Top SABC man hasn't got matric

2012-01-29 09:56

Johannesburg - A leading candidate for the post of SABC chief operating officer lacks a matric certificate as well as top management experience, the Sunday Independent reported.

Despite being the second most powerful post at the organisation, the job was only advertised internally, and applicants had just three working days to apply, according to the newspaper.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng, currently an SABC employee, was reportedly being favoured for the job despite his lack of qualifications and experience.

SA Broadcasting Corporation CEO Lulama Mokhobo told the paper the job did not require a degree, but an understanding of how business operations were run.

"It does not require a degree to run a business operation. That does not require an MBA. Anybody internally can apply for this job," she was quoted as saying.

Motsoeneng declined to comment.

According to a KPMG probe he lied about having a matric certificate when he applied to be news executive for the broadcaster's Bloemfontein office several years ago.

  • Gerhard - 2012-01-29 10:01

    Has the SABC not got enough problems? This is a wrong appointment. Also the man seems to be a fraudster.

      cepotgieter - 2012-01-29 10:15

      Jessica - 2012-01-29 10:44

      Well millions is already lost through incompetence whats a billion? Wonder who he is related to in the ANC

      John - 2012-01-29 10:52

      Seems problems at SABC are enormous. Just check the statement of SA Broadcasting Corporation CEO Lulama Mokhobo ..."It does not require a degree to run a business operation... Anybody internally can apply for this job...... Sure...Beauty from the canteen in the ground floor is asking where to hand the CV also. Does anybody know if Lulama Mokhobo lacks matric also? Eish...Simunye

      Sinudeity - 2012-01-29 11:03

      Jessica - He's connected to Jacob. True story.

      Renny - 2012-01-29 11:12

      One has to be crazy to pay for a SABC license.

      Francois - 2012-01-29 11:19

      CEO Lulama Mokhobo, nobody mentioned an MBA, but a matric is kind of essential, will you not think? Oops you need grade 10 to run the country.

      Eduard - 2012-01-29 12:53

      I agree, if the criteria was set and they dont meet it, then not a good thing, but not a surprise, considering our current political vision However, I don't believe schools are doing the right education. Schools dont develop kids anymore. Actually, they never really developed kids, they trained kids to work for a specific system and if the kids even showed signs of struggle, then they were labeled as "stupid". If we can develop kids/ potential, this world would be far more positive than what it is now. Look at doctors now, they cannot even find a cure for HIV. They cannot cure anymore, only treat people (if you pay loads of money for silly pills)After all these years/ money....what a joke. The accountants/ financial specialists and where are we now...recession. The list goes on…

      Erich - 2012-01-29 12:54

      Another champion imposter for a top post. Is this the final nail in the SABC's coffin?

      goyougoodthing - 2012-01-29 13:25

      But he lied on his application, he should be fired at least.

      George - 2012-01-29 13:58

      Hay look on the bright side, we might get pirated movies to watch now

      goyougoodthing - 2012-01-29 16:57

      The thing about matric is not the qualification but the person can't be very bright if they didn't manage to get it. I mean it's a poor qualification nowadays but not having it? Must be an imbecile.

      Ike Monametsi - 2012-01-29 17:59

      I want to be on the panel that will be appointing HIM just for that moment!

      nasheenar - 2012-01-30 11:28

      Surely this is grounds for dismissal

      Phillie - 2012-01-30 21:41

      So if the cleaning lady or car park attendant were quicker in applying they would have got the job. Amazing!!!!!

      John - 2012-01-30 23:15

      Anc = Association of National Criminals, Abortion Murder Genocide. Destroying South Africa since 1957.

  • Reinier - 2012-01-29 10:08

    Whats New - he is black the new bluechip qualification the western Standards of ability does not apply in african context , he has someone in his pocket , or is someones brother/friend holtjom and will get the job mmmkkaayy !!

      Showerhead Zooma - 2012-01-29 10:11

      Makes perfect sense.

      Juan - 2012-01-29 10:13

      Well our president has a std.3 so what's the problem? As long as you have the right kind of skin colour and the right contacts you are perfectly suited.

      Newsreader - 2012-01-29 13:01

      Mielie pap and gravy is the top requisite for the job!

