UFOs 'seem keen' on KZN

2006-05-30 10:43

Pietermaritzburg - KwaZulu-Natal skies have played host to three UFO sightings in the past nine days.

In the latest encounter, tipplers at the Firkin pub in Westville saw an oval-shaped, dimly-lit object moving in the night sky at around 19:00 on Friday.

One of the crowd, Deon Joubert, said he'd seen people pointing up at the sky, looked up and saw something moving in the night sky.

"It moved at about the speed of an airplane, but the shape was totally wrong and the lights were wrong. It then came to a dead stop and then it started weaving in the sky and getting smaller. I realised that it was speeding off in an upward direction, into the sky. It took about half a minute to disappear completely from view.

"The weaving motion seemed to have been a result of its path not being perfectly straight as it sped upwards. There was no apparent increase in the intensity of the lights as it changed direction," he explained.

'We had very little to drink'

Although Firkin staff suggested that alcohol could've fuddled patrons' vision, and that some of the clientele could well have been upside down staring at car headlights, the incident brings to three the total of weird, aerial phenomena. "We had very little to drink. I have actually seen a UFO before," insisted Joubert.

The Witness can reveal that the silver, spinning disc in the sky above Nottingham Road last Friday afternoon was the work of a local prankster who is currently guiding hot-air balloon safaris over the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya.

However, rough seas have hampered divers' efforts to investigate the Port Shepstone object two Saturdays ago, which footage suggests was a water-spout.