Unite against crime, abuse - Mokonyane

2012-04-23 07:34

Johannesburg - Women should not lock themselves behind closed doors because they are afraid of men, Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane said on Sunday.

"We must come together and deal with the demon of crime in our communities in the same way that all South Africans stood up against apartheid," she said.

She was speaking in Soweto at a multi-denominational prayer gathering for peace, healing and moral regeneration.

Gang rape video

The prayer was organised in the wake of the incident in which a 17-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by a group of boys and filmed on a cellphone.

The rape video went "viral" on the internet on Wednesday and was one of the main topics trending on the social networking site Twitter.

After the incident the girl went missing for three weeks. She was found in a 37-year-old man's Braamfischerville home.

He was arrested and appeared in the Roodepoort Magistrate's Court on Friday facing charges of kidnapping and rape. It was alleged that he kept the teenager against her will.

His case was postponed to 4 May for further investigation.

Five other men and two youths matching the descriptions of the rapists in the cellphone video appeared in the same court on Thursday.

The case was postponed until 25 April for further investigation.

'Reclaim streets from criminals'

"Let us liberate our streets by reclaiming them from criminals. Women in Gauteng should not lock themselves behind closed doors because they are afraid of men," Mokonyane said.

The premier also called on people to protect vulnerable members in their communities, citing people with disabilities, and root out other societal problems such as the prevalence of drugs and alcohol use among young people.

She also warned that those who were circulating the video clip of the video were committing a crime.

"Those of you whose cellphones have this footage, please delete it," she said.

  • TheyTookMyNickLaZynEko - 2012-04-23 07:42

    really tired of people in govt saying what needs to be done and what they think will solve this and that, WE WANT TO SEE ACTION. DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING TO HELP OUR SUFFERING PEOPLE.

  • Bibi - 2012-04-23 07:46

    Fix the leadership and stop appointing corrupt and criminal top cops. SA has a shocking statistic of plus/minus 160 (reported) rapes per day - the highest in the world. What does that say about our so-called male society? Nobody will take any top official seriously if they themselves have dubious backgrounds.

  • Nigel - 2012-04-23 08:08

    We warned the ANC GOvernment about crime, but no, you guys laughed at us, made jokes & said (in parliament) why don't you leave if you don't like it here, remember that, now you suffer & you wonder why your people are being raped & murdered. In the same way we warn the people of South Africa about a government that is not doing its job, a complacent, corrupt, incompetent selfish one that is denying the people of South Africa is basic right to education & basic services, the are violating your human rights & we are prepared to fight this injustice to the people, we just need a little help when it comes to casting your vote, STOP VOTING FOR THE ANC. Don't listen & you will end up like the people of Zimbabwe, with nothing & then you will be refugees for sure.

      Rochelle - 2012-04-23 08:59

      Nigel i could not say it any better. Do you know what is so sad that these people that was raped and their loved ones killed will still vote for the ANC.

  • Bob - 2012-04-23 08:10

    Wada wada wada...big mouth no action. The only way the women can take back the streets is via vigilantism! But, it is the job of the police force not the people! Why is there not more provision and social aid for people with disabilities in this country, whom should have been taking care of this girl in the first place!

  • thapelo.mokhutsane - 2012-04-23 08:12

    crime wnt stop its a talent in our new south africa

      Nigel - 2012-04-23 08:26

      yea, it pays, thats why it is the most popular occupation in SA, even amongst our ministers & municipal managers.

      Gert - 2012-04-23 12:51

      YES THAPELO and it may even become worse--take this toll catastropy -it is all a criminal process and to benefit some elements that will reap from the excessive profits especially after all debt has been paid. did you know they are holding it a secret from the public that the infra red lights they are using are damaging people's eyes--the retina , the lense and other parts of the eye and eventually you can go blind and then you won't qualify for a drivers licence and you must make use of public transport--THEY WANT TO GET THE CARS OFF THE CITY ROADS-!! In itself the lights are a public health hazard and can be banned from being switched on but somebody was bribed to ignore this and they pushed it through. They are criminals up there. The special glasses you will need to wear must be supplied by them and that will cost them a fortune---for every person in the vehicle.

      Gert - 2012-04-23 13:09

      And to add to the damaging lights--it can be worse for babies as they normally lie on the back seat facing up to those lights and they won't be wearing protective glasses.

  • LindiBleu - 2012-04-23 08:13

    we do not need prayer: we need fathers. how is any man going to care about a woman, when he donated sperm and didnt care what happened to it? his own flesh and blood? fathers are the custodians of discipline - with fathers who play their role, girls will not look for affirmation in the wrong places and boys will learn responsibility.

