Unroadworthy vehicles: Officials bribed

2011-10-24 12:16

Johannesburg - Officials at vehicle testing stations are allegedly being bribed to register as roadworthy vehicles which have failed the test at other centres, The Star newspaper reported on Monday.

Roadworthy inspector Nico Pretorius told the newspaper that vehicles were being declared roadworthy less than an hour after his station in Springs, on the East Rand, had failed them.

Pretorius said officials were receiving "underhand payments" to declare the vehicles roadworthy, regardless of what was wrong with them or how dangerous they would be on the road.

He said he reported two of his employees to the transport department's corruption unit this year after he caught them receiving bribes.

"When I took my oath to be an inspector, I promised I would never be involved in corruption," he said.

"The corruption is rampant and it means dangerous vehicles are being allowed on the road."

Gauteng transport department spokesperson Octavia Mamabolo told the newspaper the department was aware of the corruption.

"This does not get reported enough by members of the public. We urge people to come forward and assist us," she said.

"If any wrong is found, the licence will be withdrawn and the centre closed down."

Democratic Alliance transport MPL Neil Campbell said unroadworthy vehicles were responsible for a large of number of road accidents.

"Numerous lives have been lost because of vehicles which have no right to be on the road... and the cost to the economy is staggering," he said.

  • Servaas - 2011-10-24 12:24

    Well, SA's motto needs to change to corruption, if the money is right, no problem is too big. Thank you ANC for setting the perfect example of corruption and that crime does pay. How I wish I can make the wheel turn faster.

      Alan - 2011-10-24 12:45

      Love that - no problem is too big if the money is right!!

      Servaas - 2011-10-24 12:53

      @Alan: Sadly not the case with Malema.. Where there is "all of a sudden" no funds to investigate them. OMW I wish Terrorists sends a 737 into parliament.

      Alan - 2011-10-24 12:57

      Haha - yip - Julius has got Showerhead by the short and curlys. Thats the trouble with our local politics - when you play dirty and the wheel turns, it comes back to bite you. People - check out today's ZAPIRO if you want some good local satire.

      rbphiri - 2011-10-24 13:05

      Imagine how ironic and sad it would be if these very Unroadworthy vehicles killed the testing officials or their family members in a road accident. You can't put a price tag on life.

      Michael - 2011-10-24 13:33

      Pay them a decent wage and corruption will decline!

      Servaas - 2011-10-24 13:43

      @Michael: You might be correct in what you said, but, why the inflated wages for doing nothing our current government is getting? But then again, when they want more, they will dance for an increase.

      Alan - 2011-10-24 13:44

      @ Michael. You have to be joking! Most of these people get paid far more than the job is worth, and then they still dont even do the job. We have a small economy which is running on 4.5 milion taxpayers. What we need is a MASSIVE mindshift in this country to GET PRODUCTIVE, and to say NO to corruption at all levels. Very hard though when the powers that be are self enriching on corruption.

      rod.vandeventer - 2011-10-24 14:59

      Which testing Stations???? I have 16 trucks on te road and some are due for inspection....Please let me know.....

  • Thandi - 2011-10-24 12:27

    Why do 'offialdom' take so long to cotton on to things like this, that the general public have known about for years. Is it because too many of the people in authority are getting their cut and don't want to rock the boat, then claim ignorance when the media get hold of it> No wonder showerhead and his cronies want to muzzle the media. Wake up everyone............the ANCorruption and their network of cronies are going to collapse our infrastructure with the endemic corruption and lawlessness that prevails.

      Thandi - 2011-10-24 12:29

      Sorry.... "Officialdom".

  • John - 2011-10-24 12:27

    whats new,

  • Willie - 2011-10-24 12:28

    "...department was aware of the corruption..."Octavia Mamabolo said.The big question is what are you doing about it if your are aware. "... not get reported enough by members of the public.."you are aware what more should the members of the public do? This is incompetancy

      Paul - 2011-10-24 21:09

      ... and bad journalism.

  • Myth - 2011-10-24 12:32

    If you are aware of it, why shift the onus to the public to report it? Do something you useless administrators and managers, whatever your title may be. Unless there is a reason you don't...

