!

      Poloyatonki - 2012-02-23 10:16

      Its simple, teach your kid to clap back at a young age and he wont be bullied for the rest of his school days.

      ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-02-23 10:27

      @Poliodonkey: That should keep the cycle going hey, you chop!

      Priyal - 2012-02-23 10:56

      A special needs kid bullied by other special needs kids. Now that's special. Sad but special

      Vaaldonkie - 2012-02-23 11:10

      I actually agree with my "special" donkey half-brother this time.

      Marion - 2012-02-23 11:25

      avatar Marion - Just posted Report comment @ivan.coetzee2.... Poloyatonki said 'teach your kid to clap back'... he didn't say teach your kid to klap before being klapped. Would you not try to defend yourself if someone attacked you? Do you think your kid(s) should just turn the other cheek when they are being assaulted? My son has my full permission to FIGHT BACK and defend himself.

      Gerhard - 2012-02-23 11:33

      I had this with my oldest and now my youngest is going through this. Fuggin hate bullies. I told my youngest to give his bully a snot klap next time he pushes him or does something. Only after he has done that, he needs to go fetch his brother to take them both to the principals office and get them to give me a call. I haven't been to see the principal in years, I miss the guy.

  • Tommy - 2012-02-23 09:59

    and this is a headline article?????dont forget to keep us updated if his lunchmoney is taken from him too.

      Lebo - 2012-02-23 10:07

      @Tommy bullying unfortunately is a big issue that deserves to be a headline article. Just last week a 16 year old committed suicide because he was bullied at school. It's a problem that needs to be addressed asap and not swept under the carpet.

      vanetia.mentor - 2012-02-23 10:07

      Wow u such a bully...With yr big muscles and all..Lol..But i get wat u saying..Altho being bullied isnt a joke.

      Stan - 2012-02-23 10:10

      ^^ what a tool

      Tommy - 2012-02-23 10:17

      i dont condone bullying and it needs to be curbed as much as possible.i was locked in the boot of a beetle in my very first break at school. i got so many beatings i wouldnt know where to start! but im saying that i dont believe every caning by a principal and every school boy scrap deserves nationwide acknowledgement..its part of growing up.

      ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-02-23 10:31

      @Tommy, reading ur last comment it's easy to see why you hold the opinion you posted in the beginning. Time to get over yourself and look at the big picture, oh and, grow up also, bullying is not cool!

      Thelma - 2012-02-23 10:47


      Tommy - 2012-02-23 10:52

      thelma with a face like that u call me a troll??!?!?!?!LMAO!

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-02-23 11:03

      Tommy, unfortunately we have to make big a scene of everything to get response from somewhere. You red that complaining, to the department, did not help and now, after news coverage, they will suddenly look into it. As a loving parent we do what needs to be done to protect our children.

      logical007 - 2012-02-23 11:08

      @ Tommy Do you seriously believe that you are so 'cool' and so'HOT' that you can insult ladies on this forum about an article on BULLYING? Do you realise that you actually come over in all your comments as a BULLY yourself - Especially the comment to Thelma? Bullying is not apart of growing up... Bullies are usually weak scared individuals, that have no self confidence and try use Muscle over BRAIN on smaller people. Sound familiar?

      Forsythe - 2012-02-23 11:22

      actually its the rest of u who are coming across like the bullies here. u all attack tommy as if he agreed with bullying when all he did was bring up that this isnt a headline article and i agree with him. i think the reason u all have had a go at him is the fact that he works out and comes across strong therefore a bully himself. hes correct, u are all a bunch of forest folk.

      Jeffrey - 2012-02-23 11:28

      Tommy, it sounds to me the world would have been a better place if they had left you in the boot of the VW Beetle. You've ended up being a bully yourself. I can understand why you wouldn't have been popular amongst the other kids at the school if you had the same attitude then. Maybe they should have klapped you a bit harder.

      FlowingRivers - 2012-02-23 12:31

      Tommy is the troll on steroids !!!!!!!!!! Go find ur bridge

      Vernon - 2012-02-23 12:56

      maybe you should be locked in the boot again for old times sake you

  • SGL - 2012-02-23 10:02

    The parents of this poor child needs to sit down with the headmaster and the bully/ies parents should be called in too. All too often their is a problem at the home of the bullies and they then take their frustrations out on another child.

  • Leon - 2012-02-23 10:03

    @ Tommy I`m sure you`d rather want to hear about ANC and JUJU news hey... Waaaaanker !!

      Tommy - 2012-02-23 10:13

      i love ur type leon, i honestly do.face to face though, im sure u might not want that tho.

      Michelle - 2012-02-23 10:29

      @Tommy You have to read someone's FB profile before you can make a comment??? Used to teach people like you You need help. And my hubby will have no problem whatsoever going face to face with a bully like you. But you are usually the individual hiding behind your buddies You coward!!!!!!

      Heiku - 2012-02-23 10:31

      My money is on Leon. Tommy maybe you should organize a boxing match with Money Bill Williams I think you will win that one.

      Tommy - 2012-02-23 10:31

      michelle, ur hilarious, bring ur hubby. as for leon he got personal and called me a name so i showed him i can get personal and how much i act like the name he called me.

