Teens, dog rescued after crash

2011-12-29 12:10

Bloemfontein - Three paramedics went beyond the call of duty, finding two teenagers who ran after their dogs after a car crash in Bethlehem in the Free State.

ER24 spokesperson Vanessa Jackson said an 18-year-old, his 14-year-old sister, their grandmother and two dogs were heading to Cape Town when a truck rear-ended their car on Wednesday evening.

"A puppy and another dog immediately jumped out of the car and ran off out of fright," she said.

The teenagers ran after their pets. When paramedics arrived at the scene the grandmother could only give them a cellphone number and the direction in which they had run off in.

"One set of paramedics assessed the shocked grandmother and treated her for minor injuries. Three of the other paramedics set off looking for the two other potential patients and their pets, only having intermittent cellphone contact with them due to bad signal in the area."

The paramedics found the two, after walking for about 5km on a train track.

"Unfortunately, only one of their dogs was with them and they had no idea where the other one was."

Paramedics treated the two for minor injuries and took them, along with their grandmother and the puppy, to Phekolong Hospital.

One of the paramedics volunteered to take care of the puppy until a family member arrived on Thursday.

  • Graham - 2011-12-29 12:42

    It is great to know there are still really decent people out there who are prepared to go the extra mile without expecting a reward.

  • Shirley - 2011-12-29 13:19

    Good job! andthey didnt have their hand out for a few bucks! Of course they are private parmedics though-state run ambulances are useless!

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