Teen holds dying sister after robbery

2012-09-07 11:13

Johannesburg - A manhunt continued on Friday for four armed men who shot dead a teenage girl and wounded her father and sister in Muldersdrift on the West Rand, Gauteng police said.

"The 13-year-old girl, her 17-year-old sister and their father were attacked on Wednesday evening when they returned home," Captain Pinky Tsinyane told Sapa.

Alyssa Botha died after being shot in the stomach, Beeld reported. Her sister, Megan, was shot in her legs and wounded. Their father was shot in the stomach and had to have a kidney and part of his liver and colon removed.

Megan told police how they arrived home at about 19:00 on Wednesday evening when a group of men attacked them as they got out of the car.

She put her hands in the air and told them her phone was in her bag. Her sister did the same. A shot was fired and her sister fell, screaming. As Megan grabbed her to protect her, Alyssa was shot.

“They pulled me about 5m from the car and shot me. They grabbed my bag from my shoulders and shot me again while I was lying on the ground.”  

Most of the men ran away but one went to her father, Anton, who was still in the car, grabbing his phone and shooting him when he resisted.

“I crept to my sister and held her,” Megan said.
Anton Botha is in a stable condition in hospital.

  • yar.wellnofine - 2012-09-07 11:20

    So please tell me why these thugs deserve a prison term as opposed to the death penalty.

      janice.mcmaster.92 - 2012-09-07 11:22

      Devils people.....DISGUSTING!!!!!!

      janice.mcmaster.92 - 2012-09-07 11:34

      I wonder what dear Mr. Malema has to say about this?!?!???

      Desilusionada - 2012-09-07 11:36

      I cannot agree with a death penalty, as i.m.o. it is man's expression for revenge, and thus excludes grace. It is thus with sadness that I am prepared to ignore a pillar principle in my reference frame by hoping that sometime (even if for a short time), people who kill, are killed in return, in a little room by hanging from their necks, until they are dead.... If misfits in society treats life as so cheap, then society must treat murderers' life as cheaper..........

      nadia.graf.50 - 2012-09-07 11:41

      Hang the B@stards! Why waste any taxpayers money on keeping these "things" alive?

      klippies.coke.7 - 2012-09-07 11:44

      There is no sense is this. It's like they didn't care that much about stealing, they went out of their way to shoot the victims.

      marcanthonytaylor - 2012-09-07 12:08

      Yar, I am in two minds about the death penalty for these four because it will undoubtedly be quick and painless if it were brought back for humanitarian reasons, and on those grounds I object. I would prefer mob justice where by if found guilty they are released into the custody of their victims and their families. Let the people decide what the punishment is and how it gets carried out

      maree.cassie - 2012-09-07 12:35

      i agree, if you make the choice to kill someone you have made the choice to be killed. If you take the right to live away from someone that right no longer applies to you!

      brett.bruce.121 - 2012-09-07 12:45

      @busani the retard...when exactly did this happen?

      nico.lourens.14 - 2012-09-07 12:48

      @busani: Minority hap(p)y clappers? I am part of a minority but I am NOT happy, and I am NOT clapping! You are mistaken! You are trying to defend the actions of these so called 'criminals' (let us use the politically correct word)! And that is obvious.

      magda.harmse - 2012-09-07 13:10

      @busani so you condone the behaviour of criminals? What if this happened to your child, your family would you be happy? I dont think so. It is people thinking in that manner that our country is in the trouble it is in.

      marco.bischoff.35 - 2012-09-07 13:21

      @ busani,........happy clappers? let's see how your hands clap in sorrow when this sort of thing happens to the other people in your profile pic, you piece of guano!!! Because as South Africa gets worse, people like your family members will become targets aswell and then you will become a happy clapper too, And then I hope you think back on what you said.

      vanzyld - 2012-09-07 14:08

      They are the voters of the ANC. They deserve protection so that they can vote for their freedom in the next election.

      claudia.meads - 2012-09-07 19:29


      sandy.langenstrass - 2012-09-07 22:00

      The sick part of this is.....we are the victims....and basically there is not much we can do about long can a society that is being killed off at will...without provocation, seems they sit and wait for those that go out in the evening, to return much longer can we put up with this.......

