'The UFS changed me'

2008-02-29 08:10

Cape Town - We've received hundreds of letters regarding the UFS 'race' video. Here is a selection of comments.

I am so disappointed. Words can not express my disgust. Such a great country and it has made so much progress since 1994. Just for people like these racist students to take this country back into the apartheid era - 14 years on! The Metro (London newspaper UK) reported the UFS to be considered a "bastion for Afrikaans" in South Africa - at this stage I see it as "bastion of embarrassment for South Africa". Scandal like this does not help the image of the white Afrikaans speaking South African. - CV

The press is responsible for the UFS race issue, since they made it a national news sensation to sell news. The more villains, the more news. Nice isn't it? In fact, you can't prove that the acts in the video were real. - Ventere

I am really upset, angry, hurt and devastated. I am a graduate from the UFS and what happened over the last few days has happened before maybe not in the same manner. - Former UFS Student

It is amazing how quickly the UFS headline has been replaced by a negative Mandela headline. We should thank Mandela for his contribution to this country. How about placing this comment on your homepage! - Anonymous

I agree the UFS should pay compensation to the workers who were humiliated by those four students. So to should the university of the north pay compensation to the parents of the student who was murdered this last week by fellow students when returning from a student function sponsored by the university. The workers indeed lost their dignity but the parents lost a promising son whom they loved and in whom they had invested more than we will ever know. - Ian

The UFS Video is shocking, sad and scandalous. I feel the video reflects the disgusting mentality that still pervades at this national embarrassment that masquerades as a University. I say that the University Management is responsible for not doing enough to educate and ensure that this sorry bunch of racists that constitute the student body are dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Shame on them. Let the law deal harshly with these idiotic bigots. As a "white" South African I cringed as I watched and could only imagine with sadness what was going through the heads of "black" South Africans and the international community. I wonder if these fools realise the damage they have caused. - Ritrovo

While I do not condone what the UFS students did to the workers (in fact I find it quite disgusting), I fail to see what all the uproar is about. I didn't see anybody holding guns to the workers heads and forcing them to eat this 'food'. They could have said no and walked away. Last night I watched one of the workers being interviewed on TV and boy did she turn on the water works! If this thing was really so traumatic for her then why didn't she come forward last year when this video was made? And why has the video only come out now? I, for one, smell a rat. The protestors should also be dealt with. People should learn to air their views or disagreements in a civilised fashion. They way they carry on, destroying property and behaving like hooligans makes them no better than the students in the video. - AS

I have been a student at UFS for the past four years. The SRC has always had meetings in Afrikaans, knowing that a black student like me won't understand, do they care? I am tired of raising my hand asking for English. Coming from Limpopo and growing up in a democratic country, I never had any problem with Afrikaners, however the UFS changed me and I don't like this change in me. We are in black hostels and I don't understand why we can't just have "hostels". The management is fully responsible for this racial tension and they should do something before they change us all. - Ben

The latest developments at the UFS saddens me. I think all involved should reflect upon themselves and ask if what they are doing is worth it. Firstly, the students who made the video. They have raised their defence, saying it was play acting, and some parts of it makes sense, as all the workers in the video were giggling and laughing away as they were recording the video. And the fact that they were thanked afterwards and awarded a bottle of whiskey, only shows that no "real" harm was intended. The fact that people actually think students should go to jail is absurd. Let's rather reserve jails for the thousands of rapist and murderers running free in our country, not for students who made a bad attempt at bad humour. I say lets have a public apology from the students involved, and get them to volunteer to go speak at schools where they can promote integration at grassroots levels. Secondly, I am disappointed in the protesters. To often we see people looking for an excuse to gather in their masses, only to destroy public property, throw stones at others, and in this case, deny people not involved in the incident, the opportunity to attend class and further their education. I only wonder when this country will mature to the point were problems are discussed around a table by leaders, and not resolved by throwing stones and toyi-toyi'ing. To the UFS. Is forced integration the right way to go? Isn't it more wise to open up all hostels to all students of all races, and letting them decide if they want to live in a so called "white" or "black" hostel. Forcing people together is never a good idea. - Skiballas

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  • AB - 2008-02-29 08:14

    Although I'm very dissapointed in this I somehow feel theres something a little fishy going on!Why was the video only released now if made in SEPT and why on earth would the cleaners have thought it was a competition?