  • Koos - 2012-04-23 08:30

    If you take a walk at night and get robbed it is your fault for walking at night. If you take a stroll next to a pond and get rapped it’s your fault for walking to close to the bushes. If your house gets burgled it’s your fault because you don’t have armed response…. And the list goes on. It wasn’t like this before. I can remember a time when you could walk down the street any time of the day or night without fear. I can remember a time when there was no burglar bars on the windows and you could leave your front door unlocked. I remember a time when you could actually trust your neighbor. Today you are afraid of anyone and every one and you trust no one. Today you build yourself a nice prison and you even have to scrutinize your dog’s background to ensure the safety of your family and then even all that is not always enough. Take it back? You are not allowed by law to take anything back! Premier Nomvula Mokonyane, you might as well be living on the moon so far out of touch are you with reality.

  • jeremy002 - 2012-04-23 08:38

    So there you have it. We the people must deal with it, not the police. Tell us where to put the bodies. We are not soft like the police and the courts.

      jeremy002 - 2012-04-23 08:43

      Oh, and while we are on the subject, please reduce my tax by the appropriate amount because there is no point in paying tax for police that do not do their job, or maybe cannot do their job. Why pay tax at all to a government that cannot protect it's citizens?

      Rochelle - 2012-04-23 09:04

      just throw the bodies in the streets for all to see what will happen to criminals

  • Marlene Black - 2012-04-23 08:38

    Nomvula Makonyane is herself guilty of propagating the crime that is destroying us. A large % of the crime is because people are poor. Had she done her job more efficiently there would be fewer hungry people out there. Maybe she should have a lifestyle audit - lets see how much money she's used for herself when it should have gone to the people. She can afford to talk about safety - she has bodyguards. If SA is so safe, why are body guards even necessary?

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-04-23 08:40

    April fools day is long gone.

  • Eric - 2012-04-23 08:51

    When we have mindsets that we can marry more than one woman and the woman in this country agree with this then we will have mindsets by youth that they can take woman as they want. This is a broad statement and is not aimed at those that do not agree with this.Families even give up their young virgin daughters to sick older men that already have wives.

  • Gert - 2012-04-23 08:53

    ""We must come together and deal with the demon of crime in our communities in the same way that all South Africans stood up against apartheid," she said." What double talk----but corruption is OK. If we unite to fight crime we shall be gunned down by government tanks because the government servants are infected with the corruption disease and when we come together to deal with the demon of crime we shall be labelled as terrorists like Assad is doing in Siria.

      Ze Don - 2012-04-23 08:58

      My thoughts exactly! I find it ironic that a anc premier is effectively telling people to take back the country from their corrupt, criminal party...

  • Rochelle - 2012-04-23 09:03

    i am standing with the statement that we need to fight crime in the same mannor as we fought apartheid. Yesterday a nine year old boy came from soccer practice in Soweto and i few boys wanted to rob him from his gym bag and they end up sticking a stick up his ass. what is going on something is wrong and having talk shows about this is no longer the answer we need to take our lifes back we are being kept hostage by criminals. Minister Nomvula all you guys can do is making nice statements show us you can stop talking from your podium and physically do something. What can you really do i ask again what can you do just give a nice speech!

  • Marlene Black - 2012-04-23 09:08

    I would be too embarrassed to address the public on issues such as safety and security if I were a member of the ANC. "how do you know an ANC member is lying? When his/her lips move!"

  • Henry - 2012-04-23 09:13

    I highly appreciate the 'multi denominational prayer gathering' which was done in Soweto yesterdai. It shows that the society has had enough of the violnt crime, ti shows that crime has never been and will never be tolerated in our society. This was also sending a message to the country as a whole that the law shoud take it's course.\r\n\r\nI'm also constructed by the speeches which were delivered there. Really the society need that unity and co-operation to bring sanity and to reclaims some morals from the criminals.

  • david.madisha - 2012-04-23 10:40

    Really God needs to intervine bcos its out of hands!!

  • Loo - 2012-04-23 12:27

    STOP telling us to UNITE against crime. Rather tell us HOW you see "US" doing that. And what about " WE (the police) will fight crime. Geez politician,, please understand the following. WERE NOT POLICE and WE are not supposed to be the police force AND BTW .. how do " WE" fight crime while the heads of "OUR" police are regularly locked up for .... erm "CRIME" .. plse understand the problem normal citizens have with " Let's Unite against crime" .. Or am I missing something here ??!!!!

  • Jacqui - 2012-04-23 13:31

    More cheek from some ANC official. She should tell her beloved party to do their job and make sure people are safe with a decent, honest police force. So in the meantime stop grabbing the limelight silly woman.

  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-04-25 11:22

    Women are speaking out, but there are those Malicious Women who are against us speaking out as well, and people are just afraid to report rape and family violence. Let the government deal with it, and the rich ones amongst the people who are Silent. We poor people will do our best for ourselves. The Government WAS WARNED ABOUT THIS, BUT HE IS MORE CONCERNED ABOUT HAVING 6 WIVES. God have Mercy on all the victims

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