Teen stabbed to death at CT school

2012-02-28 19:35

Johannesburg - A 16-year-old boy was stabbed to death at a school in Valhalla Park in Cape Town on Tuesday, police said.

Around 10:30, the teenager was involved in a school yard argument which turned violent, said Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut.

Spokesperson for the Western Cape education ministry Bronagh Casey said the child died on the scene in front of other pupils.

Counselling had been arranged for those who witnessed the killing.

Additional security would be provided at the school.

Traut said a 16-year-old boy was arrested shortly after the stabbing, and would appear in court soon.

  • Vuks01 - 2012-02-28 19:42

    Sad - Sad - Sad Checklist for a schoolgoing chap in Valhalla Park School Books - Check Stationery - Check Lunch box - Check Sharp Weapon - Check How long will this violence linger on ?? When will this end ??

      Leon - 2012-02-28 19:54

      It's unlikely to end. Ever.

  • Sandy - 2012-02-28 20:11

    Should this happen at school, really thats where you send your child to educate them....

  • Lacrimose - 2012-02-28 22:57

    Of all the crises that ANC has denied, this one is never mentioned - the monumental mental-health crisis this country faces. For whatever reason - too many to mention here - we are a society totally lacking in impulse control. And seemingly incapable of teaching our children anything other than a violent solution...

  • Janice - 2012-02-29 07:39

    This is sooo wrong, obviously drugs involved...They should regularly test each and every child for drugs and expel them with immediate effect if found positive!

  • simondgie - 2012-07-24 13:47

    Just bring back the cane.

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