      phillip.havenga - 2012-09-07 22:08

      Busani, take your racial drivel and insert it up your rectum you pathetic excuse of a human being.

      edna.errenrich - 2012-09-08 06:59

      @stinkyoungandangry they are all out murderinf raping ans stealing and humping ur ma

      henk63 - 2012-09-08 08:01

      Blackyoungbastard, I cannot wait for the day I see you in my crosshairs. Low life scum retard.

      bobo.jane.1 - 2012-09-08 10:08

      Please everyone reading this : Please join and help fight crime...You can make a differece in your neighbourhood by reporting suspicious activities. The Government is blind and unable/doesn`t want to protect it`s citizens and it`s up to us to do it. Neighbours..look after each other even if you disagree sometimes..Form street commitees and help them to help you. Please join your local CPF and get active in crime prevention..It`s in the constitution and it`s your right to demand better policing. Nobody can say it will not happen to me. It is time to stand up and get involved otherwise don`t comment just your fustration, it wont help anyone.

      anton.debeer.3701 - 2012-09-08 16:24

      @ Blackyoungandangry. I would love to know what Vanessa Goosen, your facebook friend's opinion is of this comment.

      phillip.havenga - 2012-09-08 21:44

      Blackyoungandangry God will not welcome filth like you into his kingdom, you are a degenerate piece of excrement and a disgrace to the human race as well as any religous person. How your pathetic little brain manages to keep you alive is beyond me.

      rowan.clark.10 - 2012-09-09 11:15

      If we have a defense force that can take life if the country is threatened why can a citizen not take life when they protect themselves .Otherwise close it down sell the boats and planes and give them to the criminal /invaders because the citizens mean nothing.

  • innis.cloete - 2012-09-07 11:21

    What an absolute tragedy. My heart bleeds for South Africa. This poor, poor, poor family.

      brett.bruce.121 - 2012-09-07 11:54

      A tragedy is the result of an accident or an unforseen catastrophe. This is cold blooded genocidal murder perpetrated by vicious COWARDLY thugs who are motivated by a backward corrupt black elite government that ferments hatred of whites to secure votes.

      jacques.otto.50 - 2012-09-07 12:27

      I was hijacked four year ago in the same area. They stripped me naked and took all my belongings. They put my head on a rock and one man was standing behind me wanting to take my head stroking the blade on the back of my neck moving it up and down as if to strike. They all of a sudden ran off leaving me their. When i got to Muldersdrift police station naked they told me i was lying. After my family arived they opened a case but no interest was shown. The cops at muldersdrift is involved and corrupt and anyone living there will tell you the same. I received one call a month later stating they closing the case. So Innis it is a tragedy on more than one level. We need more vigilanties taking these criminals out of exisistance as what ever we doing now is a joke

      mantothieve.missingman - 2012-09-07 12:56

      @ alicia.myburgh.65 Nelson is approving this he sits in he's mansion thriving on news like this , Otherwise he would opened he's mouth long ago.

  • harley.quin.334 - 2012-09-07 11:21


      gieljam.gomtor - 2012-09-07 11:55

      Hey no don't call them something Honourable in today's politics , they can do unto you and call you all sorts of things but you can't even call them a kwog.

      amanda.victor.92 - 2012-09-09 02:25

      This is nothing but the continued genocide on the white population. Why shoot 3 unarmed people without them resisting....for cell phones? Doesn't make sense. They wanted to kill them, finish and klaar.

  • Pete7930 - 2012-09-07 11:22

    I wish the police kill each and every suspect they apprehend. Sick of this sh$t !

  • tandi.freeman - 2012-09-07 11:23

    For what..?,so sad!!!!!

