Union condemns police killings

2012-10-16 21:57

Cape Town - People must report those who kill police officers, the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) said on Tuesday.

"It cannot be correct that we bury police officers on a weekly basis," spokesperson Theto Mahlakoana said.

"We will not allow criminals to get away with the impression that the life of a SAPS member can just be erased in an instant."

The union condemned the killing of two officers, Mandisi Nduku and Phindiwe Nikani, who were on patrol in Hout Bay on Friday night.

A man was expected to appear in the Wynberg Magistrate's Court on Wednesday in connection with the killings.

The union said police management should ensure its officers were well-resourced and well-equipped to deal with hardened criminals while on duty.

  • bob.small.7547 - 2012-10-16 22:12

    How about ordinary citizens that are also being killed??

  • Erna - 2012-10-16 22:23

    It's not just a case of being well equipped. I don't think police are trained adequately to look after themselves, the public and how to read and judge different situations. In other countries the men in uniform are proud and consider their jobs a profession - here it is just a job.

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-10-16 22:30

      And we citizens also don't see it their jobs the right way either. viz., recently in the UK 2 cops killed, the entire city came out for their funeral and much outrage in the media and on social sites. It SEEMS we take cop killings as 'normal' here. We need to change our attitudes too.

      John - 2012-10-16 22:59

      These thugs that call themselves our protectors do NOT do the job of PEACE OFFICERS. When they do they will get my support! While they are bullying thugs enforcing government policy they will never get my support. WE need PEACE OFFICERS!!

  • thabani.dube.988 - 2012-10-16 22:28

    Who shall protect the protector and the one to be protected?

  • lacrimose.wolf - 2012-10-16 22:43

    It cannot be correct that after all the policemen that have died this year alone, that POPCru only now finds its voice. Much like NUM et al who have allowed an appalling situation to continue unabated for 18 years and now, because elections are looming, squeak from a corner. Still waiting for something to be done...

  • John - 2012-10-16 22:52

    As long as policy enforcing thugs behave as if they are the MASTER of the people they will NEVER get the support of the people they have sworn to SERVE!! When these thugs start to SERVE the PEOPLE will be the only time they will get the protection and support of the people. A possible 1 out of 10 keep in mind that they are to serve and protect those that employ them as PEACE OFFICERS! !!

  • justice.shingange - 2012-10-16 23:01

    Nyc Question buddy what about OC

      Hayden Johnson - 2012-10-16 23:25

      throw the union bosses in jail for life!!! enough is enough!!

  • heinrich.swart.3 - 2012-10-17 01:38

    All killings are very wrong, BUT... There's less farmers than police, yet more farmers are being killed than police. And farmers aren't patrolling the streets for criminals, they're just at home. What's you're take on that

  • Nigel - 2012-10-17 07:45

    People from all walks of life are being killed day in and day out at a horrific rate. Life has become cheap in the Wild South. All you can do now is to protect your family and yourself as best you can. Our leaders are in denial and/or don't really care, and so we are left to our own devices really. It's not just about police or farmers, this evil is affecting all of us.

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