Teen 'satanist' jailed for killing friend

2013-10-11 12:20

Johannesburg - A satanist teenage girl who confessed to killing her friend was sentenced to in effect eight years in juvenile prison by the South Gauteng High Court, sitting in Palm Ridge, on Friday.

Judge Geraldine Borchers imposed a sentence of 10 years, two of them suspended, and ordered that it be served in the juvenile section of the Leeuwkop prison.

In a statement, the teenager confessed to killing Keamogetswe Sefularo on 1 March, near Randfontein, after Sefularo decided to leave a cult.

The girl stabbed Sefularo in the chest, neck and stomach, egged on by her 19-year-old boyfriend.

"The deceased was touching her, pleading with her and asking her why she was doing this," Borchers said in her judgment.

Sefularo later died of her injuries in hospital.

Financial gain

The court heard that the girl had hoped to gain financially from satanism.

She believed her spirit would be able to get into key holes and into a bank where she could steal money, said Borchers.

It was horrific that such a young person could be lured into satanism because of a desire for money, she said.

She said nothing suggested that the girl was not in control of her actions when she killed her friend.

"Had the accused been 10 years older, I would have imposed life imprisonment," said Borchers.

Outside court, Sefularo's family wept. One woman collapsed in the corridor and wailed on the floor.


  • Lydon Daniel McGrane - 2013-10-11 12:27

    8 years? Disgusting.

      Mable Jacobs - 2013-10-11 12:40

      She'll spend 3 years behind bars if wee lucky then out and back to society

      Bheki Dladla - 2013-10-11 12:51

      "The girl stabbed Sefularo in the chest, neck and stomach, egged on by her 19-year-old boyfriend" urged or egged??? wow news24 brilliant reporting really sies!!!

      Flown Riva - 2013-10-11 13:06

      @ Bheki.....His drama coach 'egged him on' so he'd go onto the stage and perform as well as he did during the rehearsals. What does "egged him on" mean? To encourage someone.

      Sarah Stanton - 2013-10-11 13:07

      Verb, 1. egg on - urge on; cause to act;

      Gary van Niekerk - 2013-10-11 13:53

      Ooooh jinne Bheki! Now u have egg on your face! Lekka stupid neh! I hope u learn something from this experience. LMAO@the grammar police! A simple word synonym check on word wouldve helped! From Mr.Know-it-all to Mr. Know-buggerall in one second! I can't stop laughing @ Bheki "Egged" Dladla!

      Jon Low - 2013-10-12 04:25

      "Egged on" is correct.

  • Nesigan Naidu - 2013-10-11 12:27

    age should not acount for murder... if you act out as a murderer you should be dealt with like imprisonment!!!

      Marie Fourie - 2013-10-12 09:09

      Death penalty!!!

  • Sipho Friek Van Tonder - 2013-10-11 12:40

    what in the world is wrong with South Africa

      Linds Ron-House - 2013-10-11 12:54

      It's not South Africa, it's sick people who live in it. Most South Africans are good people.

  • Anathi Mnayza Mgentse - 2013-10-11 12:42

    Its no lie when people say "money is the root of evil"..Satan is taking over am telling u,we gotta be careful cause we're livin in a cruel world...8 years is nothing that wont stop her from doing it again bt who are we to judge

      Tersia Louw - 2013-10-11 13:06

      The saying is "the love of money is the root of all evil", not money itself.

      Damon Leff - 2013-10-11 13:07

      Let's not blame an imaginary "Satan" for the crimes committed by teenagers.

      William Segal - 2013-10-11 13:08

      ...for the LOVE of money is the root of all evil...1 Timothy 6:10

      Repent All - 2013-10-11 14:16

      Money itself is not the problem,Satan use money as a tool for his own gain,murder in this case.

      Sarah Stanton - 2013-10-11 16:26

      What happens if *Satan* is just the gate keeper, and our actions are purely of our wants and desires? Who would we blame then?

  • Kobus Hattingh - 2013-10-11 12:42

    Pathetic sentence, murderers irrespective their age should spend their entire lifes behind bars. And that goes for rapists also.

  • Thando Grootboom - 2013-10-11 12:45

    Atheitis, could this be your daughter?