      Nkulekweni - 2012-01-30 09:54

      Reiner you do need to deepen your ability to think. You are presumably an adult. Its about connections and comradyism and very little about race but the majority of people in this forum, judging from the ticks your comment got, are happier to constantly make out that this is about race. This is because it enables them to draw the simplistic equation that White =skills and Black =lack of skills. This equation makes them feel good about themselves as white peopole. Some of them do not have anything else to feel good about. Essentiallising is racist and ingrained racism is a sickness that pervades this forum. If you open your mind just a fraction you will realise that there are a lot of educated and experienced black people who are struggling to 1. Get a job 2. Get their experience recognised in the workplace. There are black people with MBAs at the SABC who will not even be considered for this job. A lot of people here need to put more energy in getting to know their country better instead of singing one tired tired simplistic song with every post they make. The colour of your skin does not in any way make you better than the next person. If you begin from there then you might be able to make intelligent remarks and begin to understand the complexities of this country. I have conducted research in companies where a white matric with no experience holds higher positions that black people with higher qualifications and years of experience.

      kayceechick - 2012-01-30 10:17

      Nkulekweni, unfortunately it IS about race when the position is clearly BEE or AA or BEEEEE. No white person would even be allowed to apply for the position never mind be considered whether they have a MBA or Doctrate or matric.. It is you who makes the assumption or correlation that "White =skills and Black =lack of skills".

      Nkulekweni - 2012-01-30 10:42

      Kayceechick If Rainer writes that the guy is being given this job because he is black implies that in Rainers world blacks in general get jobs they are not qualified for their only qualification being the colour of their skin. What I am pointing out, with my exasperation coming through, is that ...that is patently not the case. The matricless person will get the job because he is well connected not becasue he is black. As I have pointed out...there are many blacks that have been educated here and abroad who are not in employment because they are not connected and they are not white. Some companies in this country have less that 1% black employees as white collar workers and yet we have a high unemployment rate of black graduates. This includes graduates in the so called scarce skills and includes graduates from not only the former priviledged universities but also graduates from universities in the West. I have friends who have returned from studying and working in the U.K and the U.S who are still unemployed after two or more years in this country after being in employment for several years abroad. This includes black chartered accountants, research chemists and engineers. So the whole premise that this guy is being considered for the job because he is black is wrong. He is being considered for the job because he has connections. I know of black people who have resigned from their jobs because of the stress of being "managed" and "led" by clueless comrades.

      Boeretroos - 2012-01-30 21:28

      The man certainly knows how to get wet under zoomas shower- Take a jump to the left simple zooma says - now take a jump to the right simple zooma says. Do you fine people of azania realy think things are going to stop here? This is not the beginning, not the end, not the beginning of the end -this is only the end of the beginning. Helloooo Zimbabweee!

  • sue.da.nim - 2012-01-29 10:10

    i dont see the problem, it is only the sabc... we have a president of our country who only has std 2.... so if this one screws up wtf.... they will just pay him out and put another family member in his place ... this is africa after all

      Polotic - 2012-01-29 12:25

      @sue.da.nim - Yes, but it's taxpayers' money that gets wasted!

      Bernard - 2012-01-29 12:52

      On that basis sue - he is propably over qualified for the job

      Newsreader - 2012-01-29 13:21

      Why cant we rather make him an Airforce Pilot for JZ's jets? He is well qualified too!

      Jose - 2012-01-30 13:57

      and our future president didnt even pass wood work !

  • ISO - 2012-01-29 10:11

    What a joke!!! No wonder the they show alot of crap on SABC.

      Newsreader - 2012-01-29 13:23

      Thats why I love it when I have 10 tv's and no license! My philosphy is if I need a license because SABC require it then I might as well have a license to go to the toilet!

  • Carlo Hayes - 2012-01-29 10:12

    Why did I ever get my matric. I'm such a looser.

      MikeBrassellSA - 2012-01-29 10:24

      That's loser. Sure you got your matric?

      Franklyn - 2012-01-29 22:48

      ha, might get somewhere with that sort of spelling.

  • Showerhead Zooma - 2012-01-29 10:14

    Shut it down already. Can't imagine who watches that crap. Oh, I forgot, programming for the uneducated masses. Who better to understand their needs than one from amongst them.

  • cepotgieter - 2012-01-29 10:14

    im not even suprised.....

  • cepotgieter - 2012-01-29 10:15

  • Tony - 2012-01-29 10:16

    This is such a damper on the youngsters who have to study 3 /4 years to get a degree .And here these fraudster earns hundrends of thousands of rands with no formal qualifications, not even a matric? Now theres a inspirational story for all university /college /FET / Matrics students.

      Tony - 2012-01-29 22:06

      One Tony to another 100% correct. What do we tell the future business leaders?

  • MikeBrassellSA - 2012-01-29 10:21

    Christ I am tired of hearing this crap. The councils too are full of the "previously disadvantaged" with no expertise or experience.

  • Deeteem - 2012-01-29 10:23

    Maybe std 2 is the new matric !!!

      kayceechick - 2012-01-30 10:19

      wowee, that means I have a super duper doctorate, mba degree? Coz I got another 12 levels above std 2!

  • Elkieta - 2012-01-29 10:24

    What about Zuma.

