Trashed Durban school reopens

2012-02-21 13:16

Durban - Classes resumed at Khulangolwazi Special School in Montclair, Durban, on Tuesday after pupils vandalised the building, the KwaZulu-Natal education department said.

"The school is open today, but learner attendance is low," said spokesperson Mbali Thusi.

Pupils went on the rampage on Friday and Monday because they were unhappy about how the principal was managing the school. Classes were cancelled.

Pupils had gone to school armed with sticks and pangas, and used stones and chairs to break windows and trash offices.

"Other issues cited include reports of poor human resource relations between the principal and some educators. These issues are being investigated," Thusi said.

She said a meeting would be held on Tuesday with the teachers, unions and the school governing body. A parents' meeting would be held on Wednesday.

The school accommodates Grade 1 to Grade 9 pupils.

Police spokesperson Captain Thulani Zwane said a public violence docket had been opened, but that no arrests had been made by Tuesday.

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  • John - 2012-02-21 13:34

    Typical, we do not like the way the school is being run so let's destroy it. The parents of these vandals should be made to pay for the repairs not the long suffering 10% of the popualtion who pay taxes.

      Schmee - 2012-02-21 14:11

      And the brats should be made to do the work themselves - after school. Otherwise the parents are the only ones that suffer the consequences of the brats actions.

      Peter - 2012-02-21 14:45

      where on EARTH do pupils in that age category come across pangas?? is it freely available from the local ANCYL weapon shop? or were they given them from elders? they are getting younger and younger by the day! I suppose the apple doesn't fall far from the tree now, does it.

  • Denzil - 2012-02-21 13:44

    This school is a school for Special Needs. Its obvious with the mention of Human resources problems that the Kids were influenced to do this by their teachers.

  • Marion - 2012-02-21 14:15

    What, meetings with everyone except the pupils. I have NEVER been able to understand how you can protest against something like education and service delivery and then destroy the things that are already in place. Yes, fight for better conditions. But do not destroy the little you have. Where is the logic?

      Peter - 2012-02-21 14:56

      Eish, Marion...da logik...she is brokkken Ill never understand it too lol

      Brigitte - 2012-02-21 16:30

      Marion, dearest marion, you used the L word...LOGIC....

  • richard.hipkin - 2012-02-21 14:24

    No surprise there.. Break, burn and loot. Destroy, damage and desecrate. They know no other way.

  • Kekeletso Nakeli - 2012-02-21 14:25

    One of my children go ANYWHERE with a panga and what not and act the fool... I will beat the black off of them. Then I'll dial childline for them.

      Bob - 2012-02-21 14:45

      Gee thats some beating Kekeletso, LOL when I read that.

      NrGx - 2012-02-21 14:49

      LOL - thats the way it has to be. to hell with the children having more rights than the parent. discipline starts at home. Dont get me wrong, in no way do I condone abuse, but there is a difference between abuse and good discipline!

      Marion - 2012-02-21 14:52

      LOL... I sometimes threaten to beat the black off my kid too... I cannot believe that all the parents were unaware that their kids were armed in this fashion or what their intentions were.

  • Marion - 2012-02-21 14:25

    News24 decided to close comments on a number of stories. Wonder why...

  • Tony - 2012-02-21 14:31

    Mmmm, I recall making a comment about pupils trashing schools. I also recall one of the folk responding that I was wrong. Well guess what - feel free to appologize ... Looks like I was correct about this .(and DUT). The culture of destruction needs addressing more so than changing place names, and 100 year bashes, new cars and aero planes, media bashing, debating nationalization, debating who came to the land first, or who likes who in the ANC zoo...

  • PB - 2012-02-21 14:52

    Once again a math problem - the 'learners' did not understand that 1 - 1 = 0. You have a school (1 ), you trash the school (- 1)You have f'all ( = 0) Congratulations, you are being passed to the next standard .... BECAUSE YOU ARE IGNORANT BLOODY IDIOTS.

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