Thai police arrest SA woman for drug smuggling

2012-06-20 12:45

Bangkok - A South African woman has been arrested at Bangkok airport attempting to smuggle 2kg of crystal methamphetamine, Thai police said on Wednesday.

Narcotics police, acting on a tip-off, stopped Adelina Ntshebleng Lephutha Ononiwu, 31, at Suvarnabhumi Airport on Monday after she arrived from the Kenyan capital and was waiting for a flight to Cambodia.

Police found the drugs - also known as "ice" - in three bags hidden in a secret compartment in her luggage, they said. The haul has a street value of $80 000 in Thailand.

"She said she was hired by a Nigerian man to deliver the luggage to Phnom Penh," Colonel Pornchai Charoenwong of the Narcotic Suppression Bureau said.

"He paid her 24 000 baht ($760) and said she will get a further 200 000 baht when the job was completed," he said, adding she started her journey in Benin, West Africa.

Ononiwu was charged with drug trafficking, which carries a death sentence in Thailand, although executions are rarely sanctioned.

Thailand, along with other countries in the region, has seen a marked increase in seizures of methamphetamine as the world opiate trade declines.

A Malaysian woman was arrested on June 6 at the airport with 4.8kg of crystal methamphetamine after she arrived from Benin, one of the largest seizures of the drug from an individual smuggler.

  • Irene - 2012-06-20 12:49

    Can't learn or won't learn.

      Amanda - 2012-06-20 12:54

      Eish !!!! I agree 100 % with you.

      susan.paul.330 - 2012-06-20 13:04

      never learn

      rynhardt.ferreira - 2012-06-20 13:04

      Too dumb to learn!!

      Bardy - 2012-06-20 13:13

      Too greedy to learn!

      i2meleng - 2012-06-20 13:18

      The Surname, "Ononiwu|", sounds Nigerian, so she's probably married to this person who then decided after getting his permanent stay in SA, to use her a drug mule, and she stupidly obliged.

      Rabble-Rouser - 2012-06-20 13:18

      Another silly fool gets caught. Don't they ever read the news.

      Jessica - 2012-06-20 13:22

      Here we go again. Thailand must start to execute them to send a message.

      fussed.anderson - 2012-06-20 13:26

      What do you expect with an advanced sa gov education

      E=MC2 - 2012-06-20 13:26

      rabblerouser.rouser - you assume they CAN read.

      fussed.anderson - 2012-06-20 13:33

      A new way of emigration or policital asylum

      nsda29 - 2012-06-20 14:02

      "It wont happen to me". Thats what they all say Irene! So foolish!

      omonaija - 2012-06-20 14:05

      She is a dumb clot,why dabble in the drug trade for a mere $760???? Until i see her picture i won't believe she is a San.She could be in possession of a fake passport. i2meleng..Ignorance is a disease of the mind.No Nigerian criminal will use a woman he is legally married to as a drug mule.You must think Nigerian criminals are dumb,it is easy for the cops to trace the the Nigeria through his marriage certificate. Nigerian criminals who hire drug mules are very careful ,they make sure they have o clue which can link them to their drug mules.I am believe this woman is in possession of fake SAN passport.One more thing you need to realize that of the woman could confess that she was hired by a Nigerian what will stop here from confessing that she was hired by her husband? She is already in trouble and have nothing to lose.

      Klippies - 2012-06-20 15:09

      Ja nee, as jy dom is moet jy sukkel!

      lorrainesuh - 2012-06-20 15:37

      "She said she was hired by a Nigerian man to deliver luggage", Nigerian or not Nigerian, Why allow to be used like that, eishh some women really won't learn.

      snotty.dotty.9 - 2012-06-20 17:44

      I guess she must be living in the shacks and starving so now she will get free food and free lodging This is just an excuse for her to get out of her miserable lifestyle and live in an exotic location....

      patson.nedzamba - 2012-06-21 07:52

      Hope she receives the maximum sentence available, idiot!

      zukile.marcus - 2012-06-21 10:38

      until you are in their shoes, you'll never understand. Somehow we all had been in situation where we thought we got it right(eg relationships) and it turns to be something we never expected. Now that its drugs we all act as if we dont make such stupid decision and say "cant learn or wont learn" until u find yourself in that situation you then will also learn a thing or two

      lindela.e.mtshali - 2012-10-07 17:39

      she will have to learn thai now.

