Teen gets lengthy sentence for murder

2012-09-26 21:33

Pietermaritzburg - A youth was jailed for 20 years and an accomplice for life on Wednesday for murdering a teenager and injuring two others.

KwaZulu-Natal High Court Judge Johann Ploos van Amstel said there had been no need for the teenager and Mthembeni Ncobela, 28, to kill.

The two stabbed Sabelo Chonco to death in an attack on him and his companions, Nkosikhona and Nthandeni Dlamini, for their cellphones.

Chonco and the Dlaminis had been on their way home from a show in Ixopo on the night of 23 December 2010.

Ploos van Amstel said both accused had previous convictions.

The 17-year-old youth failed to embrace an opportunity to mend his ways afforded by previous lenient sentences.

Both were a danger to society.

The disparity between Ncobela's life sentence and the youth's 20 years was explained by their relative ages, as the youth could have faced 25 years in prison.

Van Amstel said neither had shown remorse.

A third man involved in the murder has since died.

  • sharon.erwin.96 - 2012-09-26 21:41

    Awwww its not so bad!!! Just hang in there till 27 April next year, then Jacob will give you a FREE PASS!!! Then you can kill all over again!!

  • zulu.utanga - 2012-09-26 22:24

    South Africa was like a zoo run by a powerful gatekeeper ( de klerk). The gate keeper had servants working under him.( Mandela) One day some servants got fed with the gatekeeper and decided to oppose him. The gatekeeper used his chains to beat off the servants disloyal to him. The gatekeeper greatest fear was not the servants opposing him but the wild animals locked in the cages. The servants in their final throw of dice decided to sabotage the cages and broke open the locks. Seconds later wild animals have been set loose killing everything. The servants were finally over joyed. The wild animals have come to their rescue. Now they too can become gate keepers. Hooray The gatekeeper was gone at last. Until they realised the truth. The truth which only the gatekeeper understood. These wild animals were truly wild. And they instantly turned on everyone including those hapless servants. In the end the wild animals have assumed total control over the zoo. The story of south africa summed up in 100 words or less

  • irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-09-26 22:54

    Violence is genetic. Same with rape. Same with theft. Same with begging. Same with the victim mentality.

      SaleƩ Sithwell - 2012-09-27 09:08

      I would've thought stupidity was...

      pieter.pan.184 - 2012-09-27 09:25

      Do you mind posting your doctorate in genetics so we can all see it?

  • ludlowdj - 2012-09-27 11:49

    This youth thing need to be scrapped and scrapped now! what mentality decrees that age has anything to do with criminal activity or sentencing or rehabilitation? When this "youth" comes out at the end of his sentence and kills someone else, will the judge be prepared to explain his actions to the community? I think not

  • irma.white.9 - 2012-09-27 13:52

    If the teen has a previous conviction, has now MURDERED and is considered a danger to society then WHY on earth is he not spending life behind bars?! Because he's a teenager? Pleeeease, like they don't know at that age that killing is wrong.

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