Two wounded in Joburg evictions

2012-06-27 11:48

Johannesburg - Two people were wounded when police and informal residents clashed in Marlboro, during evictions on Wednesday morning, Johannesburg police said.

"Shots were fired during the chaotic incident that happened and two community members were injured," spokesperson Captain Pinky Tsinyane said.

"The Johannesburg metro police were confronted by community members with guns and they retaliated. Investigations would determine what exactly happened, who shot who, and if live ammunition was used."

Tsinyane said police were investigating cases of public violence, attempted murder and malicious damage to property.

"A metro police car was torched in the process... The situation is calm and police would continue to monitor the area until everything is cleared up," she said.

"We are not sure about the condition of the injured, but know they were taken to a nearby hospital. Investigations into what happened continue."

Johannesburg metro police spokesperson chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar earlier said that officers were removing shack dwellers along municipal land on Fifth Avenue.

"They were attacked and shot at. It was live ammunition that was used and a metro police car was torched," said Minnaar.

Tsinyane said the police were called and the situation was under control.

  • Gill McCain - 2012-06-27 12:12

    It must be terrible to be evicted from your home however humble it is. However if these people are squatting then they must be moved - it is beyond me that people without resources should try to live in an area with some of the most expensive real estate on the continent. I would have loved to live in New York, or Kensington, or indeed Sandhurst but it was beyond my means and so I have lived where I can afford to do so. Surely it would make more sense to stay at home, wherever that was,and make a future for yourselves there?

      Ntuthuko M Simelane - 2012-06-27 12:42

      sounds like a speech of a well nourished white men,now here is the reality of squatting,these people leave homelands to seek jobs in cities,they live under a dollar a day,they make these shelters near your expensive estates to grasp the attention from government,now that this story has made headlines,they will be assisted,especially for their votes,now i think its enough that we victimized and exploited by our very own,but to have those sipping caviars patronize that really resumes rage!

      Kala - 2012-06-27 13:04

      I know of many black people who are far maore well nourished than most white people. These over nourished black people (the government) do far less for the poor black people than the well nourished white men. During Carte Blanches 25th Birthday charity drive more equipment was donated to hospitals by so called white owned companies than was donated by the department of (un)health.

      pierrefrewd.juice - 2012-06-27 13:21

      @Ntuthuko, Gill it seems is not from here. He does not understand that people dont have a choice. If only he could drive through Pretoria at 6h00 on a winters morning, he will see countless people lining the pavement, getting up from their cold sleep. He might then understand South Africa a little better. I also find his comment very patronizing. Maybe Gills government should start by keeping their promoses made to Zimbabwe, then maybe we would have less refugees here. Then maybe it would make "more sense to stay home".

  • Gill McCain - 2012-06-27 15:24

    Did any of u bother to read my comment? No, clearly not. I have lived here for many years and I still fail to see how living in a cardboard box on a city street,and looking for work without the skills or education to achieve this, is preferable to building a life for yourself in your home village or town. It is a hard fact of life that the city streets are not paved with gold - rather go home where there is a chance of a decent life with the support of family and your community.

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