  • Only Me - 2008-02-29 08:27

    Ek skryf hierdie kommentaar want ek is Afrikaans, en trots daarop. Ek het nou net gelees dat die seuns se pa's sê dat dit "net studente pret" was. Wat 'n klomp snert!!! Ek wonder hoe hulle sou optree as hulle die mengsel moes eet? Een ding kan ek sê daardie pa's maak al wat 'n boer en Trotse Afrikaner is se naam gat! Dis mense soos hulle wat geen dissepline in hulle eie huishouding kan handhaaf nie en alles wat hulle seuntjies stout aanvang met geld wil regmaak, wat maak dat ons onder gaan! SIES!

  • SR - 2008-02-29 08:33

    The four of u look as if ur'll are mentally retarded. Ur'll are filthy, disgusting scumbags. I hope and pray ur'll don't get married and have children, coz ur wives and kids don't deserve a**holes like ur'll. I hope that ur peoples reputation is tarnished and that ur'll become an outcast in your community. My 7yr old son as more common sense than u a**holes that are going to university.

  • AR - 2008-02-29 08:33

    I agree with Ventere and AS the remaining letters are stupid beyond all reasonable doubt!

  • Hattie van Jaarsveld - 2008-02-29 08:39

    How sad that it happened. It was wrong. Beeld please place the photos of murderes of famers,taxi drivers that humilated the young lady at the taxi rank, police killers, child killers/rapists. To the DA and Beeld, well done for the insensitive way you handled the whole issue. The whole world is looking at Afrikaans speaking people with disgust. It is clear that the DA is trying to gain voting support and Beeld wanted to sell more newspapers. You make me sick!!!

  • Big R - 2008-02-29 08:42

    At the end of the day it was the cleaners responsibility to say NO! They giggled AND LAUGHED!!! This means they knew it was a joke! I don't know anymore...people hating each other JUST for their skin colour! Sad South Africa we are!

  • terence - 2008-02-29 08:43

    you know i am so sick of this story and so tired fighting racial battles on this website. Surely there has to be some other news. Why does news24 not make a big thing out of those racist metro cops that bust up that white family and killed the family dog? why why? as usual the media in this country is very one sided.

  • Thokozani - 2008-02-29 08:44

    This will never be a white man's land again!!!!!!!! but they can continue with these stunts just to burn the last wood.

  • lsmt - 2008-02-29 08:46

    What a joke. Now that the video is out, every body wants to cry and shout. But when the workers received the bottle of Whisky as reward, they were ecstatic. They new from the beginning what the reward would be. As we all know, in the SA culture, people will kill you for a cheap cell phone. What will they do for a bottle of whisky? Accept the fact that life sucks, and just move forward. STOP giving the retarded media the sensation they look for.

  • Mandla - 2008-02-29 08:49

    What has happened in UOFS is unaccepatable and distasteful, however i blame this to the management for taking too long to deal with and complete the transformation process. What worries me is that some of the top management are blacks but they shown no serriousness in tackling this matter of transormation or is it because they worry about their pockets and their status. If management is worried about what transpired, can they assure us or set a time limit regarding the integration of students.

  • John Camp - 2008-02-29 08:54

    Sorry but i believe this country adopts selective journalism to monumental proportions. Let's look at the disgusting debacle that has happened at UFS, utter racism! Let's move on to what happened at Skielik and the coverage it received. Now let's look at the hundreds of white people being slaughtered like the young girl from Trinity, where's the coverage. Selective journalism and it sucks.