      Michelle - 2012-02-23 10:31

      @Tommy You should have been left in the boot of the car You Arse

      Michelle - 2012-02-23 10:37

      Shame Tommy Its because of people like you that we are commenting on the above article. And I agree with Leon. But why go into his profile and chirp him about his wife???? That does make you a wanker

      Heiku - 2012-02-23 10:56

      LOL @ forest folk. This is like highschool all over again in a comment thread. So entertaining.

      Schmee - 2012-02-23 11:29

      Bwah ha ha ha ha you sound like kids having a squabble on the playground.

  • Comrade - 2012-02-23 10:13

    Western Cape...where EVERYTHING is properly orgonised, investigated and managed! Big up Western Cape!!

      Bardy - 2012-02-23 10:27

      Unfortunately these things happen all around the country and the Western Cape is no different. The difference is that the Western Cape is addressing the issue and doing something about it... Not like the other provinces that do nothing and could not care less... So yes! Big UP WP!!!!

      Comrade - 2012-02-23 10:36

      lol, obviously the person that diss-likes this, hates progress and efficiency, admires bullying and chaos ... (cANCer supporter)

  • Susan - 2012-02-23 10:15

    I Think the Department of Health is too casual about these happenings in schools,forever investigating, we never get to hear the resolution...

      nadine.hayward13 - 2012-02-23 10:26

      I thought it would be the department of education that would investigate these happenings...

  • Francois - 2012-02-23 10:24

    I will personally seek someone to spy a bit -- get proof and f... the parents up in court.... I hate Bullies !!!

  • ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-02-23 10:33

    " a post from FB " That girl you called a slut in class today she's a virgin. The boy you called lame he has to work every night to support his family. That girl you pushed down the other day. She's already being abused at home. That girl you called fat. She's starving herself. The old man you made fun of cause of the ugly scars. He fought for our country. The boy you made fun of for crying. His mother is dying. You think you know them. Guess what? You don't!"

      Heiku - 2012-02-23 11:07

      QQ more

      Vaaldonkie - 2012-02-23 11:19

      QQ moar.

  • Mtizozo - 2012-02-23 10:50

    is this called the head lines

  • Kim - 2012-02-23 11:07

    You people really should keep your negetive and insensitive comments to yourself. I have a special needs kid and its hard work as it is to still be dealing with kids bullying them for no other reason than to make themselves feel superior.In case you havent been following the news , kids are killing themselves because they cant handle this. You really should think before commenting....

  • agueorguiev - 2012-02-23 11:09

    I really hope that the Department walk the talk on this. Earlier this week, a young boy hanged himself because of the bullying at school. These insecure,horrible cowards have no right to infringe on the other pupil's right to be educated in a safe environment. And, if it happens when the teachers are not present, how blind are they to not notice distress in a special needs school?! What have they gotten their Teaching degrees/diplomas for?! TSK!!

  • Vaaldonkie - 2012-02-23 11:15

    One should probably keep in mind that "special needs" doesn't necessarily mean "spastic". The school in question is a school for kids with learning disabilities, not so much physical disabilities or severe mental disabilities. Think Boy's Town (not entirely the same, but still).

  • Marion - 2012-02-23 11:20

    Lay charges against these bullies (and all bullies). Parents, send your kid(s) to self-defence / boxing etc., classes. If you can't afford to pay, find one of the free ones on offer. Tell your kids not to tell anyone they are attending. Then one day, when they have been declared capable of defending themselves, let them beat the crap out of the bullies who try to assault him. Empower your children to fight back (never to provoke a fight though).

      Vaaldonkie - 2012-02-23 11:24

      The trick is to let people know you are not a soft target. I managed to go through much of high school with my black belt in Taekwondo without being challenged. I didn't have to kick anyone's head off because it was generally known that I wasn't as useless in a fight as I looked. By the way, if anyone's interested, the greatest self-defense course you can follow is mixed martial arts. It's the closest to actual fighting that you're going to get without being arrested.

  • Xoli - 2012-02-23 11:30

    The education department sucks and with that the poor kids are suffering..makes me sick to my stomuch

  • beaties - 2012-02-23 11:31

    The parents must lay an assault charge - because that's exactly what bullying is: assault. I don't understand why people suddenly don't use the law when it is a child hitting another one.

  • DarrenCooper68 - 2012-02-23 11:44

    Blaming the schools, teachers etc for bullying is wrong. Bullies will not bully in view of a teacher. Assume a bully is caught red handed, consider what punishment/sanction is available to a schools disciplinary committee to dish out. The SA Schools act is very clear in this regard. Funny how we never hear from the parents of a bully because no one believes their sweet little angel would ever do something like that. Discipline is to be taught at home and reinforced at school. Too easy to tolerate bad behavior in order to avoid conflict in the few hours we working parents have with our kids but this is sending the wrong message and creating a mammoth task for teachers with very few "tools in the toolbox" to address the issues...

  • movisarrison - 2012-02-23 11:48

    Whats your take on this?

  • stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-02-23 12:38

    To all the donkeys; maybe this kid is not built like Pierre Spies and might even have some physical disabilities. Perhaps he cannot "klap" back as you are suggesting.

      Vaal-Donkie - 2012-02-23 13:35

      Pure speculation.

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