Unemployed man tries to smash ANC HQ doors

2012-08-24 12:32

Johannesburg - A man who tried to smash the glass doors of the ANC's Johannesburg headquarters, was angry because he did not have a job, a party official said on Friday.

"He was looking for a job but did not have a matric," African National Congress spokesperson Keith Khoza said.

"He said he came to [Luthuli House] because the ANC was in government."

Khoza said the man hit the Luthuli House glass doors with a piece of wood on Thursday.

The man was not an ANC member.

Gauteng police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said Luthuli House security guards caught the man and then handed him over to the police.

He said he could not confirm that the man was upset with the ANC because he did not have a job.

"The motive will be heard when he appears in court," he said.

The man was expected to appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Friday.

  • Parys - 2012-08-24 12:38

    Clearly he knows where the root of the problem lies.

      kala.bafazi - 2012-08-24 12:55

      He is definitely more intellegent that the rest of their voters.

      Dave - 2012-08-24 13:00

      @Kala, that sure aint saying a whole lot, is it...

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-08-24 13:17


      fredster.mania.5 - 2012-08-24 13:27

      Yes, let's encourage more people to do this

      kala.bafazi - 2012-08-24 14:42

      Defintely not Dave, but hey it's a start.

  • greg.quinn.353 - 2012-08-24 12:40

    The 'man on the street' is now showing his frustration with the ruling party. A good sign for our country's future. I can't wait for the next municipal elections...

      grant.callaway.50 - 2012-08-24 12:52 the time the ANC lose, they will simply rig the votes... Ask Bob how!

  • Blackpoison - 2012-08-24 12:41

    What does it matter whether he is an ANC member or not? Or do they promise jobs just for their members? He should have used a freaking iron bar!

      jacques.terblanche.92 - 2012-08-24 12:50

      Off course are they only providing jobs to ANC members, coz it is their "comrades in struggle" who should benefit from ripping of the citizens of this fair country. I would've taken a full dump truck and dumped its load right on their front doorstep, just to show how full of s##t they really are!

      jackal666.daniel - 2012-08-24 12:50

      To Zuma's fat head!

      steve.ritchie.739 - 2012-08-24 13:13

      Probably could not find an iron bar. Most stolen for scrap metal.

      renny.meere - 2012-08-24 13:53

      Or a bomb!

      deon.louw.7505 - 2012-08-24 14:01

      They call it cadre deployment.

  • kevin.pitzer - 2012-08-24 12:43

    Affirmative job hunting !

  • james.bondiski - 2012-08-24 12:44

    vote for them again and again you will have no jobs. HAHAHAHAHA

  • darryl.maze1 - 2012-08-24 12:46

    The man did not have a matric???? All you ANC government officals plus the president do not even have a grade 10 pass. So what give you the right to say that he does not have a matric. If you dont have one then why must he have one. You ANC are so arrogant. Well atleast he knows where the root of the problem is.

  • - 2012-08-24 12:48

    And so it starts..... the dog turning on its master.

  • kimsaiyanprincess.murison - 2012-08-24 12:49

    - The disgruntled masses awakening!

  • sagren.padayachie - 2012-08-24 12:52

    Unhappy! Vote for another Party

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-08-24 12:53

    Now it is only one man breaking the door, but soon it will be a storm of frustrated people burning their headquarters down. The writing is on the wall. The public are sick of the ANC's apartheid excuses, and their constant attempt to unify their poverty stricken support base, by blaming the whites for their inability to curb corruption and deliver proper governance and service to the citizens of South Africa and all who live in it. Their attempt to unify the poor under auspices of hatred for the white's is only serving to frustrate the populace even more.

  • ad.madock - 2012-08-24 12:55

    Did I read it correct.."The man was not an ANC member" Do you have to be an ANC member to get a job?

      thozi - 2012-08-24 13:38

      @ad.madock No... to break the door mate.

  • Nhlanhla Zondi - 2012-08-24 13:00

    People should stop this tendency of entitlement cause it doesn't work. Whose to blame when you not work and you didn't equip yourself with necessary qualifications to assist in obtaining the job you interested in

      brett.bruce.121 - 2012-08-24 13:06

      I agree with you but Zuma did promise 500 000 jobs...

      dirk.smit1 - 2012-08-24 14:01

      Sibongile, Do you have matric cause your spelling proves otherwise.

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-08-24 14:47

      Dont grind sibongile too much. He most probably came from a time where mxit/sms was more educational than the standard of schools, but read what(or try to) was said. Its true sibongile. I agree.

      susanna.smit.7 - 2012-08-24 14:48

      I agree with Sibongile, DiamondDirk it is called quick-type. Saves a lot of time when one is in a hurry.

  • stefan.kruger.1297 - 2012-08-24 13:05

    That's right!!! put that man in court so that he could accuse the damn government!! its about time people start Knocking on their door!! BREAK IT DOWN!!! They have been stealing our money for years and years!! Time to claim!!!!

  • ish.mkhonto.7 - 2012-08-24 13:08

    He should have invited me - similar thinking.