      Afriend Ofyoda - 2013-10-11 13:07

      What is an Atheitis? You mean Atheist? I think the answer would be no... Atheists are A-Theist, which means that they do not follow a theist belief. You cannot believe in any god if you are atheist. Satan is a god, so an atheist cannot believe in Satan, then he would be theist, like Christians. Their children would hence also not be brainwashed in believing in Satan, hence this could not be their daughter, no... It's far more likely this is the daughter of a Christian, because Satan does not exist outside Christianity, this you know right? Don't you ever read up on these things? Please, just go read a bit...

      Johnny Better - 2013-10-11 13:13

      Thando was addressing someone in particular.

      Alwyn van der Merwe - 2013-10-11 13:15

      Yoda's chommie, Thando was addressing a person. Atheitis is a retired old man with an unnatural hatred of Christianity (and any religion is by default Christianity in his eyes) and too much time on his hands. He trolls around News24 waiting for any article that might have a religious flavour in order for him to spew his bile yet again. Before telling other people to read up on things, you should a well.

      Thando Grootboom - 2013-10-11 13:42

      @ Atheitis my bru u are one sick satanic bast@rd, you will have to repent before death or else.......................... eish i would not like to see you in the after life, not that i would anyway. hell is hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot too hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

      Gemma van der Merwe - 2013-10-11 13:44

      You obviously don't know what's the difference between atheism and satanism or where morality comes from. It takes religion to make good people do evil.

      Jason Marriott - 2013-10-11 13:47

      This could have been anyone's daughter, Don't see what this has to do with atheists.

      Mike Swart - 2013-10-11 13:52

      It is vigorously suggested that the families of Thando Grootboom and Alwyn van der Merwe not be scrutinises. Mental illnesses (voices, appearances, over active imaginations) tend to run in families. AS does gullibility.

      JamesBlacksmith - 2013-10-11 14:00

      Weird, I had an argument on this site with atheists that claimed that Satanism had nothing to do with Satan... I guess they were wrong. Atheism is about denying God and promoting self. Satanism is about promoting self. There is a difference Thando :)

      Mike Swart - 2013-10-11 14:02

      As for unnatural hatred of Christianity, what about the unnatural hatred of humanity reflected by the said belief system. And the hatred the believers have for each other. That's NATURAL?

      afriendofyoda - 2013-10-11 14:11

      hey! someone is deleting my posts? @Alwyn, I basically just thanked you for your 4 line wikipedia reference, and went on to say that these oaks use satan as a metaphor. Hence, would you be happy if I said Im an atheistic christian? In that case im one of you guys!

  • Tanya Bussio-Kemp - 2013-10-11 12:53

    If you can act like an adult, kill like an adult and get involved with satanism, she should be trialed and punished like an adult too!

      Marie Fourie - 2013-10-12 08:57

      Imagine it was your child been KILLED. Its the act that counts, not the age

  • Dave Ducker - 2013-10-11 12:57

    whats it flavor of the month 8 years... this system is completely whacked !! sounds like she should have been sent to a nut farm!! had the accused been 10 years older ? does this mean she's 8 years old now?

      Matthew Wade Burgess - 2013-10-11 19:50

      Judge's maths is off that why it was only 8 years

  • Pabalelo Selema - 2013-10-11 13:20

    The judge is probably satanic too. 8 years only?

      Jason Marriott - 2013-10-11 13:44

      It's because of her age. The judge is handing out the sentence the law allows.

      Lorna Murdoch-Eaton - 2013-10-11 14:08

      The judge made it clear she wanted to give the maximum sentence but couldn't.

      Marie Fourie - 2013-10-12 08:49

      Doesn't matter if she is a child. We must not let age fool us, its the act that counts. It was an evil act. Death penalty must be the only verdict

  • Angela Monaghan Sandells - 2013-10-11 13:22

    I guess they have to blame someone or something. A lot easier than taking responsibility for her own evil actions. Very sad for all involved.

  • Israel - 2013-10-11 13:25

    The sentence is farrrr to low - APPALING!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Kronenberg - 2013-10-11 13:28

    8 years must be the flavor of the day. Murder 8 years. Cocaine 15 years. Fraud 12 years. I will be playing 8 on the roulette wheel.