  • Zinzisile - 2008-02-29 08:57

    I think thats what led Dr. Khoza to call another black person with the "K" word. One of the staffers is 60yrs old. She must have raised children who are older that these white bastards, what made these staffers to be obedient to these young boys, maybe it is because they happen to be white. In our culture as blacks, elders will never take instructions from a minor, why cant they follow the same rule with whites. Dont they have rights as workers. Never trust a white man unless he is a communist

  • VLS - 2008-02-29 08:59

    Strange how you refer to the folks who protested against this despicable act as 'uncivillised.' White UFS students conducted a violent protest against integration (honestly, what century is this?) damaged property and I take it your silence in this regard means their conduct was 'civillised.'

  • mn - 2008-02-29 09:00

    These kids are nothing more then racists pigs. They should never be allowed to study anywhere in the world. They are pigs who's parents are probably pigs 2. Hell is to mild for these evil men. We are trying to get away from racism and they just making things worse.

  • L van Heerden - 2008-02-29 09:01

    Farm killings are diplorable, but notice that 2 of these thugs are sons of farmers. Co-incidence?

  • Honest Joe - 2008-02-29 09:02

    While this incident must be condemned in the strongest term it also is quite shocking with what brutal hate and speed this message is circulating the globe, predominatingly in the Anglo-Saxon press. Without much ado I want top ask this whole news24 commenters community - where, I reemphasize, where are your voices when the Afrikaaner is being raped and pillaged on a daily basis? Be honest - for these are the kinds of incidents that flame up these behaviours. Thank you

  • CB - 2008-02-29 09:02

    I am still perturbed why some people think the cleaners involved in the UFS video participated willingly. People must understand that these are the black elderly with deprived backrounds. Most of our black old people still see a white man as their "bass" and their provider. Can anyone just stop and think that these old people could have participated due to the brainwashing effects of the past. They were made to believe a white man is always right and blacks should always be submisive.

  • Sinudeity - 2008-02-29 09:04

    The past is still prevalent in ALL of us, South Africans. Whites clining on to racial hatred, blacks clinging on to apartheid. White racists, black racists. The media is not helping, nor the government, nor we the people. Why cant we let go? If I may quote a news24 commentor: "We say, akulahlwa' mbeleko ngakufelwa and that idla izishiyele. That means don't lose hope and forgive." - Libembe

  • Unknown - 2008-02-29 09:04

    mmm so Fear factor is racist? Do you see any of the workers being forced to do anything? Are the workers laughing? Doesnt this happen every single year with 1st years? Can you clearly see and confirm that he urinates in the food? The fact that it is white doing to black = RACIST!!! and that is always what happens. Same incident White on White or black on black = initiation/role play/dare White shoots black = Racist Black rapes/torture/murders white = blame appartheid/needs food/ect

  • Len van Heerden - 2008-02-29 09:04

    If this wan an attempt at humour, why not use other students or white staff? Is it because they see black people as simply useless pieces of gabbage that they can make fun off? Furthermore, the video was released by one of the girl friends. If you wanted segregated schools, then attend a private school. I will not finance idiots like you who want segragation

  • LvH - 2008-02-29 09:05

    Could this pieces of scum have done this to other white students or white workers? If not, then it makes them criminal racist

  • DW - 2008-02-29 09:06

    From the bit of video that I saw,it seems that it was meant as a bit of fun with the staff members-a type of "Fear Factor" contest-hence their willingness to participate.All of this would have been fine if it were not for the urination on the food(a claim which they refute, saying it was "trick photography"),of which the employees no doubt had no idea.And then of course the final comments which were clearly against the integration of the hostel,which showed racial bias.

  • N - 2008-02-29 09:07

    I am disgusted that some people view this as harmless fun...I think it is depraved. I hope that something will be done to rectify this and that it will not just be brushed under the carpet by parents who have money to pay off officials. While I dont think there crimes should send them to jail, I think that a more suitable punishment would be for them to be expelled & stripped of their degrees to set an example that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • Z - 2008-02-29 09:07

    As long as we still have people like Venter, AS and Skiballas, we have long way to go. Frankly the responces of these people and others who think like them are not making it easy for me to trust some white people. Why these boys didn't use their mothers or some other white people. This was racist.

