Vuyo's success not from beer - ASA

2011-09-15 22:28

Johannesburg - In a recent Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling, the ASA Directorate considered an advertisement for beer in which Vuyo, a young successful entrepreneur, created a new musical instrument called the Vuyozela.

He then celebrates his success by drinking a Hansa Pilsner beer.

The ASA was tasked on ruling whether the advertisement created the impression that the consumption of alcoholic beverages was essential to business or social success, or that refusal to consume alcohol was a sign of weakness.

According to Natasha Wright and Associate at Adams & Adams - the law firm acting for South African Breweries - the ruling was necessitated by a consumer who complained that the advertisement was deceptive and gave the impression that Vuyo's genius and insight, which led to the creation of the Vuyozela, stemmed from his consumption of Hansa Pilsner beer.

"The consumer also complained that the advertisement suggests to young people that the consumption of alcohol, specifically Hansa Pilsner, leads to inspiration and worldwide success."

However, Adams & Adams said the underlying theme of the advertisement was that Vuyo, like Hansa Pilsner, had a "special ingredient" that set Vuyo and Hansa Pilsner apart from the rest.

"Ultimately," says Wright, "the advertisement creates an analogy between Vuyo's special and inherent inventive ingredient which enables him to see and grasp opportunities and the special ingredients in Hansa Pilsner that make it, like Vuyo, 'refreshingly different'."

The ASA Directorate ruled that the advertisement did not glorify Vuyo's drinking, nor that his success was a by-product of his drinking Hansa Pilsner beer.

The underlying theme of the advertisement was to show what a creative mind Vuyo had and how he used this creative mind to create an instrument that took the world by storm.

Wright said the images of Hansa Pilsner beer that were seen throughout the advertisement were deemed to only indicate Vuyo's preference in beer and did not hint that Vuyo's success stemmed from Hansa Pilsner beer.

"The ASA agreed that the advertisement does create an analogy but does not suggest that the beer gives rise to success. The consumer complaint was dismissed."

  • slg - 2011-09-15 22:41

    The ASA ruling on this is like Rumplestilskin ruling on the value of gold.

      JasunX - 2011-09-15 23:50


      mobiles - 2011-09-15 23:54

      Majority of South Africans are so uneducated , they take these things up literally , same sh@t goes with that kill the boer song !

      C_S - 2011-09-16 06:38

      Will Vuyo be paying tax? lol

      DEVILS SON - 2011-09-16 07:00

      its not from beer, its from drinking beer haha

      YasButIDunno - 2011-09-16 07:46

      I wonder how much they paid Beckham and the sanctimonious Bono to appear in the ad?

      Han Solo - 2011-09-16 07:51

      Vuyo I don't mind. It's his friends I cannot stand. What a bunch of wankers.

      SuperCal - 2011-09-16 08:08

      Im gutted, i want my money back....I have been pissed on Hansa for the last two months and just lost my wife....Maybe i will have more money after all...go Vuyo

      McDaNife - 2011-09-16 08:12

      But hey I enjoy this advertisement

      matla - 2011-09-16 08:32

      Why are they only investigating Malema, when Vuyo is not even mentioned in Thuli Madonsela's report, were does he get all the property - Yatch,Aeroplane and nice girls? Its unfair comrades!!!!!!

      malusi - 2011-09-16 09:06

      i agree fully matla. vuyo(the big dreamer) needs to be investigated for fraud. no one can make millions from selling wors rolls.

      Kenno - 2011-09-16 11:18

      @ Jasun X Excellent comment! LMAO

      Gina - 2011-09-16 11:53

      @ mobiles I agree with you, why cant we just have social comments and repect each other for their opinions about a subject. Afriforum has made a hero out or Julius Malema and that horrid song. I think that the problem is, when you actually belong to a culture like the black and afrikaaners you cannot let things go. Lets rather speak about how we can help each other, or just be nice people.

  • Naaivarkie - 2011-09-15 22:42

    Lol, are they serious? They actually needed someone to explain this? My word and there I was thinking AXE deodorant would have girls draping off my body in their hundreds! The funny thing about the stupid "Vuyozela" is that Voyo didn't develop it, he simply marketed it. The other chap who was playing it, developed it! My gosh these people are dum dums!

      pewpewpew - 2011-09-16 10:42

      yeah i agree with you, you know your dumb when you need someone to step in and tell you there is no connection between drinking and being successful lol!

      onthefence - 2011-09-16 14:11

      Hansa will give you abilities to make it....and tequila will help you lose's the circle of life

  • gatvol4corru - 2011-09-15 22:48

    Crap ad and really in poor taste

      whatno - 2011-09-16 08:29

      do you know what crap is? ehh, your comment

      Kappie - 2011-09-16 08:50

      AGREED WIT WHATNO..... sounds like jealousy to me

      JMsays - 2011-09-16 11:39

      Nope, its a good ad, it worked... I would love a BEER now!

      onthefence - 2011-09-16 14:13

      Crap comment - Beer tastes just fine. Have you seen the Rooibos that is something you may want to take up with the authorities

  • twolips - 2011-09-15 22:49

    Oh, hell, here I've been quaffing Hansa and I'm still a poor pensioner.

      kalabafazi - 2011-09-16 09:13

      I had more money before I started guzzling Hansa. But what the hell, I may as well continue.