  • Natasha Singh - 2013-10-11 13:50

    This is the second 8 year sentence I am reading of today for murder and in the other case, culpable homicide... is this what our lives are valued at according to the justice system? Nice precident being set in a country where the youth are increasingly becoming more violent.

  • Scott Young - 2013-10-11 14:05

    Its not our justice system thats hurting the country,its education. How on earth does any body get so screwed up they believe they will be able to go through keyholes to be able to steal money!!!??? A harsher sentence wouldnt have changed why this girl thought that way in the first place.

  • Repent All - 2013-10-11 14:54

    Deleting post wont help,the word is out,REPENT ALL.GOD is the way,the truth and the light!!!!

  • Penelope Manengela - 2013-10-11 14:59

    People in this country are so ignorant about the existence of evil. This world is controlled by the masons and having kids that are poses by evil is no surprise @ all in any case they live to perform human sacrifices. I mean one should ask themselves why the assemblies in schools were gotten rid of and the study of bibs or religious. They are getting away with it because you have not put on ur full spiritual armor read the book of Eph 6v10-18 we are not fighting a physical warfare we are fighting a spiritual one in heavenly realms and Jesus already overcame the enemy therefore through his blood we are covered however He must be ur Lord and personal savior in order to appropriate this. The accidents u see are not accidents people wake up, go and find out about the black sabbath and these accidents normally take place during the full moon, wake up!!!

  • Buttonmenzi Menzi - 2013-10-11 15:04

    You can blame whoever but the truth stand, the devil is rooming the street, this year alone we hand many cases of this nature people thinking weird behavour will quick get them richer or perhaps they're watching too much of horror movies. My mind can't digest this

  • Valkyriaza - 2013-10-11 16:47

    Sound more like a stupid psychopath than a deluded soul. I reckon that humans can do more evil than any demon in whichever circle of hell. Well, if I believed in hell that is.

  • Kagiso Mashiane - 2013-10-11 17:23

    If one gets 8 years for brutal murder then what sentence would one get for instance armed robbery, rape or drug dealing?hmmm, it makes me wonder...from a criminal in the making, watch the space

  • stefan.grundlingh - 2013-10-11 20:07

    'Reporter' writes about 'satanist'. Get real and report the news without your pathetic and offensive attempt of political correctness!

  • Ngwana Moafrika - 2013-10-11 21:28


  • Christina Engela - 2013-10-11 21:28

    The perpetrator was not a Satanist! It is ABUNDANTLY clear from evidence led during the trial that she and her group got their ideas from Christian horror-fantasy about the occult which was created, spread, and reinforced by the Media in a phenomenon known as Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) hysteria. Despite this, the press (and the SAPS) still continues to conflate media-created 'satanism' with real Satanism as a religion as if they are one and the same thing, when nothing could be further from the truth. The Media (and the SAPS) should do a little research and actually get the facts from practitioners of occult religions themselves instead of promoting their own paranoiac fantasies as "fact" and building fantastic conspiracy theories without a shred of evidence to support them. Pagans, Satanists and other occultists are tired of having their religions insulted and their dignity impugned by being labelled as criminals, murderers and "threats to society" by default, simply by what ignorant journalists carelessly place in sensation-seeking headlines and articles. http://

      Daedroth - 2013-10-12 07:48

      Well said. These are what academic and folklorist Bill Ellis would call Legend Trippers. They fulfil the Christian myth of "Satanism". Part of the solution is to stop feeding the youth religious propaganda against little understood belief systems, simply out of fear. If these kids knew about real Satanic religion or philosophy, they would realize that they are WAY off the mark in their doings.

  • Jon Low - 2013-10-12 04:24

    "The court heard that the girl had hoped to gain financially from satanism. She believed her spirit would be able to get into key holes and into a bank where she could steal money, said Borchers." Satanism? Sounds to me like Stupidism.

  • Vicki Maree - 2013-10-12 09:43

    If she believes in satan s powers!. Give her a life term!. No problemo!. Her "saviour" will set her free!

  • Kedibone Kidi - 2013-10-12 11:25

    Our teens really need strong prayers!

  • Kleintjie Ankie - 2013-10-12 19:45

    Satan is a devil....our teenagers need prayers...spirit of the living in the name of Jesus........Amen

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