Unions 'agreed to no work, no pay'

2011-03-11 10:33

Johannesburg - Labour unions did not object to the implementation of the "No work, no pay" policy for teachers who participated in last year's public sector strike, a spokesperson for Gauteng's Education MEC Barbara Creecy said on Friday.

"We have not received any formal objection to that," said spokesperson Charles Phahlane.

"All the unions agreed that deductions would resume in March and we will therefore proceed with it."

Phahlane was responding to media reports that the SA Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) and the Gauteng education department were headed for a confrontation over the implementation of the policy.


Phahlane said an agreement was reached with all the unions, including Sadtu, after certain concerns were addressed.

"The unions had some concerns about deductions and claimed that our [the department's] database and statistics [those who participated in the strike and those who did not] were not accurate and they wanted a clean-up of it."

"In January and February, we undertook a whole process around this and now there is no problem with the database," he explained.

The new statistics were sent to schools and unions to verify.

"We got the verification and on that basis we will proceed with deductions," he said.

The Sowetan newspaper reported that Creecy came under fire at a meeting on Thursday for implementing the policy. About a thousand teachers slammed the MEC and labelled her "satanic".

  • Baboon sheperd - 2011-03-11 11:29

    Ja...neh. You go on an illegal strike action, trash everything and then demand that your employer must pay you for those days you were not at work? Some people are lucky.

  • Gazza11 - 2011-03-11 11:50

    Even if they did agree to it then watch the monkey bahaviour come out when the deductions start to happen.

  • Bheki - 2011-03-11 13:53

    It is common cause that if you go on strike you loose your pay, that is not negotiable. Union should understand that you get paid for the time you spend working not the time you spend on the street. If employers were to pay employees to be on strike, they will always be on strike (they will never work). Further, employees should know the consequences of the strike to the employer, the country (taxes), future employment opportunities, cost of food and to themselves. Please minister go ahead and deduct our money. We the public of South Africa demand that those that were involved in the strike should not be paid to on strike. We say not with our money.

  • Monica - 2011-03-11 19:29

    Can someone tell me what you have to pay your domestic that works once a week; from sometimes 9 - 3; or maybe 8 - 3; I have looked at the "domestic act" It states R6.84 per hour. Is that right?

      Tunkisi - 2011-03-11 19:47

      Yep! Either you comply or she's going to take you to the CCMA.

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