  • LGH - 2011-09-15 22:51

    This Mother Grundy should be forced to pay costs for wasting everyones time!

      Currie_Mafia - 2011-09-16 10:39

      Exactly....We take our beer seriously....chug chug chug chug..bburrrppp !

  • StBad - 2011-09-15 22:53

    We live in petty times... I think the public can decide for themselves how they would like to interpret the ad and anyone who complains about Vuyo and his miracle beer is clearly preoccupied!

      Hunters Gold - 2011-09-16 09:22

      So true...who has the time of day to go about complaining about Vuyo's ad?? too much time on this man's hands!!

  • lenand40 - 2011-09-15 23:25

    Perhaps next time they will use an analogy between a wife beater, drunkard to indicate the special ingredients in all alcohol. Perhaps they will use Scott to advertise the value of alcohol after Team Building

  • spookhuis - 2011-09-15 23:26

    OMG has this person seen the Durex ads on TV lately, more of our money gonna down the bloody this space.

  • linda.l.mndayi - 2011-09-15 23:41


  • spookhuis - 2011-09-16 00:11

    Can't wait for the tea brigade to start their comments in the morning. Time for another glass of inspiration. Cheers.

  • john - 2011-09-16 00:52

    One thing we can all be sure of: drinking beer causes South Africans to only socialise in groups which exactly represent the demographics of the SA population.

      spookhuis - 2011-09-16 01:35

      John your right, after a couple of "Hansas, some of my best friends are human" damn that stuff is good.

  • mtdsl55 - 2011-09-16 01:25


  • mtdsl55 - 2011-09-16 01:26

    OMG - Who cares...

      Lekabisto - 2011-09-16 08:22

      You commented three times, I would call that a lot of caring!!

  • mtdsl55 - 2011-09-16 01:44


  • Claire Knoechl - 2011-09-16 04:05

    Someone really needs to get a life!

      C_S - 2011-09-16 06:48

      maybe she will lighten up after we gave her a bells.....

      Currie_Mafia - 2011-09-16 10:41

      or get an ice cold Hansa...

      AMS-Dammer - 2011-09-16 11:35

      Maybe she just needs to get laid!!!

      Taboo - 2011-09-16 13:35

      Maybe she will lighten up when she sees Vuyos wors

  • realist4sale - 2011-09-16 06:00

    its just a beer advert............................what the hell............

  • realist4sale - 2011-09-16 06:03

    if we show an advert for ppl to jump in a fire they all going to do it?????????????????????? come on waste of money and resources dont be so pathetic

      leonard - 2011-09-16 06:29

      @realistic. The only ads that should really be banned are those for the National Defence Force.What a waste of time,money and resources.

  • Androgene - 2011-09-16 06:56

    "What's the special ingredient?" "It's the horse!!!". Lovely stuff. What would a good piece of wors be without the runners up from the Durban July?

  • Lilo (Michelle) - 2011-09-16 07:16

    Bottom line - Cigarette ads were dumped years ago. Cigarette sales didn't see a major decline. Dropping adverts on alcohol will not stop people consuming it, or encourage people to consume it responsibly. Adverts are created to sell a product or service and relay a message about that product or service that appeals to the viewer. If we are to be concerned about the public believing that beer can make you wealthy, then we may as well assume that they're all consuming 'Red Bull' by the case to sprout wings to fly around in the sky....or alternatively, that spraying 'Mr Muscle' on your kitchen counter will cause a magical being to appear in your kitchen to clean it for you.

      d2eguy - 2011-09-16 08:26

      but a huge amount of residents of SA are in fact that dumb , they vote ANC dont they and how can anything with a brain do that ?

      Fred Marais - 2011-09-16 09:21

      I think they need to look at all the 'Fruity' and 'Flavoured' drinks, that make alcohol too easy to consume.

  • NuttyZA - 2011-09-16 07:17

    geez... some numbnuts have nothing better to do than complain

  • Muzi - 2011-09-16 07:23

    Apparently in Botswana, Malema said " SARS must leave me alone and probe Vuyo. How can he buy a speed boat from selling wors rolls?" Initially I thought it was a joke. Turns out he actually said it. Sad neh!!!

      Astaroth - 2011-09-16 08:19

      @Muzi: Ha ha ha! :-)

  • LOLWUT - 2011-09-16 07:36

    It is because he is such a BEEEEEEG DREEEEEMA

  • Patrick - 2011-09-16 07:38

    Ha Ha Ha Vuyo selling BOERE wors.......LOL

      GWEBA - 2011-09-16 08:37

      Now Malema will stop drinking Hansa and start selling BOERE WORS...