  • fred - 2008-02-29 09:07

    While I agree that the video was done in bad taste.Black student's continue to only see the bad in white's and never speak out against there own people when they do wrong .

  • KAC - 2008-02-29 09:08

    Enough is enough, why all the fuss. The workers were not forced in any way. The full story has not come out and everybody is jumping to conclusions. This just shows that blacks cannot wait for an incident to become cultured citizens in condemning all whites. Hell every day there are murders, rapes taking place and these black hyper sensitive role players are out in numbers. What a smack of hypocrisy.

  • DW - 2008-02-29 09:08

    If it cannot be proved that they actually DID urinate on the food (how are you going to do that?),they are innocent until proven guilty.Look at their behaviour for the rest of their student days and check if they are trouble makers or not.If not, an apology and some community service should be acceptable.

  • Len - 2008-02-29 09:09

    Are you for real, mate? This is not a Hollywood movie, and I doubt if these sons of Farmers are that smart to create an illusion of a video. In any case, there are victims who do corroborate all that happened. Get your white head out of the sand, otherwise you will turn even more racist and pig-headed

  • Big R - 2008-02-29 09:09

    It is totally unacceptable for YOU to call them white bastards!!! Please calm yourself!!! I don't call you a BLACK BASTARD!!

  • Thembalabantubonke - 2008-02-29 09:14

    Many more black people are slaughtered by criminals. It is not a racist incident, rather a criminal incident. It does not make it acceptable, but it is not one group targetted by another, as compared to this Video. Deny all you want, but I suspect in your heart you know the facts. Seems like News24 is now showing us their true colours and that of some of their readers. nice to know that racists in this country are not limited to 4 pigs.

  • ore52 - 2008-02-29 09:14

    Why has this become such an issue? Why did the molestation of the young woman wearing a miniskirt at the Noord St taxi rank not become a big issue. The fact that so many men were abusing this young woman and that so few tried to stop it says far more about the evil pervading South Africa than this UFS scandal. I suspect that the only reason UFS is a scandal is that the perpetrators are white. if they had been black, then the whole thing would have been virtually ignored.

  • LV - 2008-02-29 09:15

    Julle maak alles erger as wat dit is.....

  • Philani - 2008-02-29 09:16

    I think the rector of the UFS must resign. This act of barbarism by a learned group of holigans is putting a strain on white and black people's bid to reconcile and forget the past. Every time just when I am about to forget, the past and learn to reconcile with white people, then someyhing like this happens, right under the nose of UFS rector. Not every white people are like this, but it looks like they are a drop in the ocean. They must be custrated, and let dogs play catch with their ball.

  • Thendas - 2008-02-29 09:17

    Move on to what? Last week, there was a major cry about FBJ, and cannot remember anyone asking for people to move on. You ask the newspapers to make a big deal about another incident, but yet you wish to move on from this one. Are you embarrased that this reflects your racist attitude and you feel guilty each time you see this?

  • Steminibos - 2008-02-29 09:17

    Nothing can justify the actions of these "few" idiots, but the root cause remain this obsession with race,in contrast to our constitution. A fish rots from the head, and TM and the ANC fear being judged on performance alone,hence after 14 years we have "nuwe apartheid" BEE,Quotas and their mampara champions like Khomphela etc, this is the root cause - I agree selective media adds to the polarisation, criminals are criminals irrespective of colour, the same for victims, I feel for those ladies!

  • mp3's mentor - 2008-02-29 09:21

    no doubt what was done was stupid, but man do the masses only need a hint of racism to get them baying for blood.its so typical.they will gather by the thousands acting like savages demanding vigilante justice yet i see no marches or protests for the thousands of white victims who have been raped, tortured and brutally murdered time and time again.i saw no protests for the 17yr old girl murdered by 2 vagrants? i guess white people in this country are less important.

  • terence - 2008-02-29 09:22

    lets move on i'm sure there are more things happening in this country. like white families also being racially abused.

