Three killed in Durban crash

2012-11-03 20:30

Johannesburg - Three people died and three others were seriously injured when a truck and two cars collided in Durban on Saturday, said KwaZulu-Natal paramedics.

"Two women and a man died on the scene while a 16-year-old boy and two others sustained serious injuries," said ER24 spokesperson Vanessa Jackson.

A VW Caddy, a Hyundai Atos and an 18-wheeler truck crashed into each another on the Durban bound stretch of the N3 highway near Key Ridge.

The deceased were travelling in the VW, which lay in pieces across the road.

The local fire department had to use the jaws of life to free a woman and a man from the Atos.

They, together with the 16-year-old, who was a passenger in the VW, were taken to hospital for further treatment.

  • - 2012-11-03 21:10

    Drove up and down to Durban lately. Roadworks everywhere with no roadmarkings. Trucks, taxis and busses driving at high speeds. No trafic control in sight. What the hell do you expext? There is no control what so ever. Once you move out of the Cape Province it is like going into the twilight zone.............

      janice.mcmaster.92 - 2012-11-04 10:00

      Come back to DA land wize....

  • kerry.l.field - 2012-11-03 21:14

    Such a sad loss of life today on the N3 Durban bound. I was stuck in the traffic jam for almost an hour. Are there any names of the deceased available? It looked to me that the truck's haulage body had falled to the right hand side and this looks like it had caused the crash. Anyone out there who can clarify exactly what caused the crash? - 2012-11-03 21:42

      I am with you Kerry. I am on the road all day and night. It is traumatising for me to see the dead bodies on the road almost every day. The problem is that the our country is infested with people that are not supposed to have a drivers license.

      gungets.tuft - 2012-11-04 09:39

      Stuck for an hour before I took an off-road route into the Inchanga Valley. It is a horrible stretch of road. The trucks are a menace as they do whatever they like up that hill, quite happy to take up all the lanes. Cars also like to take a big run-up up the hill going too fast for the twists and turns. Then, as you get to the M13 offroad to the left people in the overtaking lane duck from the overtaking lane all the way to the left to head for Hillcrest and Pinetown. Looking at the location of the accident that is likely to be the cause, about 50m - 100m before the split. We will probably never know ...

  • syd.harling - 2012-11-03 21:44

    Please News24 take geography lessons!!! Key Ridge is not in Durban! In fact it is about midway between Durban and Maritzburg. It might be in eThekwini Municipality but so are a lot of places. Durban is 40 Km from where this crash happened.

      gungets.tuft - 2012-11-04 09:33

      Pertinent how??? People die and you worry about Geography!?!?

  • des.govender.583 - 2012-11-04 07:58

    I drive these roads everyday.The only police visibility is when there are speed traps.Seeing as the toll road guys are making a fortune of us maybe they should ensure safety by having there own security/police on the road and when incidents of this nature occur they be held responsible should it be a case of overloading,speeding non road worthy vehicles.Bet this will improve the service.

  • dawie.fourie.397 - 2012-11-04 19:05

    I used to do the photography for the NRSC in Namibia many years ago. Road safety is vey close to my heart. I notice that one of the comments say it is because there are so many road users without valid licences. My feeling is that a licence can not enable you to dive a vehicle properly. The theory seems to be more important than the actual driving capabilities of the applicant. The driving test taken by the applicant is total nonsense.Just the absolute basics.Nothing about how uoi must react in an emergency which is where the crux of the matter lie. Unfortunately common sense can also not be learned. An advanced driving course mandatory and the passing thereof 100% might go a long way in preventing deaths on the road. Also a video shown to the applicants that show how accidents actually happen by the wrong actions of drivers.These wrong actions are mostly because of none existent common sense ot an inflated opinion about one's driving skills. Yes. These things will cost a lot of money to the applicants, but it might bring the death toll down dramatically. Poeple are either to stupid to realise they are not doing the right thing on the road or simply does not care.Nothing one can do about the last group.

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