  • Scarlett82 - 2011-09-16 07:46

    Oh Come on ....... For Piete Sake its a flipping Advert

  • CTatheist - 2011-09-16 07:46

    Zombie ads for zombie consumers.

  • Shrek - 2011-09-16 07:47

    Idon't really know what Vuyo's success recipe is. All I know is that the ad is irritating to say the least. As soon as it starts I switch over to another channel

      Currie_Mafia - 2011-09-16 10:42

      We can't all live on swamp gas....

  • DSJM - 2011-09-16 07:47

    All advertising is legalized lying, deception and emotional manipulation anyway, so why did they even bother?

  • Shawn Thompson - 2011-09-16 07:49

    Damn! You mean I've been drinking myself into a stupor for years on Hansa for nothing! Thank God for the ASA!

  • Charlton10 - 2011-09-16 07:50

    drinking a lot of beer, then pissing on the side of the road.

  • preshen govender - 2011-09-16 07:50

    SARS needs to audit Vuyo

  • HappyGoLucky - 2011-09-16 07:57

    LOL, now...who the hell would have EVEN thought that???

  • Bart Zimzon - 2011-09-16 07:58


  • Deeteem - 2011-09-16 07:59

    The next generation of South Africans are soooooooo doff !! Oh well they do believe the anc !!

  • King - 2011-09-16 08:03

    Such pettiness. Just what on earth did the complainant hope to achieve?

  • WarDog - 2011-09-16 08:04

    Tried Hansa twice. Still tasted like crap. Vuyo can keep it.

      Currie_Mafia - 2011-09-16 10:44

      Windhoek Draught is the best beer I've ever tasted, try it...

      WarDog - 2011-09-16 13:23

      Best beer: In Cape town at the V&A waterfront just over that bridge is a little place called Mitchells Waterfront Brewery. As I understood it they brew the beer themselves. You have never tasted a beer like that. Can’t remember the name of the beer but it’s worth it.

  • unavailable - 2011-09-16 08:04

    Give that man a Bells!

  • sarecen - 2011-09-16 08:09


  • Monjaro - 2011-09-16 08:11

    Is our society so dumbed down that we need the ASA to explain the difference between advertising & reality to the masses? Come on...

      d2eguy - 2011-09-16 08:22

      in fact they are that dumb , they vote ANC dont they and how can anything with a brain do that .

  • SteveZA - 2011-09-16 08:11

    The consumer also complained that the advertisement suggests to young people that the consumption of alcohol, specifically Hansa Pilsner, leads to inspiration and worldwide success." Any being that thinks like this or has this brain capacity should not be allowed to reproduce. Nice one JasunX

  • SteveZA - 2011-09-16 08:12

    The consumer also complained that the advertisement suggests to young people that the consumption of alcohol, specifically Hansa Pilsner, leads to inspiration and worldwide success." Any being that thinks like this or has this brain capacity should not be allowed to reproduce. Nice one JasunX

  • Mr.Faice - 2011-09-16 08:21

    Ag its true man! When I drink beer I become as good-looking, intelligent and successful as Vuyo!! :)

  • mbuzi mee - 2011-09-16 08:22

    Mxxa u people ....u take everthing too serious!!

  • MoosePort - 2011-09-16 08:25

    This is pathetic. If there are actually people that believe that alcohol makes you wealthy and successful, then this nation is in more danger than I thought. Get your head out of your @rs and stop being so petty about rubbish!!! There are more important things to worry about in this country instead of wasting time and energy on a tv ad. I have one word for you: SPEEDBOAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • whatno - 2011-09-16 08:32

    How on earth can a person go as faras complaining about this ad. Its done in good taste, great quality and shows people having fun and enjoying life. Well done Hansa.This complainer should focus his/herattention elsewhere.

  • matla - 2011-09-16 08:35

    I ask again, Why only Malema is investiagted by Thuli Madonsela and the Hawks, what about Vuyo, were does he get all the moolah. We must march to the SAB HQ comrades!!!!

      malusi - 2011-09-16 09:10

      i will be there with youb brother. we also demand to know how big vuyo's wors is and how it got that big.

  • John Jameson - 2011-09-16 08:36

    So what is that special ingredient? Because it's not barley, hops or water, then it must be some of "that other stuff."

  • Roundana - 2011-09-16 08:44

    like watching the handsome Vuyo on that ad.

  • TheBestMan - 2011-09-16 08:53

    Some people are too sensitive, it's actually pathetic, and sad too.

  • Irish - 2011-09-16 08:55

    @YasButIDunno are you blind? those were doubles for those famous people in the ad. Bono is not sanctimonious , you're just small minded!

  • Sparky32 - 2011-09-16 09:04

    Just goes to show how pathetic the PC police are and what a waste of time they are. Do people really not have anything better to do than prove to the world that they are just alive to irritate the rest of us