Tragedy of a girl called 'Jackpot'

2012-04-22 18:00

Soweto - They call her "Jackpot".

This is the nickname given to the Soweto teenager, whose alleged rapists appeared in court last week, by some of her male neighbours.

The country is reeling in the wake of the attack and calls for justice have been issued from every corner. Cabinet released a strongly worded statement about the rape.

The girl is 17, but reportedly has the mental age of a small child.

In the streets of Snake Park, residents painted a picture of a naive young girl who would have sex with men in exchange for paltry amounts of cash or kota – a popular township meal similar to bunny chow.

But the horrific attack on the girl, caught on film and distributed from cellphone to cellphone, has left public opinion in Snake Park divided.

Some neighbours believe the teen’s mother is to blame, whereas others want to know why more men haven’t been arrested.

After all, they say, the girl called "Jackpot" is an easy target for local men seeking sex.

  • Alexie62 - 2012-04-22 11:54

    Local men should have retained their self-respect and dignity, that is if they even possess it, obviously not! Justifying it by blaming this entire incident on the mother who allowed her to roam around, is the most pathetic excuse I have heard under the sun for men who cannot contain themselves and took advantage of this girl. Just because she was hungry and men were giving her food, does it mean she has to pay in kind with her child mentality? Disgusting! This girl was mentally handicapped so who gives them the right to violate her this badly? They should hang them where it hurts most and cut a piece of flesh out of them daily so they understand the brutality they metered out! Now wonder SA has a rape every 17secs! Where are we going to? What happend to these men? Barbarism deserves the hanging penalty and I say, bring it back!

      Jack - 2012-04-22 19:02

      It is a sick very sad for the rest of us. God help us.

      shireen.abbas - 2012-04-22 19:04

      @alexie26 I totally agree with you , this community should be ashamed of themselves all being aware of the abuse being done to this girl in their community , its disgusting now for them to even have the nerve to come out with this repulsive bs so they could make it right what those boyz and men have done ! This is nothing but a cover up to save their pathetic no good sons and men from the punishment due to them !! Its typical bs story cause their mentally would be , destroy the victim so their boyz and men can come scot free! Pathetic !!!!!

      shireen.abbas - 2012-04-22 19:13

      @alexie26 I totally agree with you , this community should be ashamed of themselves all being aware of the abuse being done to this girl in their community , its disgusting now for them to even have the nerve to come out with this repulsive bs so they could make it right what those boys and men have done ! This is nothing but a cover up to save their pathetic no good sons and men from the punishment due to them !! Its typical bs story cause their mentality would be , destroy the victim so their boyz and men can come scot free! Pathetic !!!!!

      zmasemola1 - 2012-04-22 20:02

      I agree with u, rape needs a different approach, the current one is not working. Hayibo whats wrong!!!

      nsda29 - 2012-04-22 22:02

      What disappoints me is that the community knows about this 'jackpot' name and not even 1 person helpded this child. I know we have our ow lives to live and somethings are none of our business. but a mentally ill girl who's being exploited for sex by men is the community's business. First time you hear about it you are supposed to do something about it wherether you are a nurse, teacher, domestic worker, unemployed, social worker. as long as you have a heart this should never have gone this far. Talking about it instead of putting a stop to it is just disgusting! The whole community is guilty and they must stop being hypocrites and blame the mother.

      Christof - 2012-04-23 01:05

      Just more proof of the total moral collapse in the SA society, a country where religious teachings/morals are unfavoured in schools, where your government leaders & officials are criminals and your president has no stance on relationship/marriage ethics.

      marius.dumas - 2012-04-23 10:10

      Rape is rape, but a mother who neglects her child to expose her child to such conditions is no better. That was not a once-off incident she was raped before and still her family didn’t do much to protect her. If you feed your child to the wolves, then you are no better than the wolves.

      brionyl.french - 2012-04-23 10:25

      Well said..

  • maryjane.mphahlele - 2012-04-22 13:31

    i still say it doesn't really matter if she had sex with those pigs in exchange of bunny chows,those who are involved have to be punished.the poor girl has a mental problem for heaven sake and she is under age.

      ahenriquesfernandes - 2012-04-23 07:20

      And, if reports are to be believed, you can hear her pleding with her attackers to stop on the video. That is the very definition of rape - forcing another person, against their will, to have sexual intercourse.

  • Louise - 2012-04-22 14:17

    Spare a thought for the mother who has to cope with this difficult situation when police earlier didn't view the dissapearance of the girl as important enough to start a search and left the mother to do police work on her own. There will always be people only too eager to find someone to blame; this mother was in fact not seen as important enough (maybe not high-ranking or rich enough) to have her dignity respected when government officials publicly told the whole nation through the media that she might be prosecuted for negligence. Was she negligent? Or is she expected to be super-human? What is negligence? Partying late at night leaving children to their own devices, yes, that's negligence. Is that what she did? Bear in mind that looking after a mentally retarded child or person is FAR MORE DIFFICULT that looking after normal children. Public threats to prosecute the mother were nothing else than officials whipping up FURTHER public emotions - in this case finding a scapegoat to blame expecially considering that SA now has a department for "Women, Children and Disabled People!" This is the minister who recently asked to shift to business class on a flight. This is also the same minister about whom Treasury is asking questions. How very ironic it is that EACH member of the community who knew Jackpot and stands ready today AFTER the event to blame the mother, had a RESPONSIBILITY long before this week to offer help to the mother.

      nsda29 - 2012-04-22 22:13

      Such a wise statement Louise! Well said!

