Top Tshwane cop Jaca charged - NPA

2012-03-02 22:14

Cape Town - Suspended Tshwane deputy metro police chief Ndumiso Jaca has been charged, the national prosecuting authority (NPA) said on Friday, according to a report.

The charges follow an Eyewitness News investigation by Eyewitness News (EWN) which revealed that he was driving a BMW coupe with false number plates and police lights, and also has a Harley Davidson with the same false registration number.

In October the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) started a probe into Jaca's conduct, and he was suspended by the the Tshwane municipality.

EWN reported that according to sources close to the investigation, Jaca will face various charges, including fraud.

The charges were confirmed by NPA spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga.

  • Cracker - 2012-03-02 22:59

    Only 'suspended?' Why has he not been dismissed from his job yet?

      Juan - 2012-03-03 01:16

      EE / BEE / ANC CADRE deployee. Minimum 5 years paid suspension/ holiday.

      roger.pacey - 2012-03-03 09:13

      They did this before with a previous police chief, Mmutle. He was eventually dismissed for wrongdoing but then the Municipality reorganised its security portfolio and reappointed him as its chief, but with a different job title. His previous wrongdoing that led to dismissal didn't count against him. This is the way Tshwane works. They appointed Thoalane Thoalane as chief financial officer some years ago, even though he left SANTA and the NDA under a cloud of financial mismanagement. Part way through his contract he was suspended for (guess what?) financial mismanagement and eventually fired.

  • Phillie - 2012-03-02 23:06

    avatar Phillie - Just posted Report comment Because when your BEE you are never ever without a job even if you are suspended you receive your salary. Judge Mothata is perfect case in point; 4 years full salary, no work never ever fired. So why do we think this criminal will get fired.

  • Max - 2012-03-02 23:09

    He was never a policeman he was an ANC cader deployee in a police uniform, there is a difference and it shows.

  • mundu.olewega - 2012-03-02 23:19

    More corruption by ANC = less for the needy. Thses fools just can't help themselves, can they?

  • Michael Kleber - 2012-03-03 05:30

    He was breaking the law in the Metro car park and not one officer or senior noticed ? it took a reporter to point this out to them ? are they fools ?

      Garth - 2012-03-03 07:33

      Rhetorical question Michael?

  • Ben - 2012-03-03 05:45

    Corruption is spiritual or moral impurity. Corrupt officials are being protected by government. The voters know this, they are suffering as a result and showing their anger but they keep on voting them into power. Can anybody please explain why.

      jaap.kotze - 2012-03-03 07:14

      @ Ben. In the political mind, of the masses, only two tings ever happened. They were oppressed by the whites, and they were liberated by the ANC. So, the ANC gets the vote. Finish and klaar.

      Jaffea Joe - 2012-03-03 07:21

      @jaap.kotze Yes and you people will do it again at a drop of a hat given the opportunity. We already know what you think of us, but you can't do a thing because you don't have the power any longer.

      Garth - 2012-03-03 07:42

      Jaap is correct. The problem is confounded by the fact that those that can make the changes: the educated, well-informed, free-thinking black people that are anti-anc, are viewed with suspicion by the ignorant, ill-informed as `sell-outs', because the voices of the amoral, criminal cadre are louder.

      Patsy - 2012-05-28 12:40

      Brain-washed sheep taken in by false promises

  • Dennis - 2012-03-03 05:49

    When will the ANC ever learn ??

      Moss Molokomme - 2012-03-03 07:52

      What does ANC have to do with this? You all are obsessed and possessed by something. As if white government ever cared about Blacks - Now u want 2nd chance to take over. Well the masses don't trust u - the way you go on ranting!

      Vic - 2012-03-03 08:34

      NEVER EVER, while they continue to enjoy the support of the gullible masses.

      Garth - 2012-03-03 11:04

      `Tshwane deputy metro police chief Ndumiso Jaca'. Who controls this metro? Who again? Damn Moss, but you are just that - moss: single-celled.

      Jacqui - 2012-03-03 11:24

      Moss, if he wasn't ANC he wouldn't have the job. They will look after them, crooks mostly stick together. The masses don't trust us, geez that will cost us some sleepless nights. Grow up.

      pws69 - 2012-03-03 11:40

      Moss, he is part of the official ANC cadre deployment strategy, same as Selebi, same as Yengeni, same as Booi, all CONVICTED criminals. Instead of raging against people that simply highlight the FACTS, why don't you trying and fixed that corrupt cesspool called the ANC. This whitey is frankly tired of funding ANC corruption and excess through my considerable taxes.