  • Jo - 2012-06-20 12:56

    Wahahahaha lekker dom nê. Wys jou net hoe hoog is jou IK. Tyd vir bietjie tjoekie.

      blackjew69 - 2012-06-21 10:23

      @ BELINDA- Your notion of sacrificial lamb doesnt hold any water. If you know that every time there is tip off, its coz the sacrificial lamb has less worth of drugs, i would think the cops know that too, in that way, it means someone else with a larger haul is on the flight. Any stupid person would therefore search each and every one from that flight.

  • Keith - 2012-06-20 13:01

    Excuse my potential ignorance but isn't methamphetamine one of the easiest drugs to make and can be made from household goods? Why would someone export or import a drug that is so easy to make. I can understand why they would do this for cocaine heroin etc.

      Mondli - 2012-06-20 13:45

      fussed, what's all the fuss about? I can only feel sorry for you if you have to make such comments

      Liesbet - 2012-06-20 13:57

      I have the same question..... why smuggle it...?

      fussed.anderson - 2012-06-20 13:57

      Just wish more would do it

      fussed.anderson - 2012-06-20 14:01

      @ Mondli, I have something, will you take it it Bangkok for me and I will pay you when you return

      omonaija - 2012-06-20 14:06

      That is what i was wondering about.This was done by a bunch of amateurs who thought they were "clever'.

      ben.louw.5 - 2012-06-20 14:08

      Probably because crackdowns on cook houses is to dicy or the fact that Thailand is also used as a gateway port to a lot of Far eastern countries.

      belinda.west.543 - 2012-06-20 17:08

      @Keg, good question. Every one of these arrests is a setup. The syndicate loads their sacrificial lamb with a cheaper drug instead of losing more valuable cocaine or heroin but the desired result is the same; an arrest, a decoy so that their real mule with 20kg's cocaine gets through, and they DO. Dreadlocks girl landed in Thailand where the media (TV cameras) were already set up and ready to roll as soon as she entered the airport. Her friend who betrayed her is reportedly back in SA after taking 15kg's cocaine into Thailand. Thai police admitted last week they had in fact been tipped off. It's how the syndicates operate.

      Ingadi - 2012-06-21 08:21

      YES fellow black sisters and mamas represent. good job, now bring back some tik for daddy. you do good job, not stupid. dont think twice, take the drugs where they need it and get the monies. its then black monies.

  • lebogang.molefo - 2012-06-20 13:04

    Not again

  • khanyisa.sulo - 2012-06-20 13:04

    Nobanda's replacement?

      Raymond - 2012-06-21 14:39

      Lephuta. Phuta means mistake, so I guess it makes sense.

  • richard.hipkin - 2012-06-20 13:06

    Seriously?? Fooking Nigerians... Go back to Nigeria! *poof*

  • JJ - 2012-06-20 13:06

    Oh my word!! When are people going to learn...soon South Africans will also require visas to go to that part of the world.

  • gerhard.kress.3 - 2012-06-20 13:07

    90 % of our population do have an IQ of between 50-60.

      martin.britchford.5 - 2012-06-20 13:43

      hahah you can tell by the lack of thumbs downs that your comment went right over the heads of the above mentioned

      patrick.mampane - 2012-06-20 14:02

      You do n't look quite bright yourself moonfaced gerhard. Do you belong to the 90% by any chance?

      omonaija - 2012-06-20 14:31

      Martin.Britchford.5 ....No martin ,decent people don't take people like you and Gerhard seriously anymore hence the lack of thumbs down.It is a waste of time trying to have a civilized debate with racially poisoned mentally retarded people.I just thought you should know so you don't wet your panties!

