Uncollected gun licences pile up in Limpopo

2011-07-28 18:51

Johannesburg - Almost 10 000 gun licences are waiting to be collected in Limpopo, police said on Thursday.

Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Ronel Otto said applicants had been told via sms to collect their new licences from police stations across the province, but most of them had not done so.

People needed to collect their licences from the police stations where they had originally applied for them.

  • kseyffert - 2011-07-28 19:12

    Come on!!! You are relying on SMS???? Are you stupid????

      Nongoloza - 2011-07-28 19:24

      Agreed. Something like registered mail or at least a bl00dy phone call should be used.

      EDI2000 - 2011-07-28 19:31

      My problem is that 10000 people in JU JUs province can actually store weapons legally now.... not cool

      Mr D - 2011-07-28 20:15

      Must say I had no problems with the cops, they phoned me on the cell and I went in to collect, waiting period 8 months..and thats in the WC nogal

  • bushyy - 2011-07-28 19:29

    I called them in November last year they "checked" telling me it was still in process I must call after six months. In June this year I called again I was told it was issued in October last year a month after I enquired I doubt if ever those sms were sent

  • Antoine - 2011-07-28 19:43

    I should be so lucky to ever get such an SMS! (Apart from the number I gave not being available any-longer) I applied for a licence more than two and a half year ago. Finally three months ago they came to inspect my gun-safe! This licence-farce is indicative how completely inept and unwilling to do a decent job Generalissimo Cele's boys are. They could not organise a nappy change in a nursery. (Which is even more inept than being "unable to perform the brewery piss-up", I'm told) So when I finally get the licence -if ever, I can right away re-apply for the next one! As I have to do so every 5 years.....

  • Drukkie - 2011-07-28 19:52

    Jaja...hulle het hulle seker almal vandag goedgekeur....nou wil hul ons laat sleg lyk? ons wag al 2 jaar....nou kan hulle v ons wag hahahahah

  • rudie.stoltz - 2011-07-28 19:55

    My Parents, Aunt and Brother are still waiting for they're licenses. Maybe nobody is attending to the sms's.

  • farmworker - 2011-07-28 20:24

    At least the Gun License are getting approved at Limpopo

      Felix - 2011-07-29 11:30

      Do you just have to make a donation to the ratakanga(spelling?) trust fund?

  • VELOCITY - 2011-07-29 08:35

    Need to get something off my chest here News24: A "gun" is weapon loaded via the muzzle or "breach loaded". Think Howitzer or cannon. The items you refer to in your piece here would be "firearm licenses". Its a common mistake and it bugs the hell out of me.

  • VELOCITY - 2011-07-29 09:00

    Hubby been waiting 18 mths for his competancy certs to be approved. It's since been declined because he appeared in court for a traffic related matter that has been thrown out anyway. SAPS are now of the opinion he "might be sentenced to jail" so he can appeal the refusal. This he did, 6 weeks ago and no word. It's also no use calling the office in PTA as nobody answers the phones there.

  • Jakkals - 2011-07-30 19:34

    Nooit 'n sms gekry nie

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