  • lynn.syme.1 - 2012-09-07 11:25

    Cold blooded killers! They walk amongst us with smiles on their faces.

      mogo.naut - 2012-09-08 18:54

      This can't be happening, because our very own jACOB zUMA says we (You, I and everyone else) Is safe -_-

  • snethembah - 2012-09-07 11:25

    May these animals be captured and put to death. May her soul rest in peace and speedy recovery to the father and daughter

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2012-09-07 11:27

    These comrades are such lovely people, will kill for a cell phone and then run away, get caught and then cost the taxpayer money to feed in jail.\r\nCan't wait for the chinese to take over, these people will all get shot and our jails will be empty. And the corrupt will also be shot. Come on the chinese party, we need you now

  • hudayfah.newman - 2012-09-07 11:27


      sonja.xaba - 2012-09-07 11:30

      Animals have more dignity

      djmarcosa - 2012-09-07 11:47

      i have respect for my dog.. these guys are worse then dirt on a dirty floor.. even flies won't go near them..

      mantothieve.missingman - 2012-09-07 12:15

      Please dont compare africans to animals , Animals wont behave like this

      harold.parsons.37 - 2012-09-07 12:35

      Culling thats what we need its the African solution to getting rid of vermin and problematic animals.

  • djmarcosa - 2012-09-07 11:29

    this is just sick.. bring back the Death penalty. people are going to start taking these situations into their own hands.. i bet you if the farther of the young ladies had the chance to take out those robbers he would have been in jail already and been handed a life sentence. this freaken justice system in this country is here to protect the criminals only.. i hope they catch those four guys and toucher them in public make them suffer.. you guys are worse then dirt..

      willem.grobler.754 - 2012-09-08 14:55

      AnthonyfromAfrica you are worse than stupid - you are dangerous. The SAPS cannot take the illegal guns from the criminals now. How will this change if nobody is allowed to have guns? Even worse is that the lawabiding citizens will hand in their firearms and the criminals will have a goldplated guarantee that their vicytims will not be able to defend themselves. Then what do I do when the forces come knocking on my door? Phone you? Idiot...

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2012-09-07 11:30

    Ban guns. People caught with guns get public execution. This country is soft on crime

      nickey.vanrensburg - 2012-09-07 11:41

      Yeh...let's ban guns just like alcohol during prohabition. Then EVEN MORE illegal guns can come into the country. THATS THE SOLUTION AINT IT ?

      Sonnyjakes - 2012-09-07 11:42

      And who is going to stop criminals from obtaining illegal firearms? You are a fool! Criminals are running the country because they do just what they want with impunity! Guns are smuggled across our borders daily, cops hire out hteir firearms. Wake up sunshine!

      ken.rowe.509 - 2012-09-07 11:47

      If firearms are outlawed, only the outlaws will have them.

      kathy.fivefour - 2012-09-07 11:50

      Never heard of a gun going out on its own and killing people. People kill.

      henk.vanrensburg.31 - 2012-09-07 11:55

      Douglas you chop! Then the article would have read Girl stabbed to death! People kill!

      jill.steyn - 2012-09-07 11:58

      Oh, another moron. My firearm is the ONLY protection I have, and I WILL use it if I have to. I am very proficient with it, and banning guns is stupid. It is the Illegal firearms that are stolen and smuggled that is the problem

      frank.crane.180 - 2012-09-07 12:04

      Ban guns? Old story if you ban guns only the criminals will have guns.

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-09-07 12:16

      To ban firearms in a country like SA is to commit suicide. Then again, why purchase a firearm only to lock it up in the safe? This will not help you. However, please do not buy a firearm unless you are (1) prepared to have it on your person all the time, and (2) prepared to use it without hesitation should your life be threatened. In my opinion it has become irresponsible not to carry a firearm. I hate it, and I don't like having this extra responsibility, but that's the way it is in SA.

      mantothieve.missingman - 2012-09-07 12:17

      Ban your mother , if I were not armed 24/7 I would be another statistic now , You honestly think these guys use legal guns ? Wake up ass hole

      carol.harvey.9406 - 2012-09-07 14:29

      @ Douglas .... And who is going to police the guns????? The f......g police can't control the criminals with guns, let alone execute them. The f...g criminals have most of the guns now after the law made it near impossible for "the non-criminal' to own them. Yes, this country is soft on crime but you'll never get rid of the guns, never ....!