      Ingadi - 2012-06-21 08:21

      YES fellow black sisters and mamas represent. good job, now bring back some tik for daddy. you do good job, not stupid. dont think twice, take the drugs where they need it and get the monies. its then black monies.

      andre.vanderwesthuizen.96 - 2012-08-23 10:55

      Mamparra you look like a moonface or a corki .lol

  • Riëtte - 2012-06-20 13:09

    these stories are in the news weekly and they still smuggle drugs! It's either audacity or stupidity motivating these people!

      gailcarolynhayes - 2012-06-20 16:28

      Perhaps they do not read newspapers? I am just very puzzled as to why tik and not heroin or coke? Why didn't she just make some at the other end instead? Maybe her passport says she is South African when in reality it is a bought passport.Omonaija I was most impressed with your post about Nigerians until sadly you posted a second one in which you placed yourself with the bad Nigerians who do drugs and beat downs when not respected. I thought you might be the gentleman I sat next to coming back from Nairobi a couple of months ago. He seemed like a charming person but then I guess we talked about his children at boarding school and more pleasant things. Bear in mind that just last year a mother was murdered in a car by a gang of people including a Nigerian Olynpian medal winner who allegedly played a large role also had something to do with drugs. Your wife is a fortunate woman and it is important thaat people are reminded that not all immigrants are necessarily evil - that is stereotyping of the worst kind. Stay safe.

      omonaija - 2012-06-20 19:36

      I am sorry Gail if my comments mislead you think i support Nigerian criminals.I dislike Nigerians criminals with all my heart but i dislike xenophobic South Africans more. It is one thing to insult a Nigerian criminal but it is an entirely different thing when you insult all Nigerians and Nigeria the country.Read the comments i responded to ,the comments were made by ignorant individuals who use Nigerian crime as an excuse to spread xenophobia against Nigerians in general. I know there are many Nigeria criminals in SA but they are not as much as the media wants everyone to believe.The media always want to make all Nigerians appear like boogeymen when in reality,it is just exagerration. Like i mentioned earlier ,their nationality did not influence their crime.They made their choice to become crimnals by themselves.I used to keep quiet when Nigerians are being attacked on various SA forums but i no longer do so ,i defend my nationality and condemn criminals regardless of their race or nationality.

  • sonia.harmse.5 - 2012-06-20 13:09

    they thinks it's "easy" money........ there is no such thing. WORK - earn a decent honest living, even if you are washing cars in the parking lot.

      gailcarolynhayes - 2012-06-20 16:37

      It really is easier said than done to obtain work in SA even if you are South African. This is in part because we diss people who do manual labour instead of respecting the contribution they are making. How often don't we as a society rant about unnecessary carguards etc when in reality as unnecessary as they may seem they all have stories to tell. I rented a room out to one of them and she was neat clean cared for her mother but destitute because of her life's experiences - motor bike accident and then attacked by thugs in a house she had built with her own hands leaving her with permanent brain damage just sever enough to disqualify her from obtaining any form of employment. The closest Ive come to wanting to go to Thailand stemmed purely from the musical Chess.

  • zaakiro - 2012-06-20 13:15

    Execute one just to teach the rest a lesson.... Yes, she's a human being and YES she's South African but at the end of the day she's also a criminal. If she get's away with a jail sentence like the other women for 15 or 20 years, people will still be willing to risk it. Institute the death penalty and see the number's decrease.

      Kerri- - 2012-06-20 14:03

      Man you know nothing do you. Um there have been many put to death. Gee it still happens. Wow what a surprise. Because it doesn't discourage anyone. All these comments are sick. you know nothing about the situation yet you judge. What good CHRISTIANS we have in this country. If this is how humans think we all deserve to die.

      berthram - 2012-06-20 14:18

      Kerri-: is this not a case of the kettle calling the pot black? U say Zaakirinho is judging, yet if I'm not mistaken, your comment says that if people think as they currently do (in SA) they all deserve to die... I think that's judging. What a good Christian you must be. And I also excuse your ignorance in thinking that Christianity is the only (if not acceptable in your mind) religion in SA. Not everyone is Christian. Don't be so judgmental and narrow minded.