      PyroSA - 2011-10-24 12:40

      They still need you to report the actual incidents so they can track down the responsible parties with evidence.

  • Peter - 2011-10-24 12:38

    Great!!! "If any wrong is found, the licence will be withdrawn and the centre closed down." Nothing said about what would happen to the people who received the bribes, PLUS the rest of us will then have a problem as the centre will be closed down and we will not be able to use it. !!!!!!

  • Nosiphom - 2011-10-24 12:45

    So two major causes of accidents: 1) Unroadworthy vehicles declared fit to be on the roads through bribing officials. 2) People who genuinely cannot drive being fraudulently licenced to drive, yet they do not even know the rules of the road, and cannot even deal with multiphase traffic lights. 3) Drunk drivers (some of them never having gotten licences fraudulently, ie. beolng to 2 above!! Sbu Ndebeles solution: Reduce the speed limit on highways to 100km/h !

      Alan - 2011-10-24 12:50

      Yaaah - ignore the root of the problem, because it supplements the income of our hardworking, diligent and competent oficials.

      Positiewe - 2011-10-24 14:13

      Ah. You forgot to mention the group who can drive but don't bother keeping to the rules of the road, because nothing will happen to them anyway. As long as you don't speed you can drive like a complete chop and the "speed cops" won't give a damn.

  • Marie - 2011-10-24 12:47

    What else did anyone expect. Now they want to make us drive at 100kmph!!!

  • braamc - 2011-10-24 12:51

    Officials been bribed, probably the other way round

  • Ian - 2011-10-24 12:55

    When they are caught out, charge them with something like "intent to do bodily harm" and jail them. Fines are not good enough.

  • Merle - 2011-10-24 12:59

    No ! really ?

  • Ari - 2011-10-24 13:03

    "Gauteng transport department spokesperson Octavia Mamabolo told the newspaper the department was aware of the corruption." If you have ever been into one of these government offices and sat and watched the lack of work ethic and the sheer incompetency that abounds, you would know why there has never been any investigation. They wouldn't know where to start . . .

  • Michelle - 2011-10-24 13:08

    That's the way they roll in this country!!! And they wonder about the high fatality rate on our roads???!!!

      Servaas - 2011-10-24 13:17

      Yes, lol.. but heck, they want to decrease the speed limit.. Such a clever bunch these clowns are.

  • Jaco - 2011-10-24 13:22

    No body will report these corrupt idiots, more people will die.

  • Mzamo - 2011-10-24 13:23

    If you report a corrupt employee to a corrupt boss / officials that's what you will always get! I have also heard that in JHB and DBN there are Drivers' Licence testing centres where you don't pass if you don't have a bribe!! So, drivers who "bought" their licences + driving unroadworthy vehicles + drinking and driving (because they don't know the rules) = TERRIBLE ACCIDENTS ON OUR ROADS!!!

  • Raegan - 2011-10-24 13:53

    @servaas, iv been seeing your comments on almost every news article ,it seems your life relvolves around news 24, you think you could find your self a job, your comments are becoming abit too lame bud, get a life dude!

      Servaas - 2011-10-24 13:57

      Raegan: Oh wow, "@servaas, iv been seeing your comments on almost every news article" And you say I need to find a job, at least I can comment on news24 instead of giving 2cents worth on comment being made.. "get a life dude! "

      Alan - 2011-10-24 14:06

      @ Raegan. Hmmmm - seems like you may be spending a little too much time on News24 yourself, if you are seeing Servaas comment there all the time. Ever heard the phrase "Hoist in your own petard?" LOL @ you

  • DuToitCoetzee - 2011-10-24 14:12

    Dankie Mnr. Nico Pretorius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we all talking our work and corruption up so seriously we can make a difference.

      DuToitCoetzee - 2011-10-24 15:01

      Sorry "taking"

  • Syd - 2011-10-24 14:19

    Alan that's "Hoist WITH you own petard".

  • Demola Adebiyi - 2011-10-24 15:49

    SA- most corrupt country by a mile

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