  • Johann Eksteen - 2008-02-29 09:23

    Yes, it was stupid and disgusting what these guys did, but do you guys really think that by blowing this whole thing up out of all proportion SA will become a safer or better place? I'm living in the north of Norway and you should see how many tails have been added to this story!! Truly pathetic how media will shamelessly sensationalize something for financial gain. Sadly it seems that brutal rapes, murders etc don't sell newspapers anymore!! Punish these guys, but keep things in perspective!

  • L - 2008-02-29 09:23

    Afrikaners are not the only victims of crime in this country. Furthermore, as demostrated by this video, they are often their worst enemies. They abuse their workers and no wonder the workers come back for revenge.

  • Len - 2008-02-29 09:26

    Whether they pissed on the dog food, garlic or not is immaterial. These are elderly people who work so to educate their children. They are not toys to be played with at the whim of the sons of farmers calling themselves students. If they did this to white workers or other students (of any colour) then I can accept a simple apology.

  • The Truth - 2008-02-29 09:26

    these retarded a-holes took advantage of the workers naivety & innocence.If the Afrikaners are trying to move away from their long held image as a racist,boorish people,than this is not the way to do it at all.There is absolutely no excuse for what happened.As a white man I am appalled when such acts are committed by members of my own race when we should be setting an example for others).

  • B - 2008-02-29 09:27

    I wonder what would the world say if they had video of a racist farm murder happening, then pee may not seem so bad. (Probably cleaner than the water anyway)

  • Len Anderson - 2008-02-29 09:28

    Hell, everyday there are indeed murders and rapes, but the largest number of victims are black, right? so, spare us your righteous and racist indignation. If you approve, say so instead of hiding behind other crimes. Oddly, when talking of AA in relation to apartheid, you wish the past to be forgotten. Hypocrites

  • D - 2008-02-29 09:28

    I have read numerous articles around this, and without doubt the dignity of the UFS employees has been thrown into the wind. One of the fundamental reasons for this is that everything was recorded. However, what about people breaking into family homes and raping women - what about their dignity??? Oh ya, that has not been recorded, so therefor what the eye has not seen cannot hurt. Peoples' dignity is being taken away every day, and yet this for some reason, this one is worse - why????

  • Fuad - 2008-02-29 09:31

    I just think that as people we all have a negative STIGMA attached to us in the sense that a small group of people actually display what the rest of us beleive. It's all rubbish we should'nt judge all afrikaners based on what happened just as we should'nt judge all Muslim people based on what OSAMA has done and so on. Come on folks lets all start acting like one entity and not a divided comunity then we will see progress in our country.

  • Ronald - 2008-02-29 09:32

    I cannot understand what the big fuss is about. The cleaners wasn't forced to take part. They seem to have enjoyed the whole episode and definitely the whisky afterwards. So they drank some urine. Can't be worse than some of the things on fear factor and certainly not Kamp Staaldraad. Some people drink urine as part of a healthy diet. If this is the worst going on in this country it must be paradise.

  • terence - 2008-02-29 09:32

    there is a difference between transformation and integaration. in this case i believe you are saying ufs took to long to implement integration(mixing the cultures in dorms) i went to boarding school and i had the choice with whom i wanted to share a room with. My question is what is wrong with freedom of choice, i am sure the black kids would rather stick to themselves as well, why would they want to mingle with white kids in the first place.

  • L van Heerden - 2008-02-29 09:33

    We are not made aware what was said to the workers to bring them together for the video i.e. disregard their jobs and participate in this non-sense. We know they referred to one of these buggers as "baas" indicating a respect that would have made them willingly do anything for fear of losing their jobs

  • Dennis - 2008-02-29 09:33

    The students should rather have raped and murdered the cleaners. That would have created less of a fuss in this country.

  • Carsten - 2008-02-29 09:34

    The way this act has been hijacked by politicians and blown toatlly out of proportions discusts me nearly as much as the actual act. Why is it that people in this country refuses to let go of the past and move on. The racial tention in SA today is worse than when I arrived 10 years ago. I am sorry to say that the new goverment are mostly to blame for this.