      jacowium - 2012-06-20 14:43

      Tip to Kerri: A statement ilke "you know nothing" will actually do nothing to convince the other party to accept your point of view. Try something like, "point taken, but consider this..." next time. Re the smuggler, I will not be surprised if the Thai authorities do resort to the death penalty soon in order to make a point. And though Kerri is right in that it won't stop the trade or the continuing drug-stupidity, it may lead a few individuals to reconsider their choices. If so, good. Death sentences don't stop crime, but it's naive to think it has no effect at all.

      brenda.yelvertonburns - 2012-06-20 15:39

      Kerri - the death penalty may or may not discourage others. But even you cannot deny that it certainly puts an end to the person being executed, ever committing another crime. What's bad about that?

      Kerri- - 2012-06-20 17:20

      Apologies. My comment was harsh. It just hits hard to home. I have a friend who made a mistake doing something incredibly\r\n Similar. Still don't think death is ever an answer. Some people do learn their lesson, there is always a reason. Even if its stupidity but to put someone to death? No, never. I don't believe any human has the right to decide another's fate like that. As far as I'm concerned it just makes you a murderer as well. Why not look at the causes? Prevention is better than cure surely?

  • lebogang.dikobe - 2012-06-20 13:18

    This stupid excuse of a woman are tarnishing South African image, I hope they F@#KEN rote in jail cause drug are menace to society.

      Zenzile Tshanda - 2012-06-20 13:23

      south african image?????

  • mthabine.justice - 2012-06-20 13:20

    is Adelina Ntshebleng Lephutha Ononiwu SAn? she was framed!

  • mike.m.maine - 2012-06-20 13:20

    What's with sa womens and nigerians and drugs mxm

      boltonbarry - 2012-06-20 14:53

      Women is the plural for a woman not womens

  • thomas.mazibisa - 2012-06-20 13:22

    "Ononiwu" is this a South African surname?

      collin.chivell - 2012-06-20 13:24

      Sounds nigerian

      richard.hipkin - 2012-06-20 13:27

      Thinasagren sounds Indian but it's a South African, there is no such thing as a South African surname...

      yolande.rwaai - 2012-06-20 13:36

      Probably has a fake passport!

      klipkop.degroote - 2012-06-20 14:33

      Yes I thought the same that Ononiwu whatever bit sounds foreign, maybe she is married to a Nigerian.

      tumi.lekoko - 2012-06-20 15:22

      Sounds Nigerian..She might be married to one because it looks like theres 2 surnames here "Lephutha" being SA

  • Kabelo - 2012-06-20 13:27

    They must learn!!!

  • nhlapop - 2012-06-20 13:28

    Mara this people. When are thy going to learn mara, this is bad for our country.

  • briana.scott - 2012-06-20 13:29

    stupid is as stupid does.

      mbotsellasie - 2012-06-20 18:18

      Hahaha! Run Forest, Run!!!!

  • nmbave - 2012-06-20 13:29

    For some people, seeing is believing.

  • nhlapop - 2012-06-20 13:30

    Always woman........

  • Happy Holiday - 2012-06-20 13:31

    yeah. the nigerians made us do it. pls Thailand understand we r always helpless victims. we rape all d time n engage in armed robbery daily bt apartheid makes us do dat 2. we cant help ourselves

      afrikeni - 2012-06-20 15:45

      lol, you make my day.

  • yolande.rwaai - 2012-06-20 13:32

    They just don't learn! She actually thought she'd get away with it! How dumb!

  • Natascha - 2012-06-20 13:33

    no sympathy for people who do stupid things.

      zukile.marcus - 2012-06-21 11:08

      Until you also do stupid thing, you'll realise how much everyone need sympathy.

  • Johan - 2012-06-20 13:34

    What convincing powers do these Nigerians have that this happens all the time. For every person caught 6 go through...

      nsda29 - 2012-06-20 14:19


      omonaija - 2012-06-20 15:09

      Some of these women are just greedy and hang out with the wrong crowd.

