Victim’s mom denies knowledge of alleged Hewitt rape

2015-02-17 14:22

Johannesburg - Suellen Sheehan's mother, Judy, on Tuesday denied having any knowledge of her daughter being allegedly raped by former tennis champion Bob Hewitt.

Judy Sheehan told the North Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg, sitting in Palm Ridge, that her daughter never told her that she was raped.

"If this had happened, this case would have taken place some 30 odd years ago," said Judy Sheehan.

Her daughter is one of two women who have alleged that Hewitt raped them as he coached them in tennis in the 1980s.

Sheehan testified that Hewitt raped her in his car in 1982 before tennis practice when she was 12 years old.

A third woman testified that Hewitt sexually assaulted her in the 1990s.

Australian-born Hewitt, now 75 years old, has denied the allegations.

Suellen Sheehan has alleged that her mother had rubbished her claims of the rape.

The two had an estranged relationship.

  • Chantelle Crocker Monaghan - 2015-02-17 14:33

    Hugh, as a man I think you shouldn't pass such comment. Why would a mother lie about this kind of thing no matter how bad their relationship is.

      Deon Louw - 2015-02-17 14:46

      Some mothers don't know their children, even after 30 years.

      Shanna Abrahams - 2015-02-17 14:49

      You sound as if you've already made your mind up, Hugh, so your comments lack all objectivity.

      Samantha Rhind - 2015-02-18 09:19

      "as man i think you shouldn't pass such comment" how can you make this situation about you? You make it sound as if you have personal experience. You can not AND should never speak for all men

  • Jake Somersby - 2015-02-17 14:36

    This mother is evil. Sounds like she wants to settle some scores or justify why she did not listen to her daughter before. Very sad! Who said blood is thicker than water.

      Kadesh Barnea - 2015-02-17 14:44

      You can comment like that without even knowing what really happened?? You must be clairvoyant. Be careful about making snap judgements.

      Shanna Abrahams - 2015-02-17 14:48

      Or maybe the daughter is not all there? Two sides, Jake, two sides ...

      Jake Somersby - 2015-02-17 15:09

      Reality is, I will not turn against my daughter, ever. If she is not all there (I'm guessing you say mentally), this should have been brought up in court.

      Nadia Graf - 2015-02-17 15:20

      There are always two sides to any story but there are other women also claiming the same thing. This tells me there must be something to this story .... they cannot all be crazy.

  • Chantelle Crocker Monaghan - 2015-02-17 14:41

    Hugh, the rapist wasn't the father

  • Cindy Lee Laing - 2015-02-17 14:42

    I remember this story in the You Magazine +- 2 - 3 years ago, and the Mother refuted her claims... so now she says it didnt happen.. The Parents were interviewed then.

  • Bob Broom - 2015-02-17 15:09

    Whether she believed her daughter or not, this is not the forum to publicly denounce your own daughter as a liar! It would have been preferable for her to simply stay out of it and refuse to comment; the court will decide whether she's making it up; mother has not used her brain or whatever compassion she once had, in this case!

  • Isabella Rodrigaz - 2015-02-17 15:19

    Whether she accepts or denies the rape proves nothing. So many people have been raped and confide in their most trusted aides - their mothers only to have them rubbish the claims. Parents have been known to do this - its not a new practice and it proves nothing.

      Isabella Rodrigaz - 2015-02-17 15:54

      @Hugh: Who's in a strained relationship?

      Isabella Rodrigaz - 2015-02-17 16:01

      ow okay now I get it, thanks.

  • derrick.chong.39 - 2015-02-17 15:29

    There are 3 victims (not just 1) making similar claims. What are the odds that they are all lying after all these years. Another Bill Cosby scenerio...

      Bobbi Magagula - 2015-02-18 09:26

      And that's only in SA. The woman who had him removed from the Hall of Fame is a US citizen.

  • Cliff Pike - 2015-02-17 15:32

    The sad thing is that mothers often keep quiet about the rape or abuse of their children. Whether they don't believe or don't want to believe, the result is the same - the child grows up seriously damaged by the sexual abuse, with the added devastation of being betrayed by the one person they thought they could run to, trust and confide in. Mothers sometimes know about their daughters being sexually abused by their own family members or even someone like a church leader - but keep silent, in fear and shame for themselves. That is the real disgrace and tragedy - setting aside the abused child's life, mental and physical well-being.