      Jean - 2012-04-22 22:43

      I admire yo IQ @Louise

  • Emil - 2012-04-22 15:30

    There are hundreds of cases like this all over South Africa but the Government is to useless to get their police force to work.

  • Given - 2012-04-22 18:28

    A 17 year old!...some people they just don't have it...mxm

  • Sello - 2012-04-22 18:29

    Can't believe this! They have even nicknamed the poor mentally ill girl? And what is this disgust of the local men looking around for sex? Don't people know sex is easy to find, you just get a wife! Do people walk around randomly looking for sex now? WTF is happening these days?

      Bobby - 2012-04-22 19:45

      Getting married is one way of paying for sex, but there are others, without a life long contract involved. Sex is for sale by people who are WILLING to do so, everywhere. Get a porn DVD, get an escort, pay for what you need, and you won't hurt anyone in the process. Only the sun comes up for free.

  • Jacqueline - 2012-04-22 18:36

    There is a saying which says:"it takes a village to raise a child" In this case it took a community to let this happen to her. With the blatant disregard for her and the mockery of her, the entire community is at fault for not speaking out on her behalf sooner and to an extent her mother as well.

  • catgirl1971 - 2012-04-22 18:41

    So typical, she now moves from being a victim to a slut!

      Eugene Walters - 2012-04-22 18:44

      catgirl ; It happened in JZ case

      catgirl1971 - 2012-04-22 18:49

      The mentality of people in this country makes me sick. Ironic how a man who sleeps around is considered a 'stud' but a woman who does the same or even has just one sexual partner is a woman of loose morals. Disgusting.

      johncarlos.biza - 2012-04-22 19:13

      @catgirl, society norms are a fallacy. You are much better off with your own personal values and way of life.

      Bobby - 2012-04-22 19:46

      Yep. "she asked for it" will be the defense in court.

  • Brad.Kopping - 2012-04-22 18:56

    I frankly dont care anymore. I just dont. I've read so many stories on corruption scandels, murders, rapes, hijackings, robberies,'s just desensitized me to the point where i read a horrific headline in the paper and just think "Meh." I've reached a point where I've just stopped caring.

      Bobby - 2012-04-22 19:48

      I understand. its a dog eat dog society, and the most ruthless are being crowned kings.

      Dave - 2012-04-22 20:21

      Your post is such a sad indictment on the way we feel, but so true, we have all become victims. I never felt this way before, and I hate the idea of becoming so uncaring

  • Ted - 2012-04-22 18:58

    This is as sick a society can get. We allow sick people to prey on the most vulnerable of our people: the disabled, albinos, mentally challenged, children etc. This place has 'responsible' people like teachers, nurses, soldiers, policemen, councilmen etc. They knew she was being taken advantage of but stayed mum? There is more to the matter. This is a verdict against a whole society.

      TaniaSandraSteyn - 2012-04-23 00:33

      People with her disabilities used to recide in places of safety. The question is: what happened to those havens? The ANC destroyed them through lack of interest and intent.

  • nhla.prv - 2012-04-22 19:14

    So what does your story justify?It is disgusting to even think that City Press are trying to paint a picture of her as a slut.She was raped and the thugs must pay heavily.

      Bobby - 2012-04-22 19:50

      City Press did not make up the story, they just printed it. They don't paint a picture, they print the picture that was painted by society.

  • michelle.kirsten - 2012-04-22 19:16

    If this is true then every adult in her immediate community is partly to blame for not notifying social services that a minor was acting/being treated in this manner.

      shireen.abbas - 2012-04-22 19:23

      Agreed !!! This whole community is then to blame for this abuse/rape done to this child , imagine this girls mind is probably still that of a child under 10 how they could even believe this crap they talking now can justify the abuses done to this child is pathetic ! The show of no concern of a whole community against this child and wanting to blame her mother is just gross !

      Bobby - 2012-04-22 19:52

      Correct. "We didn't know" they will probably say.. like the Germans living next to the gas chambers in WW2

      Denis - 2012-04-23 11:02 start wondering what kind of "adults" live in that community. They should all be ashamed.

  • Thapelo Trixta Mashiane - 2012-04-22 19:48

    ag from victim to dat how all dis works??geez...sure blame it on her #poor girl

  • george.april - 2012-04-22 20:02

    Sad story in a sick society today.

  • drummond.doig1 - 2012-04-22 20:03

    WTF, this poor human being was abused for so long a period that she "earned" the nickname , Jackpot. Shame on the community, shame .