  • Zanele - 2012-06-20 13:35

    Yep, her second name is foreign, these bimbo like women, who have looks and no education whatsoever fall trap to these Nigerians, they marry them just so they can live luxurious lives and the comes payback time when they have to do their bit. Thailand should send another strong message with this one so that others can learn a lesson. you cannot tell me that a man loves you when he asks you to do things that put your life at risk... it about time south African girls learn that you have to work in order to live Le good life.

      Alice - 2012-06-20 20:45

      True Zanele, I have never met an SA women married to Nigerians that are well educated and come from good and well established backgrounds. It's all those Bimbos that come from poor families and are desperate to climb up the ladder. They are always screwed and fooled by their Naija husbands. Nigerians know very well which women to pray on, they will never try on streetwise and educated black girls that have class.

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-06-20 22:58


  • Kevin - 2012-06-20 13:38

    How is this news?

  • jus.manning - 2012-06-20 13:38

    The ANCYL should be focussed on educating their YOUTH about this sort of thing instead of interfering with big boy issues like land redistribution and nationalization of mines

  • marlon.murahwa - 2012-06-20 13:39

    there are a lot of dumb comments here my word. If you earned so little a Nigerian could convince u to marry him for a better life then you were offered R50K to deliver a package u would take it. All these holier than than thou comments only serve to display how far the readers are from the reality of these "smugglers".

      christopher.columbus.3950178 - 2012-06-20 13:48

      You still have to be an idiot Marlon to do it! Your comment is dumb!

      yolande.rwaai - 2012-06-20 13:51

      No, YOU would! Some of us know better! What good is the money now that they're rotting in prison?!

      ben.louw.5 - 2012-06-20 14:13

      Fail Marlon. You agree to deliver drugs to a country YOU KNOW has a no tolerance policy toward trafficking....your gamble, your problem.

  • Dave - 2012-06-20 13:42

    They never learn.

  • M.nhlaluko - 2012-06-20 13:43

    Ppl r driven by making a quick buck, they willing to risk their lives for a pricetag. Pathetic

  • Happy Holiday - 2012-06-20 13:43

    drug dealer over a rapist anyday, thats y. a 5 yr old has been raped 3 times on 3 different occassions by 3 different men. i ll give a drug dealer a blow job any day than a pathetic rapist

      matthew.starkey - 2012-06-20 14:01


      somikazi.pita - 2012-06-20 14:52


  • rethabile.rathabaneng - 2012-06-20 13:44

    stupid,she must also get her punishment,our sistas fall for this stupid things instead of getting education.nxa

      Irene - 2012-06-20 14:16

      Education? What about plain old common sense?

      gailcarolynhayes - 2012-06-20 17:00

      I would say she is being punished wouldn't you? It is easy to forget how desperation can push you into making poor decisions. She might pay with her life still. This because she was desperate to be like people with money and she picked the wrong friends. Many of these mules aren't that bright and genuinely are childlike because their brains were damaged by mothers who drank while pregnant. The love of money and acceptance is the root of all these evils when there are filthy rich educated and privileged people who mislead them. I doubt this girl read newspapers and probably felt that she could carry it off without being caught. I am sorry for her family whom she may have been trying to help.

  • THABOM85 - 2012-06-20 13:44

    Laat sy hang

  • TK87AKM - 2012-06-20 13:46

    Now this one deserves death lyk her other companion!!! Our government shuld let them be rot in those Thai Prisons facing their actions!!!!

  • TK87AKM - 2012-06-20 13:46

    Now this one deserves death lyk her other companion!!! Our government shuld let them be rot in those Thai Prisons facing their actions!!!!

  • barry.walker.7568 - 2012-06-20 13:48

    Really, I think they pick the naive for these tasks...