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-09-08 11:43

      Douglas, Firstly, my condolences and wishing strength to this family. But, you Douglas, are spot on; Ban guns outright, with only members of the SAPS, having access to these. Anyone else, who is found with a gun; Minimum 20 years prison. THIS will bring down, gun related violence ,drastically !!! IS THAT NOT WHAT WANT???? OR ARE WE GOING TO PUT UP, WITH THE ONES WHO ONLY WANT REVENGE ?????

  • Hemlock - 2012-09-07 11:32

    Heartbreaking to read. I am all choked up! RIP Alyssa xx

  • koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2012-09-07 11:34

    I still can’t believe that by law you are not allowed to protect yourself and/or your family when others are trespassing on your property.

      boltonbarry - 2012-09-07 11:38

      No Koos you are wrong. You can protect yourself

      deon.louw.7505 - 2012-09-07 11:41

      You can protect yourself, just don't leave witnesses.

      djmarcosa - 2012-09-07 11:44

      law or no law.. if you come into my house and if i have the chance i will take that person out.. that's how i feel about this..

      koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2012-09-07 11:48

      @boltonbarry: You are standing in your garden admiring a few roses with your daughter. 4 unknown men walk into your garden and starts heading straight for you and your 5 year old daughter. You are too far from the door but it just so happens that you have your 9mm with you. You can’t see any weapons on the 4 guys walking up to you and your 5 year old daughter. What does the law say you can do?

      koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2012-09-07 11:52

      @djmarcosa: Agreed, there are ways and there are ways. I know.

      brett.bruce.121 - 2012-09-07 11:56

      @koos shoot one round in the air. Their inbuilt genetic cowardice will cause them to run away.

      shaylene.stenger - 2012-09-07 12:04

      A dead criminal cannot speak so make sure you aim right

      koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2012-09-07 12:10

      @Brett: If you have enough time yes but if they can get close enough that 9mm is not going to help at all. These criminals aren’t that dumb either. They know the law is to their benefit and chances are good that it won’t be the first time they are doing this. On top of that they know what they are doing there, you don’t and that puts you at a great disadvantage and allows them opportunities while you are struggling to figure out what they are doing there and what you can and can’t do.

      koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2012-09-07 12:25

      @shaylene.stenger: That is the point, you can’t just shoot (by law). Your life (or someone else life) must first be in danger (and you must be able to prove it in court) before you can. You just shoot and you will go up for murder. That is the problem. The laws protect the criminals.

      narike.lintvelt.9 - 2012-09-07 12:33

      You shoot (to kill) first and fire the warning shot afterwards. Neighbours and witnesses will hear the required number of shots.

      boltonbarry - 2012-09-07 12:37

      Koos there is nothing in the law that prevents you from taking out your fire arm and pointing it at them or firing off a warning shot. WHAT ever you do do not fire a round in to the air like Bret suggested, you will kill someone else where. Iyf they run away after your warning shot then they were probably innocent. If the keep on advancing they are up to no good and you shoot them. That is what I will do. If you shoot them make sure they are dead. Go to your kitchen and garage and get a knife and screw driver and place it on the bodies preferably in their hands

      koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2012-09-07 12:55

      @boltonbarry: Yes I hear you and yes I know. Now what if the law stated that you could shoot if someone trespasses and you considered him/them a threat to you or your family. Now if everyone knew that, no one would trespass and be able to get to you or your family. I tell you house break-ins, crimes on properties and robberies will come to a screeching halt. Sure there are some flaws that would need to be straightened out but it just might be what is needed. It’s clear that criminals don’t give a crap about anyone’s life.

      vanzyld - 2012-09-07 14:36

      You draw your weapon and order them to halt. Order them to place their hands behind their heads and get on their knees. Then order them to lay face down with arms and legs spread. If they refuse: shoot to kill. Find a way to phone the cops. Wait for them to arrive and frisk the four. Shake hands if it was a misunderstanding. Why did they need to enter your property? Why did they not identify themselves? Ask those questions later. You'll still be alive.