  • Karl - 2012-04-22 20:07

    where is this ubuntu thing that is often spoken about

  • Kaapseklonk - 2012-04-22 20:19

    Life sentance for raping an underage metaly ill girl.The tape is said and showing the guys raping her and encouraging one another to rape her.Now ANC government want to depict the girl as a jackpot for sex.So that would mean any boy or man having sex or raping this girl would know full well that she is mentaly challeged and an easy target.Shocking that ANC government are trying to make out that she is underage ,mentaly ill prostitute .Is this what Men of CULTURE Zuma-style condoning of satisfy provocativly dressed and sexualy aroused women deserve.

      TaniaSandraSteyn - 2012-04-23 00:41

      Where are the places of safety for people like her? The Government doesn't care since 1994. That was one part of our community looked after pre-ANC. Not often spoken about: mentally challenged people often have no control over their sexual urges. Parents were encouraged to sterilize their mentally ill children, as the consequences were in no way to be condoned. No it stinks of Nazi-ism and common sense has flown out the window. The "rapists' though they had sex with a consenting girl, however sick that may sound. The problem was/is that she wasn't protected. She should have been in safe environment away from predators. There are none left in SA - with Nurses raping the defenceless in Hospital.

  • Cornelius - 2012-04-22 20:21

    Many parents are grooming their kids to be criminals. Kids are being given a lot of freedom that makes them to have the same rights as adults. I was astonished to read the relatives of the young rapists defending them as good people. This clear failure of parenting

  • Kaapseklonk - 2012-04-22 20:32

    The ANC Cabinet is a joke and they prove this with their 5 paragrah statement.And ANC government Condone the RAPE with \After all they say the girl is called Jackpot\ Sickening of Zuma styled ANC condoning of RAPE.Look at the DA press release on shark victim and unbias and public informative report ,why cant ANC show this much respect and compedence towards SA Public?

  • Kaapseklonk - 2012-04-22 20:41

    Zuma can go on radio and give lenghty speachs to incite hatred in SA Public but all they do is condone the Raping of 17year mentaly ill girl as After all ,they call her Jackpot.Disgusting where is the ANCWL and all SA Women demanding and fighting for a change of stumach churning uncaring and Corrupt ,Oppressive ANC government?

  • Sidney Gilroy - 2012-04-22 20:46

    Shame. Shame. Shame on us! For allowing this. For allowing the circumstances. For allowing boys like those to be raised and girls like that to be neglected and abused. Shame on us.

      Tanie - 2012-04-22 23:20

      Solely agreed Sidney, your problems will adversely affect me and vice versa. Until we see this barbaric actions as our problems like you do, so God help us all.

  • roannej - 2012-04-23 00:10

    These neighbuors ar only saying now dat dey knew all along dat dis girl was bin abuzd,y were dey silent all these years?Dey cud hv helpd put a stop2dis long ago bt dey turnd a blind eye cz it wazn dey child:shame on dem!!

  • david.mgabeli1 - 2012-04-23 03:20

    'Jackpot' kushukuthi waye ngu mhi. But this is truly sad. A tragedy indeed.

  • marumobongani - 2012-04-23 06:59

    now you making this sound funny media you killing whats left of her reputation we want progress on the case not this sh*t you giving us

  • Sharon - 2012-04-23 07:15

    The mother is no better. I heard a man on the radio saying a few months ago they found the girl wandering in another township and took her back to the mohter who said she didn't care she was missing!! I thinkthe mohjter feels ashamed she has not done more and wants everyone to feel sorry for her! If she does it for food, the mother is certainly not looking after her and feeding her. As for the township she lives in, its a pity they don't experience what this poor girl has been through, they may feel differently then. It's so easy to talk after the event and lets face it there must be hundreds of young girls in the townships raped every day and very few care! Even teh fathers and uncles rape them according to the media!! Animals have sex this way, I feel like it so let's find someone!!!ON saying that I wouldn;t call these people animals, its insulting, they are SUB HUMAN and SHOULD BE PUT DOWN!@!@

  • Tlou - 2012-04-23 08:32

    crazy ass world we are living in...

  • Shannon - 2012-04-23 09:05

    Oh my god. This story gets sadder and sadder.

  • Nirosha - 2012-04-23 09:36

    I hope this is not an excuse for the RAPISTS to get away from justice.

  • Jessica - 2012-04-23 10:01

    The snake park \community\ is an absolute disgrace to civilised humankind. These people know about a mentally challenged girl being sexually exploited and they do nothing: how SICK are they?? UBUNTU does not exist. And the men having sex with that girl for bunny chows are ANIMALS and don't belong with compassionate human beings, they belong in prison where they can enjoy exactly the same sexual exploitation that they have inflicted. May they all contract aids and die.

  • Irma - 2012-04-23 11:33

    What a pathetic excuse for a community! They can blame the mother all they want; fact is they are JUST AS GUILTY as the mother to allow this to happen. The girl has the mental capabilities of a 5 year old- the community may as well just have stood by and watched a toddler hawk herself for some bunny chow! My word- had someone bothered to call the police or child welfare, the whole rape and kidnapping may not have even happened to the poor girl! Are these people proud of themselves?! Where is the leader/ mayor of this community?

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