  • philthography - 2012-06-20 13:51

    Legalize drugs. Period. The war on drugs will never ever win. They catch one and millions succeed. So futile. You can still easily and afford ably get drugs anywhere in the world no matter how hard these dumb cops try..

      berthram - 2012-06-20 13:56

      This has got to be the most stupid comment I have seen in ages! Are u REALLY that narrow minded? Legalise drugs and u will sit with countless addicts who's behaviour is irrational and how will they support their habit? Crime will skyrocket and burglaries and muggings will be similar.

      DanielDennett - 2012-06-20 14:01

      Legalize and control, that will kill the drug cartels overnight!

  • valcooperRSA - 2012-06-20 13:55

    Geez man....don't these people ever learn.....sit the crime sit the time........

  • Mondli - 2012-06-20 13:58

    Drug smuggling is not unique to I just wonder how many smugglers go through our borders against those we catch and of those we catch what nationality they are? This is not the biggest news on drug smuggling, not even by a long short

  • daniel.w.gie - 2012-06-20 14:00


      Happy Holiday - 2012-06-20 14:06

      d mules are the smugglers dummy

      omonaija - 2012-06-20 15:12

      Epic fail.Without the mules the drugs will not get to the country of destination.Apartheid era education sure sucks big time!

      Cuteandbronzed - 2012-06-20 23:09

      @omonaija, Firstly what @daniel.w.gie, was saying is right the drug lords should pay up. And i feel that because you were not here in the Aparthied Era, you have no space to speak your a Nigerian, do not attack our people at all. The history of Aparthied is between us and the whites, nobody else at all. How dare you come into a conutry to put on racist shoes toward our people. The white's in this country make our country what is is, we love them and hate them but thier our people, I dont condone the use of abusive laugauge towards whites, considering the fact that they have no history with you LEAVE THEM ALONE

  • jbm.moate - 2012-06-20 14:05

    I think this woman is deaf and cant read...or she is just plain dumb!

  • ben.louw.5 - 2012-06-20 14:05

    Another moron bites it! I can feel the world getting lighter!

  • zinhle.s.gumede - 2012-06-20 14:06

    these idiots will neva learn. Catch them Thai catch them.

  • jacquelene.jennings - 2012-06-20 14:07

    i wish people will realise tht this is idiotic they can kill you for a few thousand dollars and this tip off was probably to let the person with a larger stash to go through...

  • - 2012-06-20 14:07

    If u dont know south African women by now, then u will never ever know, they luv nigerians fo cash mxm go rot in jail

  • OzzyIn - 2012-06-20 14:08

    15 to 20 years in the 'Bangkok Hilton' for a "reward" of R7,000 if she was successful. Some people do not learn. Enjoy prison in Bangkok, it is not for the faint-hearted.

  • john.turner.58760608 - 2012-06-20 14:08

    Police acted on a tip-off. What's the betting that her "sponsor" tipped off the police so she would get caught whilst he just saunters through with a large amount of crystalmet.

      tshikani.kwinika.1 - 2012-06-20 14:13

      Yes that's true the one with large amount of Ice goes unnoticed.

      blackjew69 - 2012-06-28 14:36

      i bet it didnt happen like that, why do most people think thats what happens? if you know that, dont you think the thai know that too? What will make the thai search one person and let all the rest go through?? The customs start by searching each and everybag at the arrival couresel with sniffer dogs, then personal bags of all the people in the said flight.

  • tshikani.kwinika.1 - 2012-06-20 14:09

    Ag SA women don't learn really,they make me sick SA women why don't you ask urself these ? nigerians guys why can't they use nigerian women.MXM

      yolande.rwaai - 2012-06-20 14:23

      Good point! They think too highly of their Nigerian women.

      omonaija - 2012-06-20 15:36

      They also use Nigerian women.Drug dealers don't think highly of anyone.They are scumbags who will even use any person not just women as drug mules.Read news from foreign news websites and you will see that Nigerian women are also being arrested overseas for drug trafficking.

  • Ian - 2012-06-20 14:19


  • emmanuel.mohlaume - 2012-06-20 14:21

    Heita! Ya we never learn... Easy money/life is and was never easy there's always a catch.