  • dave.kofang - 2012-09-07 11:35

    How long are we going to live like this?im so saddened by this unnecessary deaths in our country.PLS PEOPLE HELP THE POLICE TO CATCH THOSE SCUMS.

      shaylene.stenger - 2012-09-07 12:05

      The sad part is even if they are caught they probably will only get 20 yrs in prison because of our corrupt judicial system.

      mantothieve.missingman - 2012-09-07 12:18

      Well depends if you take your own safety serious and arm yourself , taruin your self for situations like this , TIA

  • dave.kofang - 2012-09-07 11:35

    How long are we going to live like this?im so saddened by this unnecessary deaths in our country.PLS PEOPLE HELP THE POLICE TO CATCH THOSE SCUMS.

  • Mohlomphehi Thabo - 2012-09-07 11:37

    people like these make me sick.i am sad.may her soul rest in peace.

      antoinette.jordaan - 2012-09-07 16:45

      Just seems that there's more and more of these type of people, don't it? Killing because of the silliest reasons. Don't like your beard, want your I mean, when I was young and someone annoyed you, you punched them. These days, kids take knives to school and stab to kill. *sigh*

  • enzio.sauls - 2012-09-07 11:38

    No words to describe this, this can't go on like this

      juan.prinsloo.750 - 2012-09-09 01:55

      Like what? Zuma said we are safe

      philip.darne - 2012-09-12 15:04

      Zuma doesn't know what the truth is?

  • claudette.blankenberg - 2012-09-07 11:41

    Please bring back the death penalty.Enough is enough!!My deepest sympathy to the family. What a waste of a young, beautiful life. RIP Alyssa.

  • boltonbarry - 2012-09-07 11:41

    Time that South Africans start taking the law in to their own hands. This has gone on long enough now for both white and black. If the government can not protect the people the people need to start doing their own protection

      dorovan - 2012-09-07 12:08

      @Nicky.vanrensburg - now you're being an ignorant twat. Take a visit to any township & see whst they have to put up with. What has it got to do with being PC. Crime affects everyone!!!

      boltonbarry - 2012-09-07 12:38

      Nickey trust me. I worked in Soweto as a cope for 7 years. More innocent black people are killed in this country on a daily basis than you think

      nickey.vanrensburg - 2012-09-07 12:40

      Yes Bolton....BY OTHER BLACKS

      nickey.vanrensburg - 2012-09-07 12:44

      @Omnivore....and I guess these blacks weren't racist ?

      maserame.kale - 2012-09-07 14:40

      So Nicky van Domberg, are u saying that the Sunday rapist was well within his rights because he killed people from his own racial group!?

      vanzyld - 2012-09-07 14:55

      Yes, we await the innocent black people to unite against crime, drive out the ANC, and vote for a modern government that governs in the interest of its citizens.

      pisciotta - 2012-09-07 15:50

      Bolton - help me out here - what is a "cope" ?

      LanfearM - 2012-09-08 09:49

      @ Nickey - So it makes it "right" if its blacks killing blacks? So if a white guy murders/rapes a white girl it is "better"? What absolute bullshyte! Twat.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-09-08 13:15

      Dorovan. I agree the crime in the settlements are terrible. But does that give you the right to call someone an ignorant twat?.

  • james.bondiski - 2012-09-07 11:44


  • donovan.swart.7 - 2012-09-07 11:47

    They must be found and killed on the spot , we as south africans need to start taking the fight to the rubbish on our streets and if that means taking the law in to our own hands then so be it , these thugs have no respect for human life they deserve the death penalty.

      james.bondiski - 2012-09-07 12:43

      why dosent someone start up a movement???

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-09-08 13:16

      James.bondiski. Why don't you?.

  • henk.vanrensburg.31 - 2012-09-07 11:47

    It is time that we kill these offenders on the spot. Thelegal system will be all to fair on them! If this was my daughter I would have caused HAvoc!!!! Useless Barbaric savages! And I bet you they where blacks!!!! And we have to hear that we need to stop our racist tendencies! F all of you!!!

      evan.erwee - 2012-09-07 20:11

      Henk, Henk. It does not help blaming a color. Believe me there is very evil people in the world and there is NO relationship to race. Look at the Sunday rapist. Look at the ten most evil people in the world. One race, NO, one color, NO. I left RSA because I could not take it anymore. My best friend was shot dead, my wife's ujncle shot dead. Do I blame color, hell no. I feel for them because they have lost more then most white people will ever understand.