      Yar - 2012-03-04 12:13

      @Moss You might well ask what does the ANC have to do with this. The answer is - EVERYTHING!!!! The DA certainly isn't involved. Give the DA control and Jaca will stop collecting his salary in 5 seconds, be fired in 10 seconds and behind bars before lunch time.

  • Blane - 2012-03-03 06:55

    Kleptomania seems to be pretty common amongst this lot

  • Kevin - 2012-03-03 07:40


  • raymond.kok3 - 2012-03-03 08:07

    yeah and he will be redeployed to go staff up even more, i wish i had a boss like the ANC

  • PieterWolf Lombard - 2012-03-03 08:35

    Where do they scratch this trash out , and prosecute the appointer...

      Garth - 2012-03-03 11:00

      Good idea Pieter.

  • Shirley - 2012-03-03 08:56

    Suspended on full pay-lekker long holiday! Enough of these leeches!Enough of powers that be looking sfter their own!

  • billidp - 2012-03-03 09:19

    NOW only? This info was known months ago!Once again suspended with full pay I suppose... I love the way that the SA public just keeps on paying for all these fraudsters!

  • Zimbobwe - 2012-03-03 10:12

    I always saw this guy on Mabopane Highway behaving like he owns that road with his BMW and wondered who he was. He will stop anywhere on the road and talk to his friends, like to drive at high speed and tailgate people and generally showing off. He behaves like criminals who likes to show off.I thought he was a criminal the way he behaved bcos to me he didn't look like somneone who knows and will obey the traffic rules. This guy used to agitate me but thanks NPA he is not on out highway anymore. It was a matter of time before he causes a fatal accident the way he was driving.

      Rob - 2012-03-03 11:50

      You should actually thank the EWN reporter. The NPA was actually doing what they are paid for. Just beats me why it takes more than four months to do an investigation on one person! I agree with you that this scum is now going to be brought to book, at last.

  • Scouter - 2012-03-03 10:43

    Whilst we are on the subject of criminally minded policemen - anybody heard how Jaki is doing? I presume he is in good health, now. I assume that any prospect of jail time will reveal that Jaca has a hitherto undisclosed life threatening medical condition, too.

      Zimbobwe - 2012-03-03 11:09

      Jaki is doing well and back in his prison cell. All that trash talk of him being ill was just a stunt. Now he will be really sick from his backside bcos papa wag vir hom... hahahaaaa!!!

  • Johan - 2012-03-03 11:11

    I feel so sorry for Zuma. It seems he do not have one honest friend. If i'm wrong mr. prez then appoint him, plz.

  • ZION - 2012-03-03 11:33

    What is so spectacular about this case? Top cop etc: fraud and corruption has been an element in the police force from the lowly reservist to the police commissioner and all the ranks in between. Just a normal day at the office who cares. He will be out soon or accidentally released or escaped.

      pws69 - 2012-03-03 12:01

      I disagree, I have met many hardworking and honest cops, but I do think they might be in the minority. Just look at the sh#t Jannie Odendaal and Abel Twala are going through because they had the audacity to do their job, and Winnie "Necklace them" Mandela happened to be in the car.

  • Mart - 2012-03-03 12:04

    This situation is quite ridiculous and once again goes to prove that the law is manipulated to the benefit of wrongdoers. Unless there is irrefutable proof that his boss signed off on fake plates for undercover work, then he is as guilty as sin. Why pussyfoot around and waste valuable resources, time and the patience of the people. It is actually that simple...why should his 'rights' supercede my rights as a tax payer??

      pws69 - 2012-03-03 12:06

      An even more important question then. Why would someone at this ADMINISTRATIVE (key word) level be doing undercover work, on a Harley Davidson nogal?

  • Mark - 2012-03-03 12:21

    Doesn't say much for the Tshwane recruitment process does it? Oh right, he's an ANC cadre....... First he's charged, then there will be delays as evidence will have disappeared and maybe, eventually, he'll be convicted - this all whilst on full-pay suspension. Then he'll be re-appointed to another plum job somewhere else and the whole process will begin again. Out of a population of 40-odd million one would really think that some of them would be both competent and honest but no, seems there are 1 million card carrying comrades and they're all working in government and are all crooks.

  • Marion - 2012-03-03 12:32

    F**k my mangy dog! Does the corruption in high places never stop? Every single person who wants to be appointed into a government job needs to be put through a lie detector first. That and psychometric testing should get rid of most of the bad apples.

  • Piet - 2012-03-03 12:39

    Aag cmon media. TOP COP? Really...? you mean top mamparra

  • Photoguy - 2012-03-03 12:39


  • Buti - 2012-03-03 15:11

    He's a criminal that deserve jail more than suspended.

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