Tracks clear of Rovos coaches

2010-04-25 18:49

Johannesburg - Clean-up crews have cleared all the Rovos Rail coaches from the tracks where they derailed in Pretoria last week but people should expect delays on Monday, Metrorail said.

Spokesperson Nana Zenani said on Sunday a limited diesel locomotive shuttle service would be operating from Pretoria Station as from 05:30 on Monday.

"Only one track has been restored in Pretoria so people should expect delays," she said.

The coaches fell off the rails when they sped downhill while unhitched from the train's electric locomotive which was being routinely removed and exchanged for a steam locomotive on Wednesday.

At the time, the train was on its way from Cape Town to the Capital Park station in Pretoria and was carrying 55 passengers and 30 staff.

Three women employed by Rovos Rail died - two on the scene and one in hospital. One of the women was four months pregnant and went into labour. Her baby also died.

Ten of the 40 American passengers on board were taken to hospital. There were also South African, German, British and French tourists on board.

On Sunday, Zenani said the board of inquiry will conduct an in-depth investigation into the incident which was expected to take two to three weeks.