Thumbs-up for City of Joburg

2009-08-05 22:18

Johannesburg - A City of Johannesburg customer satisfaction survey indicates improved service delivery in all areas since 2006, Mayor Amos Masondo said on Wednesday.

"These surveys provide the city with an instrument to measure the progress made and help us to identify weaknesses in service delivery," said Masondo.

"There is obviously room for improvement. In the coming period we will lift the bar and continue to strive for excellence," he said.

"We will be seeking to ensure that we are more effective and efficient in the work that we do."

Satisfaction perceptions

The survey was conducted by the Bureau of Market Research at the University of South Africa and polled about 3 000 city residents and 750 business establishments.

Masondo said the results were based on satisfaction perceptions measured on a scale from one, representing poor service delivery, to ten, representing excellent service delivery.

The total household satisfaction score increased by 10 percentage points between 2006 and 2009.

The findings come amid violent protests over service delivery in various provinces in recent weeks, and during a period of adverse macro-economic developments including an unstable interest rate environment and global recession.

The survey also measured satisfaction levels with developments in the city, including its readiness for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, the greening of the city, the bus rapid transit system, inner city regeneration and informal settlement upgrading.

"The satisfaction with all the new city developments was positive, with a score of 7.13."

Night-time safety concerns

This was a positive outcome of the work done in the last three years. The study also showed a five percentage point increase in satisfaction with public safety and by-law enforcement since 2006.

However, Masondo noted that there were still concerns about night-time safety in the inner city, despite marginal improvements since the previous survey.

Sanitation, the provision of water, and the provision of electricity rated highly.

However, some households without running water voiced dissatisfaction, as did those households and businesses which had experienced electricity service interruptions.

Masondo said more had to be done to ensure access to information, as only some of its customers used the City of Johannesburg website.

Corruption awareness and satisfaction with the city's addressing of corruption remained low.

Masondo said the city had to ensure that corruption cases were urgently addressed.