  • raymond.kok3 - 2012-01-29 10:26

    please people dont act so shocked its because of that that he will be the best canidate for the job , he also wants his piece of the tax money

      johann.smit.cpt - 2012-01-29 10:44

      He should be heard & discharged for him previously lying about matric certificate........

  • Piet - 2012-01-29 10:27

    If he doesn't have matric the SANC will take him. They can't appoint people who think...

  • Scouter - 2012-01-29 10:36

    With the continued dumbing down of the Matric pass rate the majority of govt school 'matriculants' technically don't have matric either. Welcome to SA's future leadership people. Who knows this guy might just have scraped a 30% if he ever wrote matric that is, and probably now feels justified in claiming to be a matriculant by current standards. If it wasn't so pathetic it might be funny. Should imagine Asia is shaking in it's boots at the potential future SA threat to its trade.

  • pierre.hough1 - 2012-01-29 10:39

    Employ the bugger! Then fire the bugger and be assured he'll pop up somewhere else only to be employed again! And so the story goes .... It was in my office when an attorney of note, one yunis shaik (yes! it's the brother of Mo and Shabir) took a cellphone call. He discussed settlement of a person being fired who was offered R3million to take a walk. It was on the basis that - as no lawyers fees could be disclosed in the case - he would give R1,5 to the lawyer and take the rest for himself with a promise that the lawyer would ensure the fired man is redeployed elsewhere. When the call terminated the lawyer asked of me whether I could gather who he was talking to? Tongue in cheek I said "no"! He boasted that it was the CEO of the SABC on the line. It was a done deal. Just like that! Then he asked me if I knew who was running the country ...

  • Silvana - 2012-01-29 10:42

    And this is surprise? Not really. Just the norm.

  • Herman - 2012-01-29 10:48

    Only in this country does your colour and connections count more than any education or real value experience. Going down the drain SA, going down faster and faster

  • johan.blignaut - 2012-01-29 10:48

    (A)nother (N)ull-value (C)omrade

  • Jou - 2012-01-29 10:48

    What! You mean that makes a difference to anyone!! I thought that just by being bleck and having an ANC card is enough to get the job???

  • Silvana - 2012-01-29 10:49

    Just had a thought. I the position of COO doesn't require a degree nor a matric, obviously, then what level of education would CEO Lulama Mokhobo consider adequate for the president of our country? For that matter, what level of education does she have?

  • Winsome - 2012-01-29 10:50

    And of course he will get the job - isn't that how it works in SA? Not what you know but who .......

  • Clive - 2012-01-29 10:50

    He was too lazy to buy himself a qualification !!!

      Clive - 2012-01-29 18:03

      Hi Clive!

      Tony - 2012-01-29 22:07

      Hi Clive and Clive

  • Innis - 2012-01-29 10:53

    Can anybody just please tell me something we don;t know already? I doubt that any of them have any legitimate qualifications in any case!

  • Andre - 2012-01-29 10:54

    The quality of SABC TV programming is definitely reflected in the quality of the appointments they make. Intelligence is no longer a requirement to offer a professional service to the masses in this country. It's only "who you know"!

      wo0two0t - 2012-01-30 11:42

      I cant rememeber the last time I turned on SABC X probably when I was 15 (+10 years ago) Thank god for the internet where you can choose your own programming.

  • Chikwendu Ede - 2012-01-29 10:56

    what is the point going to school at all if you can just become a manager by being a member of a party.

  • Rob - 2012-01-29 11:00

    Maybe education would get in the way!

  • Trevor - 2012-01-29 11:04

    haha...the show must go on..... repeats

  • Singatha - 2012-01-29 11:09

    Bah!!!Whatever happened to attaining standards of excellence?At this rate we rapidly going down the road of suicidal kleptocracy

  • Max - 2012-01-29 11:13

    They are just to stupid to know that they don't know...that is the ANC for you.

  • Singatha - 2012-01-29 11:16

    "It does not require a degree to run a business operation." Sure i agree,a spaza shop maybe.But come on, a business operation with billions in assets....????And this at a time that properly qualified black professionals are being overlooked...This goose is cooked.

      Nkulekweni - 2012-01-30 09:37

      Singatha I am glad you pointed it out. Its not so much about the colour of the skin as it is about nepotism and comradeysim. There are a lot of black professionals who have experience including international experience who cannot find jobs. The myth of skills shortage is designed to hide such corruption.

  • Raul - 2012-01-29 11:17

    With the quality of programs of SABC It does not even require to go to school to be a candidate. There is Car Guard in our shopping centre that has problem with intoxication and can not stand for long hours. He would like to apply.

  • Patrick - 2012-01-29 11:19

    anythings is possible in south zimbabwe. if was working for such an institution i would have long quited by work.

