Terre'Blanche's wife 'doesn't hate killers'

2012-08-21 10:33

Johannesburg - Murdered AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche's widow Martie harboured no feelings of hatred towards his killers, social worker Johan Engel told the High Court sitting in Ventersdorp.

Engel's testimony formed part of pre-sentencing procedures in the murder trial currently underway in Ventersdorp, Beeld newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Engel told the court that he had interviewed Martie Terre'Blanche in June to determine the impact of her husband's murder on her family.

"I want to reclaim my perspective on life, this court case has been a huge setback. I do not hate the accused, and I'm not bitter... they crushed me and they murdered my husband in the most barbaric way," she told Engel.

She said she still died "ten deaths" when she drove past his farm, Witrandjiesfontein, where the murder happened.

She also said that even if the accused escaped justice, they would still eventually have to face divine justice. Engel then told the court that the murder of a loved one was one of the most traumatic things a person could experience.

Chris Mahlangu, 30, has been found guilty of murdering Eugene Terre'Blanche in his house on 3 April 2010, while Patrick Ndlovu, 18, who also worked on the farm at the time of the murder, has been found guilty of robbery with the intent to steal.

The pre-sentencing procedures are set to continue on Tuesday.

  • rick.kabose - 2012-08-21 10:38

    Ndlovu is a repeat offender.He was guilty of housebreaking previously and let off on a warning presumably.He should do jail time for this

      luvo.luvos - 2012-08-21 13:34

      This could perhaps be attributed to the atrocities that she witnessed her late husband committing against black people on a daily basis. She knows the hatred that was brewing amongst the farm workers who were victims of his actions and the fear that her late husband and his bunch of followers invoked in the nearby township. Based on that she could fathom why he had to be disposed of like that.

  • nettie.potgieter.5 - 2012-08-21 10:52

    She is a better person than me. I hate all killers and will never forgive them for what they did to murderd person, the famalies and to all human kind.

      Essy1945 - 2012-08-21 11:39

      Exactly... I'd hate them - murderers! Whether Eugene or another farmer or another mother, or an innocent child raped - I'd hate them... and YES hate is a hard word but the opposite of love is hate and how can you love them?!?!? - 2012-08-21 16:48

      @nettie.potgieter.5...I am glad you hate Killers ,i also hope you hate Terre blanche because he killed many people and indoctrinated others racists like himself to kill people.

      morris.khunou - 2012-08-22 14:10

      Do you also hate Johan Nel, Nettie? when in this country are we going to grow above racial thinking ? why are we so boxed in racial steriotipes?

  • wahamachiba - 2012-08-21 10:56

    This means something

  • helen.derobillard - 2012-08-21 11:17

    What else is she ment to say, does not hate them, till she walks into her private space dont believe that at all,hope they rot in hell

  • shirley.steenkamp - 2012-08-21 11:26

    If she is capable of not having hate-good for her! Hate consumes your every moment of life and on your deathbed you realise you have had no "life".I dont know wether I would be that strong. Especially after all the sickening things these 2 have had to say-H.I.V. etc. They got off far too lightly. I sincerely hope this woman is able to have some form of normality in her life after this-though personally I dont see how you EVER get over such bruality!

      leon.groenewald.33 - 2012-08-21 11:43

      Hate feeds the fires of revolution and revolution is needed when a people is slaughtered. Perhaps she is defeated; but her declaration of not feeling hate is PC at best and self delusional regardless!

  • Thabiso - 2012-08-21 11:51

    She doesn't hate them because she realised she's better off without that racist..

      julie.j.vanrensburg - 2012-08-21 14:13

      @thabiso.chipa ...and you and your fellow-blacks are not racists - all as innocent as newborn babies? What else but racism towards whites is it when the rapes, tortures, murders and robberies against WHITES occur on a daily basis? Some answers, please!!!

      thapelo.rametsi - 2012-08-21 14:47

      ET the leader of Afrikaners Without Brains!!!. Good riddance! ET was a murderer and a self-proclaimed racist.

      firstseed.mbeva - 2012-08-21 15:41

      Good riddance

  • kingdom.ndlovu.1 - 2012-08-21 12:20

    was Eugene ''in or ''out'?

  • mary.kircher - 2012-08-21 15:11

    thapelo - Terreblanche may have been a lot of things, but he was no murderer, and as for Mahlangu's claim that he was raped by force, I fail to see how an elderly man who had recently had heart surgery could have achieved that. - 2012-08-21 16:51

      Terreblanche was no murderer? Are you kidding me? Jeez i wonder how you people sleep at night with all these lies you tell.

  • brand0nbradley - 2012-08-21 15:59

    Forgive your enemies. What a profound and concept. Sure this is not new. Who pioneered this again?

  • blackpower.africaneuropean - 2012-08-22 11:26

    What u do unto others will come back to you.Yall know that Eugene was bad a person and god punished him with a violent death...this is not about being black or white Eugene was Evil..

  • phumzile.christine - 2012-08-22 13:40

    how many peple does ET killed?? He killed millions of People others we dont know . he is the one who knows I dont care about him. heis suffering where ever is. Devil Evil Idiot.

      clint.thorpe - 2012-08-22 14:17

      Firstly, this article has nothing to do with ET. It is about the feelings his wife has towards the murderers of her husband. Secondly, dont make these ridiculous, unfounded statements unless backed by fact "He killed millions of People..." is inflammatory. Stop spouting your revolting hate speech here as it serves no purpose other than to rile people up. You clearly know nothing about our history in SA as there is no evidence to suggest any of your bogus claims are in fact true.

  • morris.khunou - 2012-08-22 14:10

    the best thing she can do to herself is not to forgive so she can join her husband again in hell! TB the ex-convict was a brutalist and a murderer. his death has a biblical symbolism. he died a shameless death. those who kill by a sword will die with a sword. As for Mahlangu life in prison will be far better of as compared to the harsh life and exploitation by TB family.

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