      LanfearM - 2012-09-08 09:51

      Well said luzuko.mtoyi. What do whites think? That blacks don't feel the pain when their child is murdered? Does the colour of the murderer matter?

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-09-08 13:18

      Luzuko.mtoyi I understand.

  • John Peter Steyn - 2012-09-07 11:48

    These guys are mad. Lying in wait at a house to steal cellphones and cash. Killing someone for money and phones? Absolutely no regard for human life, and dumb, to bring down so much heat on themselves.

  • nickey.vanrensburg - 2012-09-07 11:48

    FW DE KLERK !!! I'm calling you out !! HER BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS !

      wilhelm.grobbelaar - 2012-09-07 11:52

      Its truly sad that your mind only goes one way... so sad.

      LanfearM - 2012-09-08 09:51

      @ Nickey - two wrongs don't make a right.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-09-08 13:20

      Nickey, you want to go and shoot De Klerk?.That will put you in the same catagory as these and other killers. What good would that do.

  • jason.mann.7549 - 2012-09-07 11:48

    There are only 2 ways to prevent/fix these terrible incidents from occuring and destroying lives.. The first way will not work as it would reply on the government, police and the majority of the country to start working hard and live honest lives - never gonna happen in SA. The second is to start taking matters into one's own hands - I am not advocating violance at all - I AM ADVOCATING SELF-DEFENSE! I liken our situation to that of a person who has been taken up into a plane and against his/her will thrown out the plane but with a fairly complex parrachutte attached that does in fact work. Get over the fact that this was not fair - it is NOT, but it IS the situation that we find ourselves in.. Now that person needs to learn to work the paraschutte - to pull the chord, manipulate it, fly well, land and survive. I train self-defense and martial arts twice per week and this includes serious weapons training. I carry at least a knife at all times and have acquired a firarm that will be used only for self-defense. I would like to think that I would be a nightmare for any would be attackers in any situation. I am always aware and concious of what is going on around me. I have learnt about the dirty, sneaky tactics of the wolves that roam our lands. I care about my life and the lives of my loved ones! I will not give this up cheaply! I wish everyone would take some responsibility and FIGHT back - imagine if we ALL did - this would quickly stop! Are u just another sheep?

      mantothieve.missingman - 2012-09-07 12:20

      Thank you , One person who takes he's own safety serious.

      manie.basson.37 - 2012-09-07 12:25

      Jason I'm a so called coulerd yet I agree 120% with you unfortunatly peeps in sa will never really care untill misfortune hits them and then they expect evry1 stand up with dem.I agree that these filths r so low n cowardice they will never fight some1 that's equaly armed or strong nd always attacking in a pack. I am starting a revolution that has nothing to do with race but with survival in this damn world.nd I'm not looking 4 help any1 interested need to take up arms like u said.

      chhpurdy - 2012-09-18 04:40

      Jason, What quality of life is that? You have to carry knives and guns to protect yourself or feel safe?? Do yourself and your family a favour, get the hell out of there. The weather today in Perth is 23 deg. partly cloudy with a light south westerly breeze

  • lydonmcg - 2012-09-07 11:48

    We need to start protesting for the return of the death penalty. I'm so sick of this rubbish.

      henk.vanrensburg.31 - 2012-09-07 11:51

      Public stoning sound like an idea to me!

      vanzyld - 2012-09-10 11:06

      Start by hanging Zuma.

  • Sedeshan Naidoo - 2012-09-07 11:49

    looks like it's kill or be killed with these robbers. if harmless girls can be shot for no reason, anyone could be next.

  • gillian.sanderson - 2012-09-07 11:49

    So lets see who goes to visit Anton while he's in hospital - which one of our political goons is going to wish this family a speedy recovery and condolences for their loss!!!!! I am so sorry for your loss Megan and may your father recover 100%, although the mental wounds will, i'm afraid, remain with you forever.

      mantothieve.missingman - 2012-09-07 12:21

      Afriforum will

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-09-08 13:23

      Gillian,sanderson. If the politicians will have to visit every victim of violence in this country they wouldn't have time to enrich themselves. Seeing how that is their only daily activity, I am afraid the victims, where ever they are, will just have to fend for themselves.

