Wanted: People to sing to Mandela

2012-04-10 23:03

Johannesburg - A planned attempt to break a world record, with over 20 million people singing "happy birthday" to former president Nelson Mandela, was announced on Tuesday.

"This year we hope to break the Guinness Book of World Records with more than 20 million South Africans singing," Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga and Lead SA said in a statement.

"We want to encourage the nation to join in."

Last year the department and the civic participation group arranged for millions of schoolchildren to sing to Mandela at 08:00 on his birthday.

Lead SA spokesperson Yusuf Abramjee said he was confident that the public would show their love and affection for Mandela by participating in singing to him on his 94th birthday on Wednesday 18 July.

"In addition to the millions of schoolchildren, we want people in offices, in factories and those out on the streets to join in..."

The SHOUT Foundation, a movement aimed at reducing crime, committed 94 singers to record the song for distribution in the run-up to Mandela's birthday.

  • Morapedi - 2012-04-11 00:01

    Count Me in, i wil sing for Madiba! *i have fought against white domination nd i hv fought against black domination, i have cherished the ideal of a democratic nd free society to which al persons live together in harmorny nd with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which i hope to live for and to achieve, bt if needs be it is an ideal for which i am preapared to die* Nelson Mandela, 1964!

      Morapedi - 2012-04-11 08:01

      Koos, u r such a racist b*stard!

      Marion - 2012-04-11 08:50

      I'll sing for him too. 8 am on his birthday. Only problem is how will they know how many people sang? To make it into the Guinness Book of Records the entire thing has to be strictly monitored.

      Newsreader - 2012-04-11 09:21

      Lets all sing for poor Bob next door. Yipeee Yipeee gonna die....

      Junebugg - 2012-04-11 15:13

      Let us rejoice for our president Let us sing for our president Let us pray for our president Let us sing, let us dance For Madiba give us freedom We thank you Lord For listening to our prayers Night and day Oh oh oh, my president Madiba

  • chimzyn - 2012-04-11 03:47


  • Karl - 2012-04-11 06:55

    No matter what u boers say!\r\nMANDELA will always be black Jesus to black community...

      Marion - 2012-04-11 08:53

      @Karl - can you please explain to me what these \r\n symbols are that I see in many people's postings? They confuse me. Ta.

      Makatikamusona - 2012-04-11 09:42

      @Marion those are programming symbol(C#/C++) \r is for carriage return like when you press enter on the keyboard and \n represent a new line. I think people typing those are learning HTML and they don't know that those symbol means nothing to Internet Explorer. Basically they mean nothing in this context

      Aphiwe - 2012-04-11 09:55

      n not only to the black community, but the white community aswell. Do u know how many black learned ppl feel that Mandela sold them out and would have loved to see a situation where Chris Hani had been president in 1994. Personally I do think Mandela was aite for the country a bit moderate but still aite, Chris wuda been fantastic give certain ppl a real reason to complain. But how wud that help SA?

  • misswoodcutter - 2012-04-11 07:06

    I'll sing Marilyn Monroe's version of :"Happy Birthday" and i'll get the right dress and all!

      Marion - 2012-04-11 08:54

      I'll sing : They say it's your birthday all day long, so come on everybody sing the birthday song. Happy Birthday to you etc. etc.

      Rob - 2012-04-11 08:54

      LOL...Good one. You go.

  • brionyl.french - 2012-04-11 07:22

    where and when? I think its a nice gesture. You can get all the kids and unemployed to do this, whilst the rest of us keep the country rolling on economically.

  • Karl - 2012-04-11 07:30

    Atleast Dr Mandela didnt chase u Afrikaaners like Mugabe

      Randomhero6661 - 2012-04-11 11:02

      then why did your momma give you that afrikaaner name? ah...shame little elbie...ooooh

  • Zime Sithole Gcaba - 2012-04-11 07:47

    Madiba! Cant wait for your birthday..

  • phosa.peter2 - 2012-04-11 08:28

    News24 tell me,'on wat ground u do delete my coments??

      Marion - 2012-04-11 08:57

      @phosa.peter2 - Many of my comments have disappeared this morning too. Not sure if it's when they delete the comment we have responded to or if it is just because someone decides to report a comment and it is automatically deleted as a result.

      Makatikamusona - 2012-04-11 09:20

      @phosa.peter2 Well most people are racist on this site but certainly not Marion, I think she is one of the few that uses the brain to formulate an partial comment unlike some bunch of racist capetonian

      Marion - 2012-04-11 09:33

      @phosa.peter2 - at least I'm not a troll, like you. @makatika - thank you for your support.

  • Jacky Mutsila - 2012-04-11 08:55

    i aint gona sing for no old man,he aint a saint

      Makatikamusona - 2012-04-11 09:44

      You don't have to if you don't want to or can't sing to save your own soul

      misswoodcutter - 2012-04-11 13:07

      right! *yawn*

  • Zimbobwe - 2012-04-11 09:23

    @Irene you are very lucky Mandela kept his side of the bargain by preaching peace instead of war. God is with him. Your kinds starting with PW Botha to Eugene Terreblanche will vanish one by one. Madiba will still be here and we will be singing for him. Why would he wanna hear your stupid voice and stinking mouth??? You must go wash yourself first before talking rubbish trailer trash!!!

  • chimzyn - 2012-04-11 10:21

    this one goes for afrikaaners who post recist comments towards africans; you can dislike our statuses how ever you want and post as many weird recisit comments as you can, but after all we (control you), (you are living under the government of blacks) and \you will never change that\. I think its time for you to embrace the hate and live with us as your brothers and sisters.

  • Ako - 2012-04-11 12:12

    I must say I'm not a very good singer but for Mandela I'll try by all means to sing and I think not even a single one will just let an opportunity like this one pass by.

  • Junebugg - 2012-04-11 15:11


  • Megan - 2012-04-12 08:59

    Such a pity everything turns to a comment of race or racism these days.

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