Teen driver in killer crash

2011-12-25 17:57

Johannesburg - A man was killed and six others were injured when a bakkie driven by a 17-year-old youth crashed into another vehicle near Majakaneng outside Brits on Sunday, an official said.

The teenager overtook another car and veered to the right side when he saw another on-coming vehicle on the R104 around 06:00, North West public safety department spokesperson Lesiba Kgwele said. "He lost control of the bakkie... it crashed into another stationary car and overturned.

A passenger of the bakkie died on the scene and six others, including the driver, were taken to a nearby hospital in a serious condition.

Kgwele said the youth was driving without a driver's licence, but he has not yet been arrested.

A case of culpable homicide and reckless driving has been opened.

  • Carla - 2011-12-25 18:03

    He must never be allowed to drive ever again

  • jeff.brodie1 - 2011-12-25 18:34

    Lock him up and throw away the key

  • Andrew - 2011-12-25 18:39

    Tragic but he is still a child - I would be interesting to find out whether or not he took the vehicle without permission. The answer to that could implicate the owner of the vehicle

  • Sean - 2011-12-25 21:28

    Why has this kid not been arrested yet!?!?

      glenda.labuschagne - 2011-12-26 06:59

      I give you three guesses.............

      Denise - 2011-12-26 09:19

      Because he is in hospital in a serious condition. The article says so!

  • nelbj - 2011-12-25 22:23

    Did not one of you EVER drive without a driver's licence when you were youngsters? It still stays a tragedy and a crime for which he will be prosecuted and bear on his conscience for the rest of his life. The person who died was a passenger in the bakkie and thus probably his friend. But this holier than thou shouting for his arrest sounds very hypocritical to me. The only reasons for arrest should be if a person who committed a crime is a danger to society if he/she stays free, of if their is doubt if they will show up in court when receiving a summons. I doubt if any of this is applicable in this situation. He surely will not drive without a licence in these circumstances and the chance that he would disappear is also small. So why arrest him, he will anyway get bail and it will just be a waste of time and resources.

      Angela - 2011-12-26 08:18

      No neither did anyone that I know. Our parents taught us the lesson of RESPONSIBILITY for our actions.

      George - 2011-12-26 10:25

      Would you still have the same opinion if it was your parents or family that was hurt or killed because of this irresponsible act. would you not also call for justice. this is the reason why they do what they want to do because the justice system is a joke.

      nelbj - 2011-12-26 21:52

      That I and most of my friends drove without a licence when we were kids is not an opinion it is a fact. It is not a fact to be proud about, but on the other hand I do not believe that I drove any better the day after I got my licence... On the contrary, I probably drove better before I got my licence as I did not want to draw the attention of law enforcement at all cost. I also believe that a very small portion of serious road accidents are caused by people who CANNOT drive properly or do not know how to, in other words people who do not have or would not pass a driving licence test. By far the most accidents are caused by people who do not care! I would expect justice if my family was hurt of killed... and even if my family was not involved. To have police ARREST a kid who is (no further) danger to society and who is no flight risk (as this kid who is in hospital with serious injuries) is no justice... it is little better than vigilantism. Justice will be to charge him to appear in court, where after careful consideration of all fact the magistrate/judge will decide if the accident was in any way his fault. Only then can an appropriate sentence be considered. At least he will get a fine for driving without a licence, but if the accident was not due to his lack of driving ability I see no reason why he is more guilty than we who drove without licences and never was involved in accidents.

  • brenda.t.coetzee - 2011-12-26 07:33

    Sad that people have lost their lives because of a youngster being stupid to drive. Even if the children gets their drivers licenses that still dies not ment that they can drive. Only experience comes with confidence on the road and learning to drive for 18 months with a learners then getting your drivers license should not warrant a person being able to drive alone. So very sad that people had to die because of this. I pray for the families of those who passed. May God heal your pain

  • stuartsa - 2011-12-26 07:43

    Maybe the kid had a learners licence (not on him) and the person travelling with him was a licenced adult?

      George - 2011-12-26 10:30

      @stuartsa If this is true then so be it. it still does not mean that he is a advanced driver. a car is not a tou in fact it becomes a killing machine when used irresponsibly. The fact is people died , whether right or wrong but i think if he had a little patience he could of passed the car with no problem. with great power comes great responsibility.

  • mluleki.simelane - 2011-12-26 12:13

    The owner of the car is also to blame, how can you let an unlicenced person drive your car?

  • Janice - 2011-12-26 13:25


  • Kittiekind - 2011-12-27 18:21

    Just read a doctor was arrested immediately after causing a fatal accident. Why is this kid walking free?

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