  • bevan.carpenter.1 - 2012-08-24 13:10

    may this be the first drips before the storm

  • andre.burrows.92 - 2012-08-24 13:13

    He should have rather burnt the place down.That is what we did to ANC offices in Cape Town, and yes the Western Cape will be independant soon and we will bring back the death penalty and only those with a matric will be eligible to vote, real democracy.

  • attie.mostert.9 - 2012-08-24 13:18

    "The man was not an ANC member" Why add this, do they feel guilty or seomething. Please then tell us what "member" he is............ maybe a republican...... Pffft

  • fanie.gerber1972 - 2012-08-24 13:18

    At least he knows who is to blame

  • Melt Olckers - 2012-08-24 13:21

    Arab Spring is here.

  • simon.carter.5836711 - 2012-08-24 13:22

    The other day at gym, this guy was in front of me wearing a 'Reasons why you should vote ANC' The reasons were listed on the back. - Provide quality education for all (Stuffed that one up) - Provide quality healthcare for all (Yep, that's knackered too) - Provide jobs for all (Ohhhh... kaaayyyyy) - Provide a safer environment for all by tackling crime (Hahahahahahaha) - Provide quality housing for all (That's been kicked in the nuts too) Basically every single point was a total and complete Fail. Gave me a laugh though!

      Arnoldus.DuToit - 2012-08-24 13:26

      Where can I buy one of those shirts? I'll take 10 immediately and I know hundreds of people who would take a few.

  • kyle.buitendag - 2012-08-24 13:27

    Give that man a Bells...................and a job maybe

  • stephen.j.dickson.3 - 2012-08-24 13:30

    Where the hell are those 5million jobs in 5years that Zuma promised? At the rate this country is going and should he be voted back in we'll have lost 5 million jobs in those 5 years.................bottom line.

      Wally Walters - 2012-08-24 13:39

      eish ; The government must first look after their families then the public : sorry man for the inconvenience.

  • TheReal.EuanB - 2012-08-24 13:33

    give that man a bells... then a job at the DA

  • breinlekkasie.dodelikegif - 2012-08-24 13:35

    Give him a job at Cosatu!

  • annalene.nel - 2012-08-24 13:35

    "he was not an anc member" - do i read more into this, if he was, they would have treated him differently ?

  • theo.wiecha - 2012-08-24 13:36

    I like that little line "He is not an ANC member", did he just openly tell them?....

  • sibongile.m.mbatha - 2012-08-24 13:38

    Old gov u wud quit ur job nw

  • psalm.proverb.3 - 2012-08-24 13:40

    "He was looking for a job but did not have a matric," African National Congress spokesperson Keith Khoza said. Ah, well, then he should run for President of the ANC, then President of RSA. Zuma too has no matric and earns a fat checque for doing nothing.

      annalene.nel - 2012-08-24 13:55

      He is not doing nothing, he is messing up a lovely country..

  • robert.cerff - 2012-08-24 13:46

    Amazing... simply amazing, one man takes up his grievances and is arrested, yet let a mob do it and they're called "protesters" and it's expected that their demands are met.

  • philip.buys.1 - 2012-08-24 13:46

    At least this guy got an "A" for woodwork. "A" for arrested.

  • neville.chamberlain.509 - 2012-08-24 13:51

    TICK-TOCK....TICK-TOCK. Can you hear the real UHURU approaching? Kristalnacht expanded to a feature length movie

  • deon.louw.7505 - 2012-08-24 14:03

    Maybe he should apply at a mine for a job.

  • Kokwana Madonoro - 2012-08-24 14:06

    The guy committed a crime by smashing the doors of Luthuli House so he deserve to be arrested for malicious damage to property. Sorry brother!

  • david.lebethe - 2012-08-24 14:11

    Maybe I should have joined him to urinate in front of Anc offices. It's further strange how anc spokesperson failed to see the pun with his degree?!

  • jbm.moate - 2012-08-24 14:15

    "The man was not an ANC member." oh so one has to be an ANC member to get a job... this guy forgot to ask for his unemployed peers' help

  • sbarnard2 - 2012-08-24 14:31

    If I was this guy I would now sue the SAPS..ok that's going on this says he tried to break it, it doesn't say he did..false arrest is worth a good bank acc...if he didn't cause any damage he could just have been removed from the area...

  • leandra.brikwa - 2012-08-24 15:36

    Good they did promise the people for jobs

  • CHRISTOS52 - 2012-08-24 17:29

    People wait for me I will do the same next week , I'm gonna the headquarters

  • john.mahlahlane - 2012-08-24 17:42

    I would advice other unemployed youth to join him in the braking of the building.Thats the only relevant place to do.

  • gavin.lott.9 - 2012-08-24 18:59

    I thought it was compulsory to not have Matric in the ANC??

  • Tello Moleko - 2012-08-24 21:29

    the man deserve bells

  • quartus.vanzyl - 2012-08-25 07:57

    That man has the right idea. All unemployed people should go knocking on that door for work, because it,s the ANC,s fault that they are unemployed

  • dnxumalo2 - 2012-08-25 11:10

    He should have used that energy to go and complete his matric instead.these are the kinds of people who believe that deployment without education is possible.well, not anymore ass friend.

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