  • Fanie - 2012-01-29 11:20

    The ANC is destroying this country everyday more and more!! The time has come to start praying for the downfall of this totally useless and corrupt government!!!

  • Burtfred - 2012-01-29 11:25

    SABC broadcasts such rubbish, why would the CEO need a matric?

  • eon.engelbrecht - 2012-01-29 11:33

    Why am I not surprised?!

  • Deepchund - 2012-01-29 11:38

    Well Alicia,I concur,he will probably get the job.Nothing unusual about this in government or parastatals.

  • Andrew - 2012-01-29 11:39

    What is new in this ANC cadre deployment? Another billion to bail them out???

  • pal.mabelane - 2012-01-29 11:39

    I really need to join the ANC and be a comrade. There's big money there Chief!

      Wendy - 2012-01-29 13:48

      pal, agree think I 'll join you ..

      Bokfan - 2012-01-29 14:16

      I dont think you are immoral enough.

      lana.vdwesthuizen - 2012-01-31 09:27

      mmmm. somehow I don't think it will work. If you passed matric with marks higher than 30% you are SO in trouble!

  • Terco - 2012-01-29 11:48

    ....Indeed!!......what experience or preparation you need to buy decades old movies or OMG (O-My-Gad) american garbage programs for peanuts, inflate the bills ten times, flood the channels with insipid novels that keep the sheeple hypnotized, buy a Maserati or Ferrari in one year and resign to "pursue your interests" with a golden handshake and a golden parachute??????

  • Michael Kleber - 2012-01-29 11:58

    absalutly carect i hav a poor edicatun and no one has eva piked it up so then it is not nesesirey to have a degri you can be cleva with out it , bisnis is eezy peeple pay and you spend

  • Kobus - 2012-01-29 12:04

    And we are "surprised" why??

  • SM1012 - 2012-01-29 12:04

    This so absurd...being unemployed like me...even here in Bloemfontein Municipality&Government it happens...I have over 9 yrs extensive experience, skills & knowledge in Forensic Investigation, Administration, Retails Customer Care, Vetting and ambitions in Intelligence...but I am still unemployed, is who you know within NOT what you know. I've even told myself, if not why not.

      owamin1 - 2012-01-30 16:04

      maybe you should start exploring other avenues - such as starting your own business. with such extensive experience, you won't need need to be employed by anyone.

      lana.vdwesthuizen - 2012-01-31 09:31

      I agree with ovamin1 - you must at least try! Do not let them get you down!

  • H.Les.Mitchell - 2012-01-29 12:06

    Nothing surprising there.

  • Charl - 2012-01-29 12:07


  • Whitty - 2012-01-29 12:17


      Bokfan - 2012-01-29 14:17

      Whitty why are you complaining? Dis mos jou span die.

  • bobbirou - 2012-01-29 12:21

    So he doesn't have a matric right? Do you need a matric to run the SABC and not to run a country? Is the SA matric worth anything anyway?

      jannie.beirowski - 2012-01-29 12:59

      There is a great, big difference between having a matric certificate and actually knowing something. When we look at the analysis of the matric exam results it becomes clear that our standard of training is so low that there is just about no difference between std 2 and a matric certificate. The only difference between Motsoneng and Zuma is that he may be writing his own speeches, if he can write, and Zuma uses the intelligence of others to row his boat.

  • Garth - 2012-01-29 12:23

    If the anc had any integrity, they would broadcast this piece of news over their mouthpiece, to all the ignorants that retain them in power, in all of their official languages. Then they, with integrity, would inform their sycophants that they are willing to pay this ignorant millions of their children's money, in order to have a black face in a position of authority. Useless, useless anc. Useless, useless anc voter. Useless, useless black South Africa. And do not accuse me of racism - you are the only people that can change this!

      Patrick - 2012-01-29 12:43

      @garth dont blame blacks for this. i hate anc also, be patient. anc's wont loose power just watching the events unfold. nationalisation must fail before blacks can vote for other party. things must get worse before we could all enjoy our freedom. now anc is like the taxi industry they have the word 'research'.

      Garth - 2012-01-29 13:51

      @Patrick - unfortunately the rot is set in too deep for the failure of nationalisation, in 15 or 20 years, to bring about a mind-set change. You have to do it now! Starting today! Educate the masses against the useless anc. They will not listen to a white face; to a voice from a white mouth. And this country cannot afford to wait . . .

  • Errol - 2012-01-29 12:33

    Round 24/37/87?????And so the circus the century continues.....Quite frankly,I pay my dues,but,the ANC has this entity,called the SABC,just as another 'cookie jar' to PLUNDER!!!!!!!! Viva la useless;viva la ANC!!!!!!

  • SarelJBotha - 2012-01-29 12:37

    It surely seems like the SABC is going form worse to absolutely hopeless.