  • Martin Chuzzlewit - 2015-02-17 15:38

    Of course, there is always the possibility that these allegations are not true, or am I missing something? It astounds me to think that everyone is assuming that the mother is now lying. Maybe or maybe not. This wouldn't be the first time allegations like this are not true where "celebrities" are concerned. Seems to me that there are an awful lot of these things suddenly coming out of the woodwork. All a bit odd if you ask me. I would have thought that something so traumatic would have found its way out before now. Just saying. Let justice take its course. It's not like it's the "smoking gun" of Pistorius.

      Bobbi Magagula - 2015-02-18 09:28

      The are 3 women in SA and more in the US, most of whom didn't even know each other during the periods of the alleged abuse. What is the probability that they are all lying?

  • lskosana3 - 2015-02-17 15:44

    Shocked by women that are on the mother's side, I hope they don't have daughters. If my daughter comes to me and tells me someone is being sexually inappropriate with her I'm believing her 100%, the courts can prove/disprove all they want but my sole role in all that is to support my own child.

      Ann Ornelas - 2015-02-17 16:11

      I'm with you Iskosana I have 2 grown daughters and a Grand-daughter. My role in their lives is to love and support no matter what! These women should hang their heads in shame including Suellens own mum.

      lskosana3 - 2015-02-17 16:31

      Absulotely, Ann. And yes Hugh let's hope they do not have kids ever

  • Jacobus Alwyn Viljoen - 2015-02-17 15:49

    pay back the damages

  • Rob Wilson - 2015-02-17 15:56

    Sounds like he had been judged guilty by social media. There are some weird things going on here.

      Bobbi Magagula - 2015-02-18 09:29

      Check out the stories in the US.

  • Chantelle Crocker Monaghan - 2015-02-17 16:02

    Maybe, just maybe the mother doesn't think sending someone to jail for something they didn't do is within her moral compass

      Martin Chuzzlewit - 2015-02-17 16:50

      Absolutely Chantelle. What amazes me is this attitude that "No matter what my child has done, it is my duty to support 100%" Right is right, and my belief in the parental attitude is that if your child has done something wrong, you must make them take responsibility for their own actions. Otherwise we find that moneyed people simply buy their kids out of trouble. Weird moralistic compass if you ask me! So if your kid blows up a church full of people, you must support him / her. Ok, I know that there is a world of difference between possibly manufacturing allegations and being a terrorist, but we're talking parenting principles here, sorry.

  • Raymond Kok - 2015-02-17 16:28

    maybe she had her eye on him all these years

  • Samantha Rhind - 2015-02-18 09:13

    What kind of a mother doesn't believe or stand up for her 12 year old child. What did the mother expect no one is going to live a normal life after a rape as a child. No wonder the child rebelled and hated her parents. With parents like hers who needs enemies. Even if my 12 year old was a attention seeking child, you never shove off a rape claim as a lie. Attention to all men! This is not directed at all men! This was the actions of ONE SICK MAN who used his age and trust position to abuse children. What kind of "Normal" adult person would write a "love"letter to a 12 year old girl???

  • Art Conde - 2015-02-18 11:09

    You do not want to know. How much tennis did you learn with Bob?

  • Art Conde - 2015-02-18 11:10

    How much has Bob paid you ? What kind of a mother are you ?

  • Marinda Liebenberg - 2015-02-18 15:38

    They have been paid to say nothing. Ask for there bank statements for the last 30 years.

  • Martin Pelders - 2015-03-05 11:08

    I sat in this court and watched this mother try to justify her maltreatment of her own daughter, she is a total narcissist, total haven't met a more classic case. A few interesting observations. Through out the trial Bob and his wife sat a Half meter apart. The minute Mrs Sheenhan walked in they moved apart, Mrs Sheenhan also not once looked at Mr Hewitt. At one point Mrs Hewitt looked at Bob With Such Hatred and scorn, first time I saw that the whole trial, she was supportive throughout, until this point. What I want to know is what went on between Bob and Mrs Sheenhan, there was something there and Mrs Hewitt knows about it.

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