Trucks targeted on Cape Town highway

2012-10-02 20:33

Cape Town - A truck travelling on the N2 highway in Cape Town was pelted with stones on Tuesday, causing it to overturn, Western Cape police said.

Lieutenant Colonel André Traut said the truck was stoned "by a group of criminals for some or other reason".

No one was injured and no arrests were made.

"It is not certain if the incident can be linked to the strike of the trucking industry."

Cape Town traffic spokesperson Merle Lourens said a second truck was earlier set alight at the Borcherds Quarry offramp.

She said the N2 highway would be closed at this offramp and the R300 intersection to recover the trucks.

Meanwhile, Eastern Cape police are investigating two cases of arson after trucks were damaged and set alight, police said.

Warrant Officer Dumile Gwavu said a delivery truck was torched in Wells Estate, Port Elizabeth, on Monday.

"It is alleged that a group of people came from among the houses of Wells Estate with stones. They pelted the truck with stones. The driver and passenger ran away and minutes later the truck was petrol-bombed."

The driver and passengers escaped unhurt. No arrests had been made.

In Uitenhage, two men threw bottles of petrol into a truck, and set it alight. No one was injured.

"We are not sure if these incidents are linked to the ongoing truck strike," said Gwavu.

  • irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-10-02 20:40

    Where are the Marikana cops when you need them. Time to start shooting this vermin on sight.

  • sharon.erwin.96 - 2012-10-02 20:49

    This insanity must stop now! What in the bleeding blazes is this behaviour going to achieve? More of the same, progressively worsening until there is nothing left to burn. The government is doing nothing to stop this, they are too terrified that they will alienate their alliance partner, as the anarchy continues unabated.

  • julius.hond - 2012-10-02 20:50


  • Mike Peach - 2012-10-02 21:07

    Another nail in the coffin,i will personally dig the hole.

  • Mike Peach - 2012-10-02 21:08

    Julius not animals,something else!

  • ndumiso.ndlovu.752 - 2012-10-02 21:16

    comrades we wont stop this stuggle until we get money satawu. - 2012-10-02 21:49

      Once you have destroyed SA and its economy you will strike/struggle again because you cannot understand there is no more jops and no maaaaaneeee, 1+1=?

      jaded.oldfart - 2012-10-03 00:31

      you "worked" at QVD? no such thing. you've never really worked for a living, have you? you just want mali for mahala, ne?

  • ralph.thornley - 2012-10-02 21:24

    So if want more money just hold the entire country to ransom. This promotes racism. What expletives do you think people use when they see this sort of thing? All empathy for their cause is lost. They speak of their constitutional right to strike but surely there must be some constitutional responsibility! They burn trucks but want more money. If you burn trucks they have to be replaced to give you a job so who pays for the truck? If you are a driver and have burnt a truck I hope you get arrested and never drive again. In the meantime the government does nothing - too afraid it may lose votes. After all power is more important than the safety of the country.

  • Mike Peach - 2012-10-02 21:36

    Ndumiso do you know where money comes fron,oh the printing press,ja right,you are 300 years backwards my boet.

  • Lenisto - 2012-10-02 22:18

    This hooliganism is definitely linked to the ongoing strike... why would these people target trucks only if the incidents are not linked to the strike? Sick and tired of these strikers who damages everything

  • Nkululeko KaMakhokhoba Dlamini - 2012-10-03 03:20

    @Irene youre a coconut

  • edward.d.beesley - 2012-10-03 06:51

    "by a group of criminals for some or other reason". ??????? - to steal whatever they can, and you know that!! Now shoot the schweins!!!

  • chris.potgieter.73 - 2012-10-03 07:56

    Disinvestment in our country is now a certainty. Investors have clear evidence of a government that is unable, or is it unwilling, to protect firstly in citizens and secondly the citizens assets that produce the taxes they so willingly spent on JZ's new stronghold. They are aware of the fact that government services in the Eastern Cape has all but collapsed and that inter tribal tensions are rising. Why did the ANC membership in the Eastern Cape decline so dramatically? The membership in KZN rose amazingly and one can but wonder what is being promised by the JZ circus master to the voters residing in that province.

      romeo.mahlalela - 2012-10-03 12:47

      Besides what Zuma has promised them, however the problem is that most Zulus are 'too tribalistic' because JZ hails from that province. It seems as if some of them are arrogant, ignorant, unwise and deficient of the political drama or chaos going on in this countryi. It looks as if they are saying: 'Msholozi(Zuma), Sdumo Dlamini (Cosatu) and Blade Nzimande (SACP), are our homeboys, and we will support them, No matter what happens!' Such a ' brainwashed and slow-thinking' people. That's utterly disgusting!

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