Violent protests continue in North West

2014-04-07 20:33

Johannesburg - Violent protests continued on Monday across the Boitumelong township in Bloemhof in the North West, said police.

Protesters torched six houses including that of the mayor, said police spokesperson Thulani Ngubane.

The houses of two municipal officials, two police officials and the mayor's neighbour was also destroyed

"The next door neighbour... is allegedly the relative of the mayor," said Ngubane.

The community hall was also set alight.

As schools re-opened on Monday, many of them were disrupted by protests.

The protesters barricaded the N12 road with burning tyres and pelted police officers with stones.

"Two police officials sustained injuries from the incident after they were pelted with stones by the community and were taken to Christiana hospital for medical treatment," said Ngubane.

"One police officer lost his finger in process, his right hand thumb."

A police Nyala vehicle was also petrol bombed.

Ngubane said the vehicle had been stuck in the area after experiencing engine problems.

The police officers inside the Nyala managed to escape unharmed.

Almost 100 people have been arrested since the protests began on Wednesday.

They have all been charged with public unrest and malicious damage to property.

Sixteen of those arrested earlier appeared in Bloemhof Magistrate's Court.

The matter was postponed to Friday when they were expected to apply for bail.

"The situation is volatile and the police are closely monitoring the situation, and will continue effecting arrests on those who are breaking the law," said Ngubane.

Protesters apparently demanded the resignation of the mayor and councillors.

They reportedly accused them of nepotism and failing to deliver basic services.

  • lacrimosewolf - 2014-04-07 21:06

    We have to accept that there are parts of our country that simply will never, ever join the 21st century. No matter how many roads, schools, pipes or policemen. There is no 'rule of law', only the rule of the lawless. Close the roads, shut down all the petrol stations and put a fence around it. If they refuse to be part of a civilised society, cut them out. Too much is expended on the irrational, too little on the rational.

  • Allan Brits - 2014-04-07 21:19

    Oh don't worry the cANCer will speed out there and give you a T shirt, food parcel and a blanket to comfort you and promise you service delivery if you vote for them and all will be well for the next 5 years cos they won't do a single F%$king thing again except loot the state coffers which are nearing the bottom of the piggy bank

  • Grant Montgomery - 2014-04-07 21:29

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Time for the ANC to bring on the KFC, T-shirts, blankets and food parcels. It always works. The sad reality is that these same protestors will either still vote for the ANC or abstain. Most are probably dependant on government grants which they have been told they will lose if another party took over.

  • Nathi Sibbs - 2014-04-07 22:18

    Lets say we all go to the steet and burn tyres all over th country which angel will come down and salvage us? Or we all go on strike as the miners do everyone go on strike who wins? Its high time welook and find a wining solution for our ourselves, our country, our dignity as as a people. Yesterday Nigeria overtook South Africa as economic power house what does this say about us, as a people, nation? We sre distroying our nation. No amoubt of politicking can save us from this self distruction type of action. Its election season many shall be manipulated and many strikes, burning of tyres will be done. But where are we going?

  • Kelebogile MamagaBasetsana Morake Trom - 2014-04-07 22:37

    Nxaaa y burn dem houses now?

  • rowan.torr.9 - 2014-04-07 22:55

    And the people shall govern! And it will come to pass that the people on this planet earth will pollute our skies and seas. Why destroy? Why not build? I say.

  • gerasimos - 2014-04-07 23:06

    I completely understand the frustrations of these people. They have discovered that the ANC can't fulfil their promises because Zuma and co have taken all the money! But we told you so... ........eish! Viva ANC VIVA. Can't wait when the taxpayers revolt. Gordhan will have a hissy fit but it will be too late. Every nation has its breaking point and the ANC is pushing the boundaries. Bring on the real revolution!

      Rory Cole Atkinson - 2014-04-08 01:09

      Agreed. I rate within the next five years the Tax payers will revolt and just to pay tax either that or civil war. Many people are on the verge of doing just that especially given all the tension in the country and the blatant waste of funds. I empathise with these people but I have little hope that they shall change who they vote for... My heart weeps for the people of this county.

      gerasimos - 2014-04-08 07:52

      I know of a businessman who has placed his VAT payments in trust and has written to SARS informing them that until Zuma pays back all the Nkandla monies he will refuse to pay over his VAT. SARS declared him mad and he told them to bring it on and imprison him the press and his legal team were waiting.! IMAGINE IF EVERYONE DID THIS.....THE ANC REGIME WOULD BE ON ITS KNEES IN ONE MONTH!

      Brian Leoux - 2014-04-08 09:35

      Oh it is coming, It cannot go on like this. They have pushed us just a little too far this time.

      Neo Newks Diteho - 2014-04-08 09:36

      And how is the next mayor supposed to feel after all this? He/She knows the same fate lies ahead of them...

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