Toddler critical after falling into pool

2012-11-03 19:00

Johannesburg - A toddler was in a critical condition in hospital after he fell into a pool in Potchefstroom, North West paramedics said on Saturday.

"The parents went looking for the toddler outside on Friday evening and found him face down in the pool," said spokesperson Vanessa Jackson.

It was not clear as to how he ended up in the pool or how long he had been in the water before his father found him and pulled him out.

The boy was cold and had no pulse. Paramedics arrived and managed to get a pulse back after administering treatment.

The toddler was then transported to Johannesburg's Garden City hospital for specialised treatment.

  • carolyn.dewrance - 2012-11-03 19:35

    So why was a toddler walking around the pool in the evening on his own, why was the pool not fenced and covered with a pool net, I do hope he survives with no brain damage, but the parents should be charged with attempted murder.

      izak.burger.3 - 2012-11-03 20:32

      At worst it's endangerment I think. It lacks intent, and I doubt dolis eventualis will get you there. I am not a lawyer though, just speculating.

      KatryntjieGP - 2012-11-03 20:39

      Carolyn, please do not sit behind your computer and judge other people. I happen to know this child has been taught water safety since he was 3 months old. And he's never left alone. The fact that he got outside without supervision is a very strange occurence. I hope you realise that judging never did anyone any good. I would rather ask you to please pray with me and everyone else that this little boy makes it through and that there's no permanent damage.

      Shadipity - 2012-11-03 21:32

      Dolf, regardless of your relationship with the family the question remains - why was the pool not secured and why was the child unattended? Whether the child has been taught pool safety from the age of 3months is no where here nor there as any intellagent person knows that no toddler has the brain power or the motorskills to help him when faced with a dangerous situation. What you and Katryntjie are implying is that the child, at the age of 2/3 was given the tools to provent such a situation, in that case how long was the child in the pool before they noticed that he was missing - was it 2min or 15min or was it long enough that he grew to tired to keep paddling? A toddler can't not be expected to save himself! This is indeed a sad situation, one that should never have happened but life is lekker in South Africa. To oftian I read or young children drowning in their own pools because their parents want a pool and a child but wont bother to fork out the few odd R100 to buy a net. To the little boy - my thoughts are with you, may you pull through this cause you are to young to go yet!

      carolyn.dewrance - 2012-11-03 22:37

      Dolf, many years ago when I was nursing, a little girl of 2years old was brought into the hospital, she was dead, drowned in the family pool, Her mother could not accept the fact that her daughter was dead, and it was really heartbreaking to see, the mother would not let anyone near the child, and she blamed her self, you see although the child had been taught water safety, at the age of 2yrs, she did not know how to save herself from drowning, and there was no safety net around the pool. It know how it feels when a child is lost, and really feel that if there is a small child in the family and there is a pool, the pool should be secured so that these terrible accidents don't happen. I will never forget that little girl, or her mother. and I do hope that this little boy recovers. The child's mother may be your best friend, and I do feel for them but now they may put a net over the pool as a safety precaution. It could have possibly averted a tragedy.

  • albert.m.burger - 2012-11-03 20:13

    Pool net???????

  • Shadipity - 2012-11-03 20:29

    A pool is a responsibility! Get well soon little boy!

  • MerryMartin - 2012-11-03 21:08

    Poor baby - thoughts are with you and your family. A parent's worst nightmare. Peace and blessings.

  • christopher.collings.9 - 2012-11-04 02:52

    Things like this make us not want 2 read the news. What a tragedy, hope the kid will make it through.

  • jan.ramoshaba.5 - 2012-11-04 06:11

    It shows we have unfit parents out there in our society m so scared m trying to figure out how long until the toddler fell into the pool unoticed the rights of that toddler were violated law must take its cause wish u speedy recover come back to us u were born 4 a reason not now we love you,you r our future

  • charne.coetzer.35 - 2012-11-04 08:32

    This happens way too often in South Africa:( Why was the little boy outside by himself where there's a pool? I understand not everyone can afford nets or fences, but please, watch your kids around water! They are precious and irreplaceable! May he have a speedy recovery

      janice.mcmaster.92 - 2012-11-04 10:06

      If people cant afford a net or wall then they should not have a pool...Period!!!

  • kurt.lombard.35 - 2012-11-04 10:40

    Wud like to say to the parents that we are all praying for him to get better soon just be strong and don't blame each other or ur self mwah

  • izane.bekker - 2012-11-04 19:33

    To all of you criticizing the parents, the mother is my lecturer at the University. She is the most amazing woman and mother. Accidents happen and can't always be explained. Let's just all pray for the family.

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