Tokoloshe salt makes a comeback

2013-04-07 22:23

Mbombela - The tokoloshe may have once again met its match as thousands of people are buying special Tokoloshe Salt to nip the evil spirit in the bud.

The salt, which was invented in the '50s, has made a comeback in Mpumalanga and is literally flying off the shelves.

The salt was spotted in a supermarket in Hazyview and was available in a variety of colours from pink to red to blue.

The advertisement claims that for only R5.99 per 200g, you can add a bit of salt to your food and tame your "inner" Tokoloshe.

"In the 50s, people began using salt to ward off the tokoloshe, with the belief that the evil boy had a great fear of the salt and would therefore not wreak havoc in the life of the user,” said Mike Elliott, from MJO marketing.

"The demand for the product is unbelievable as these traditional beliefs are extremely strong."

Elliott is involved in the production of the Tokoloshe Salt and believes the product is truly a recipe for success.

"The salt is blessed by a traditional healer during the production stage and this gives the salt its magical qualities and characteristics," he said.

The marketer also explained the reason for the different colours of salt.

"Today different tribes prefer different colours. For example, the Zulus like the colour, red as it represents royalty to them. Therefore, users believe that using the right colour salt, it will prove more effective at warding off the tokoloshe," Elliott said.

The story of the tokoloshe originates from a few hundred years ago, when an extremely naughty boy in a rural village was said to have caused trouble with the village’s traditional leader.

In order to stop the boy’s disobedient behaviour, the leader led him down to the beach, where he threw salt at the boy.

This is said to have turned the boy into the ugliest creature imaginable, but made him angry and more naughty, until eventually the villagers had no choice but to kill him.

  • Tokelo Daniel Mosia - 2013-04-07 22:39

    This Story belongs to Daily Sun. Not News24. Nxa!!!

      Tim Hawkins - 2013-04-08 06:57

      If the story was about the magical properties of the powder, then I would agree. But the real story is that ignorance is thriving 60 years after the powder's invention. Scarier than any Tokolosh!

  • nicholus.nakanyane - 2013-04-07 22:56

    In this country we have everything..literally everything..even salt...soon well be having some sugar or pepper that will nip corrupt leaders in the bud..SA Science at its best..

  • Macha Samuel Mphela - 2013-04-07 22:58

    This story is late by seven

  • Aaron Larry Chaava - 2013-04-07 23:12

    Had to check the date again, thought it was 1st of april, this is a joke right? Like seriously!

  • Heinrich Salome - 2013-04-07 23:21

    We need tons of this salt, we have a big tokoloshe called GOVERNMENT!!

  • Cane Corso - 2013-04-07 23:39

    Unfckenbuhleavable!? Is this 2013?

  • MZwakhe Mshushu Motlou - 2013-04-08 02:27

    haaaaahaaaaaa!! Trudi n Rick u make me laugh guys dis jst show u hw vulnerable n confused ppl r ind world jst check hw stupid ppl hv been made bout d comin of jesus christ n its rooted in their minds sham!! dey cant change

      Roulon du Toit - 2013-04-08 07:20


      GB Garratt - 2013-04-08 07:43

      Jeez, This SA education system has definitely failed you. My guess is that you could not translate that and write the sentence in proper English if you tried.

  • mfanah.radebe - 2013-04-08 03:16

    ah ah news24 Don't be like daily sun now ai suka

  • Ruddy Thabo - 2013-04-08 04:04

    i guess there r bigfoot...

      GB Garratt - 2013-04-08 04:14

      And Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu, Zeus, Odin, Zeus, leprechauns, unicorns, Jesus, demons, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Satan, Santa, gnomes .............

  • TP Tinyiko Mathebula - 2013-04-08 04:44

    u should have used the space 4 something useful

      GB Garratt - 2013-04-08 08:10

      And you should go back to school and learn to write a sentence in English.

  • tony.naidoo - 2013-04-08 04:59

    Tokoloshe salt for Juju!

  • Rofhiwa Ronald - 2013-04-08 05:19

    Im like this one a true african story but the article was copied from daily sun neespaper

  • mo.cheik - 2013-04-08 05:41

    How dare these Christians ridicule the Tokoloshe believers? Isn't it the same thing? Believing in thee Tokoloshe or a Big Man in the sky, or the evil guy with a big fork ready to braai any evil-doer?

      WildCatSal - 2013-04-08 06:45

      Aga No man.. Where can I buy this salt and fork.. There are some evil-doers I want to braai. They make me so cross because some said they will show me what a Tokoloshe looks like and I'm still waiting!

  • Sefako Mokgalaka - 2013-04-08 05:59

    Daily Sun free advertising space.

  • Hasani Booysen Hlungwana - 2013-04-08 06:11

    If you are not Christian . . Get you some magic salt. Tokoloshe is Devils angels.. Is better to be safe than to be sorry. salt or Bible can weaken Tokoloshe. Why people believe in Jesus if Satan does not exist.? Good or Evil

      GB Garratt - 2013-04-08 08:11

      Neither exist so there is no use worrying about them.

  • Ceba Mlandu - 2013-04-08 06:29

    Saw these in a shop in P.E last year (Traduna Mall, Broadway if you want to check for yourself). I laughed my ears off when I saw someone actually buying the salt.

  • Eric Mdudus Shaku - 2013-04-08 06:56

    This also available in shops around limpopo since last year.

  • Alan John Ingram - 2013-04-08 07:06

    Now you know why South Africa is a backward banana republic !!!!

  • Jacqui Fichardt Millin - 2013-04-08 07:10

    Scary if we move backwards and not forward!

      WildCatSal - 2013-04-08 07:15

      If I 'look' around me the state of the nation is moving backward with one heck of a speed!

  • guy.ryninks - 2013-04-08 07:13

    Religion is bull$#1t, but this is just ridiculous. Culture is one thing, but if being "dom" is the result then I'm sorry read some Dawkins and get real.

      WildCatSal - 2013-04-08 07:31

      What colour you want your salt Richard, oh I mean Guy..?

  • Mike Clery - 2013-04-08 07:27

    Darn! Why didn't I think of marketing this salt?

      WildCatSal - 2013-04-08 07:29

      Had the same thought.. Eish.

      Abdul Bassier Stegmann - 2013-04-08 07:40

      Get rich quick for sure.

      WildCatSal - 2013-04-08 07:45

      Better than the lotto...!

  • konfab - 2013-04-08 07:31

    LOL, capitalism at its best.

      Koos van der Merwe - 2013-04-08 08:02

      Come on, someone is selling rocks to make Mandela “feel better”. Why can’t they sell sault? Think about it? Doesn’t Zuma remind you a little of the boogieman? The Zuma DNS line could be Tokoloshe! They are fat enough and who knows what they can eat.

  • Lynn Hattingh - 2013-04-08 07:45

    I thought I had seen,read and heard everything but this tops it all!

  • Nabeel Roberts - 2013-04-08 08:13

    pity the salt doesn't help with brain power.

  • Muffin_man_can - 2013-04-08 08:21

    Eish actually the tokolosh use the salt to season you when he puts you on a spitbraai..

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