  • bradley.kecskes - 2012-09-07 11:50

    Screw this, I have had enough!! iIm digging up some hard ware and joining the community forums!! And no mercy to these cowards...I WILL torture!!!

  • kyle.mclaren1 - 2012-09-07 11:51

    This sounds like a pure hate crime with robbery as an afterthought. SA citizens, arm yourselves and protect your families, the SAPS are incapable of helping us and these bastards have no identities and just disappear into the townships... We can only rely on ourselves for protection.

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-09-07 12:43


      pisciotta - 2012-09-07 15:51

      I'm an American and S. African. Glad I was an American first. I learned how to pack heat and use it.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-09-08 13:25

      PJP, the last thing we need are American hillbillies. We have enough of our own. Your statement that you know how to pack heat, is so Texan, it is laughable.

      juan.prinsloo.750 - 2012-09-09 02:02

      @PJP in this country you can pack all the heat you want, and you will have your brain blown out before you even have time to register there's danger. I'm sorry the first world doesn't prepare you for savagery of the African jungle

  • Alfjoe - 2012-09-07 11:51

    The most sad part is tht even these dogs are caught, they wil be gvn bail, nxa

      bradley.kecskes - 2012-09-07 11:56

      Unless I get hold of them...dump the body some where in the veld.

      Alfjoe - 2012-09-07 12:14

      Thts y some countries dont gve bail to murder's

      koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2012-09-07 13:10

      @bradley.kecskes: A little advice if you are ever in that situation. It is amazing what a little bit of petrol can do or remove or hide or destroy.

      bradley.kecskes - 2012-09-07 13:37

      Or make friends with some one that owns a pig farm....

  • aldrin.campbell - 2012-09-07 11:55

    I trust that Satan will attack these culprits for the rest of their lives as well as the here-after! They will know no rest nor peace! Inshallah ameen!

      pisciotta - 2012-09-07 15:54

      Aldrin, So you are religious? Don't you believe Satan was behind their actions in the first place? Nice to be "religious" even if you can't make logical sense in your comments.

  • nickey.vanrensburg - 2012-09-07 12:02

    If this poor family wasn't racist up to now, they sure as hell will be after this. And I'm sure there's a lot more converts to come.

      mantothieve.missingman - 2012-09-07 12:22

      No one gets born a racist but peoples actions who lead them to be one

      jomardl - 2012-09-07 12:27

      @ nickey -- What a stupid comment.

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-09-07 12:45

      Not a stupid comment at all. Think!!!!!!

      nickey.vanrensburg - 2012-09-07 13:03

      @Manto : "No one gets born a racist but blacks' actions who lead whites to be.." There...I fixed it for you

  • marikeh - 2012-09-07 12:05

    They are not animals. Animals have more heart than these scum from the pit of hell. I wonder where Aunty Ferial Haffajee is now about this wonderful country our whites should sit back and enjoy. I tell u, one of those demons enter my property - I will shoot - to kill!!

  • aldrin.campbell - 2012-09-07 12:09

    Apply Sharia law! Only way to keep these Bafoons from running riot in our country! Why don't they go do it in Sandton where their leaders live in luxury estates with iPhones and iPads!

      dimitripappas - 2012-09-07 20:40

      Uhm, no thanks -- we don't want Sharia law either. You can keep that primitive bigotry of yours back in Afghanistan etc, countries even further behind / down the tubes than we are

  • trevor.pietersen.3 - 2012-09-07 12:10

    Will this killing EVER sad

      nicholas.graan - 2012-09-08 11:44

      nice smile Trevor ..

  • reg.nagel - 2012-09-07 12:12

    KILL THEM...F.B...

  • Nico Baloyi - 2012-09-07 12:13

    damn this is heartless ...satan really using ppl 2 do some crucial thing....we really into last days of dis system...

      nickey.vanrensburg - 2012-09-07 12:18

      Leave satan out of this...I don't think he'll even want these bastards in hell with him. They'll take over and run it down until nothing's left.

      mantothieve.missingman - 2012-09-07 12:23

      Not even satan will aprove this

      eng.smith.1 - 2012-09-07 17:48

      i agree the end is near, i don't care about the colour of the skin, people shouldn't hurt each other, hopefully one day this hell will be over and we can all live in paradise!

