Traffic blitz for festive season

2011-12-16 17:00

Johannesburg - Traffic operations along the country's major highways have been beefed up ahead of the festive season, the Roads Traffic Management Corporation said on Friday.

"There will be visible patrols along highways with heavy traffic, as well as a joint operation with the department of transport to clamp down on passenger transport," spokesperson Ashraf Ismail said.

He said the main focus would be on the N1 and N4 highways as well as on the N3 between Johannesburg and Durban.

"At one stage on the N3, over 2 200 cars were passing through the Mooi River Plaza every hour," Ismail said.

He said roadblocks would only be conducted in metropolitan areas.

"By Tuesday, there were 456 fatalities recorded on the highways over the season. The number is only preliminary, and I'm sure it will have risen since then."

He said most accidents had resulted from speeding, reckless overtaking and drinking and driving.

"We appeal to drivers to follow all the rules of the road, to reduce speed in areas where it has rained, and to observe a prudent following distance.

"Drivers should chill out, relax, be polite and be prepared to allow us to our job. This is a thankless task, because if we don't do our job, and even if we do do it, we are still criticised."

  • Inky - 2011-12-16 17:29

    I have read the same crap served up by the traffic authorities every year for more than 30 years and every year the carnage remains constant or increases. My family used to travel a round trip of more than 4000 km. from Cape Town to KZN South Coast every year. Despite the announcements that officers will be patrolling to ensure high visibility the most we ever spotted was three. We saw plenty hiding with speed cameras but the majority were to be found at the marquees at the Ultra Cities with plenty of flags, food and refreshments but not obvious effort to manage the overloaded and un-roadworthy vehicles. Not once in all these years did I encounter a road block. Who do they think they are fooling !

  • Bob - 2011-12-16 18:23

    "This is a thankless task, because if we don't do our job, and even if we do do it, we are still criticised." Your track record speak for itself....! Yes you will be criticised until such time as you get these mad fools on the road under control!

  • steven.m.armour - 2011-12-16 19:13

    Rather send out the Deaf dumb and blind,they will probably do a better job.

  • Enlightened - 2011-12-20 13:20

    I agree, I also have read the same nonsense evry year for the last century or so. If we have a look, the road death toll per 100.000 in other countries of characteristics similar to ours, is much, much lower than in SA despite the fact that the traffic rules are pretty much the same and speed limits in some, higher than ours. This tells me that there are other undrelying reasons for the atrotious behaviour of our drivers. I am not a psychoanalyst and do not profess to have any knowledge in thatfield. I do however fron observation have to conclude that there are other issues and frustration bottled up, and just about the only place people can vernt that anger/frustration is behind the wheel. I could be totally wrong but I doubt it.

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