Truck driver missing after deadly crash

2012-08-02 14:45

Johannesburg - The driver of a truck involved in an accident which claimed the lives of 12 people in Boipatong on Thursday is missing, police said.

He disappeared shortly after his truck collided head-on with a minibus at the intersection of Houtkop and Boy Louw roads in Vanderbijlpark, said Constable Thembeka Koago.

"There were 12 passengers in the minibus when the accident happened... eleven of whom died on impact," she said.

The twelfth passenger died in hospital.

Koago said a man and woman who were travelling in the truck were also seriously injured.
"They told police that the truck driver fled the scene after the accident," she said.

"We are hoping to get more information from them including... the whereabouts of the truck driver, because we received a tip-off that he was also rushed to hospital in a private vehicle."

‘Another dark day for Gauteng’

It was believed that the minibus was transporting employees from a company in Klerksdorp.

Koago said it appeared as if both vehicles may have crossed over the intersection at the wrong time, leading to the extensive impact of a head-on collision.

Emfuleni Mayor Greta Hlongwane, who went to the scene, sent her condolences to the families of the deceased.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the families during this difficult time of mourning and sadness," said Hlongwane.

She also wished a speedy recovery for the two injured people, whom she went to visit upon leaving the scene.

Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane described Thursday as "another dark day" for Gauteng.

She requested transport authorities to not leave a stone unturned to establish the cause of the crash.

"We appeal to drivers in our province, especially those who transport the public, to always exercise extra caution and obey all rules of the road," she said.

  • Gavin - 2012-08-02 14:58

    wow - big surprise here - NOT

      Martin - 2012-08-02 15:08

      Until these lazy metros start policing at night this will always happen. I have it on good authority that most Traffic Police departments do NOT patrol after midnight unless they have a planned roadblock/operation. Check it out. You can essentially do what you want with complete impunity. "Eish man we are sleeping ..."

      mark.higgens.9 - 2012-08-02 15:14

      Martin maybe the blame should rest on the drivers of the vehicles, if they just obeyed the rules of the road you would not need any policing. I don't understand why drivers blatantly ignore road signs, especially traffic lights and stop signs, excuse the pun but it is defiantly an accident waiting to happen.

      blignault.michaele - 2012-08-02 16:28

      With all this running, running, running, we should do well at the olympics in the athletics......

      martin.mcleman - 2012-08-02 18:58

      @mark. Agree completely

  • ntate.mokotjo - 2012-08-02 14:59

    surely he wzs once a taxi driver. condolences to the victims families

  • shirley.steenkamp - 2012-08-02 15:07

    Coward! Beware kharma is a b!tch!!!!

  • john.kirkwood.9619 - 2012-08-02 15:17

    "She requested transport authorities to not leave a stone unturned to establish the cause of the crash" no rocket science needed here, big clue taxi driver and truck driver

  • barry.mcbride - 2012-08-02 15:24

    "We appeal to drivers in our province, especially those who transport the public, to always exercise extra caution and obey all rules of the road," she said. FFS, an appeal won't make any difference with the majority of taxi drivers.

      kent.paulsen.79 - 2012-08-02 17:35

      That is soo true, remember in Durban the taxi drivers demanding not to be prosecuted during peak hour traffic for trafiic offences. Sad story.

  • Saeeda Paruk - 2012-08-02 16:02

    Driving licence corruption is out of control. Road crash deaths are out of control. Logical, I guess?

  • Cavefacio - 2012-08-02 16:02

    Something wrong with the reported facts. Does not matter how many red lights/stop streets you run, if you stay on your side of the road it is impossible to have a head-on collision. If the two vehicles were at 90 degrees to each other, then it was not head-on. I hope that the "investigation" will be conducted with a little more attention to detail. If they crossed at the 'wrong time' then it must have happened that the traffic light was red both directions??? Did one perhaps ignore a stop sign? Both? I think it is unfair to interview Constable Thembeka Koago. What training did he get to analyse incidences like this? Someone, (him or the reporter) called it an accident. It was no accident! It was negligence by one or both parties. Driving a vehicle is not just grabbing the wheel pointing the thing down the road. It presumes responsibility and accountability, coupled with visual and spacial acuity. Do I mean that not all people can drive a vehicle safely? Yes I do. Just as not everyone can fly a plane, paint, play a piano or cook. This country teach people at the driving school how to pass a driving test in town at speeds less than 60km/h, not how to drive a vehicle under all weather and road conditions and certainly not on the open road at higher speeds. Couple that with taxi-driver attitude/selfishness and as long as there is no governmental political will, the carnage and decimation of the populace (breadwinners usually) will continue....

      steve.gibson.146612 - 2012-08-02 16:44

      4 way stop I understand with one vehicle turning. causing a semi head on

  • andy.goeieman.5 - 2012-08-02 16:11

    my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families. 35 people die daily on the roads in south Africa 12 gone 23 to go wish you all my luck my condolences to the families that will lose a loved one.

  • steve.gibson.146612 - 2012-08-02 16:39

    I believe the Traffic authorities should now start taking the blame for the continuous carnage on our roads due to their lack of action in doing normal traffic duties like patroling at robots and stop streets to prevent motorists from ignoring these rules. I live adjacent to a stop street and only 5.32% of motorists STOP. At the same time, 56.7% of these motorists are using cellphones whilst progressing through the stop street. The only visible policing seen is the manning of speed traps.

      manny.dasilva.334 - 2012-08-02 16:49

      Motor vehicles should be built with a shield/deflector to prevent cell phone signals entering the vehicle, and thus making the use of cell phones in cars obsolete? Just an idea

  • Jake - 2012-08-02 17:32

    The DRIVERS are the damn cause. 100% sure that both these guys BOUGHT their licences with little or no training or driver education.....Time to take a serious look at wwwfatalmovesdotcom, so that YOU stay alive on our roads....

      ethannishay.ramsaru - 2012-08-03 11:17

      I am saddened that you feel that way. My husband, 33 years old was killed 3 months ago on the same road by a Malawian truck driver who failed to stop at the intersection. No charges have been brought against him. How do you think I feel reading your statement. Oh.. he died a day before my birthday

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