  • stefan.kruger.1297 - 2012-09-07 12:13

    May she rest in peace, such sadness... if they catch these people, they must all be killed!!

      jacqueline.engelbrecht.54 - 2012-09-08 11:59

      @luzuko. If it can save the next person, then it is well worth it.

  • ethanhawk385 - 2012-09-07 12:15

    I agree with Brett.Bruce, this is cold blooded genocidal murder perpetrated by vicious COWARDLY thugs who are motivated by a backward corrupt black elite government that ferments hatred of whites to secure votes.

  • richard.barnard2 - 2012-09-07 12:15

    We have to start fighting back people. Words mean very little right now.

  • lskosana3 - 2012-09-07 12:17

    When is this ever gonna end?? The government isn't taking this seriously, they live their cushy lives with security guards on watch 24/7 at the expense of the taxpayers while the very same taxpayers get raped, robbed and brutally murdered!

      rasthami.m1 - 2012-09-07 13:11

      Uyanya yazi wat must the government do give everyone of us a bodyguard -the government its trying its best to combat crime period

      lskosana3 - 2012-09-07 14:37

      Firstly, do not expose your lack of decency to the world by using foul language on a public platform. You can get your point across while still talking like a well-educaled human. Now to answer you, what exactly is the government doing to combat crime when they are criminals themselves? By giving thugs a presidential pardon so that they can keep terrorising the clean-living citizens? You sound like a good candidate to be in the government yourself, moron!

      leon.groenewald.33 - 2012-09-08 11:07

      "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." - George Washington "Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth." - George Washington. "The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good." - George Washington "Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." - Thomas Jefferson "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." - Thomas Jefferson Legally arm the people and do not prevent them by laws to counter force with force. It is our duty as Citizens to overthrow this corrupt government by means legal or just.

  • kurtmaurice.roman - 2012-09-07 12:19

    Hope they find these F.....

  • saleigh.waggie - 2012-09-07 12:20

    so sick of reading these stories everyday. What else needs to happen for our government to bring back the death penalty??? Thugs live a life of luxary in our over-crowded prisons. Must we resort to taking actions ourselves if the government will not?

  • bongani.mahlangu.923724 - 2012-09-07 12:22

    I think dead sentence would be useful. Dead sentence must be back in our country.

      eng.smith.1 - 2012-09-07 17:49

      now you talking brother!! People should all unite against crime and live in peace together that's what God intended but we are giving in to evil, God have mercy on SA!!

      mondli.botha - 2012-09-09 07:59

      Just bcos a white gal has been killed n how black gals are killed n u neva call for death sentence, Bongani or blacks deserve to die.

      maylani.bezuidenhout - 2012-09-12 17:00

      Well for a start let's have the death sentence for the creatures that killed those black orphans. Murder is murder Mondli, race has nothing to do with it.

  • levi.c.phiri - 2012-09-07 12:22

    I say reinstate the death penalty!!! This story caused me deep heartbreak! vigilante justice is the only way!!! This Banana Republic must declare war on crime!!! What is the use of human rights when other people deny innocent civilians their human rights! I say reinstate the dear penalty we are not safe in this country! they must go and rob Zuma's homestead and all his many wives and many many useless children!*livid*

  • frans.delport - 2012-09-07 12:22

    Murderers, Terrorists! not robbers.

  • sonja.xaba - 2012-09-07 12:24

    no species on earth behaves like these "things". They must be spawned from the devils ass!!!!

  • melanie.gardner.7528 - 2012-09-07 12:25

    how completely %%%%@# UP!!!!!!!

  • levi.c.phiri - 2012-09-07 12:25

    I say reinstate the death penalty!!! This story caused me deep heartbreak! vigilante justice is the only way!!! This Banana Republic must declare war on crime!!! What is the use of human rights when other people deny innocent civilians their human rights! I say reinstate the death penalty we are not safe in this country! they must go and rob Zuma's homestead and all his many wives and many many useless children!*livid*