We will arrest PigSpotter - cops

2010-09-15 15:37

Cape Town - Johannesburg metro police are determined to arrest a Twitter user known as PigSpotter for warning motorists about roadblocks and speed traps.

According to PigSpotter’s bio, he “expose(s) where cops are hiding, trapping and roadblocking daily… Watch this space”.

He also tends to use the analogy of a pig when referring to metro police. On Wednesday he tweeted: “Pork strips trapping on Great North road”. In an earlier tweet he said: “Bacon stopping cars in the service rd between Woodmead and Marlboro”.

PigSpotter, also known as Cliff, has been informing motorists in Johannesburg of where and when there are roadblocks or temporary speed traps; something he doesn’t think is illegal.

‘Definitely illegal’

However, metro police spokesperson Wayne Minnaar told News24 that what PigSpotter is doing is “definitely illegal”.

“He will be arrested even if he stops tweeting now,” said Minnaar. “He can be charged with obstructing or defeating justice."

Police have information regarding PigSpotter that they are currently following up on, said Minnaar.

Minnaar added that PigSpotter’s tweets enable drunk drivers and criminals to avoid police detection.

“Firstly, people under the influence of liquor can avoid roadblocks and cause accidents on the road. Secondly, criminals can plan their activities around the roadblocks to avoid arrest and commit serious crimes."

Minnaar added that roadblocks play a very important part in the capture of criminals. “Just last week we arrested over 100 drunk drivers in Johannesburg… and awhile back a very serious criminal wanted for a crash-in-transit (heist) was arrested at a roadblock with an AK-47 in his possession.”

Change of heart

PigSpotter has stated on his Twitter page that he will no longer tweet after 18:00. “I do not report roadblocks after 6pm to avoid drunk drivers getting away from cops. I am against drunk driving,” he wrote.

During an interview with 702’s Kieno Kammies on Wednesday, Cliff said he tweets the whereabouts of roadblocks to protect people from “victimisation” and corrupt metro police who want bribes.

He also said that metro police should be in plain sight, not hiding behind a car or a tree, when they use mobile speed traps.

When News24 asked Minnaar whether it was illegal for metro police to hide when they use mobile speed traps he said “no such law exists”.

“We will never condone (corruption or victimisation) by metro officers,” he said. He appealed to the public to report corrupt officers by phoning 0800 203 712.

During the radio interview, Cliff promised Kammies that he would no longer tweet about road blocks in exchange for the opportunity to speak about police corruption on the show once a week. “I have exchanged the right to expose roadblocks, for a spot on 702 to expose police corruption,” he tweeted.

He still, however, lets his 6 581 followers know the whereabouts of mobile speed traps. One of his latest tweets state: “Kermit's fat lady sitting near the bus stop bench on Beyers Naude near World Wear going south - opposite Peugeot dealership.”

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  • B - 2010-09-16 09:00

    If only the cops put this much effort into exposing and arresting "real" criminals!

  • BA - 2010-09-16 09:43

    This is crap. He can do it. GPS's also gives you speed trap's positions!

  • darryl - 2010-09-16 10:11

    well done pigspotter all the new gprs devices also have this function wake up pigs

  • Zorro - 2010-09-16 10:13

    PigSpotter - you Da Man. Keep up the good work bru. The JMPD are a bunch of monet grubbing filth who have very little interest in reducing road deaths but focus on extorting loot from people who travel at 71km/h in a 60km/h zone. You are my hero.

  • Master - 2010-09-16 10:20

    I think he is doing a dis-service to the general public, we should all abide by the law, if we are to take matters into our own hands we are no better than any criminal. Think before you act.....

  • abuseofpower - 2010-09-16 10:32


  • Khoba - 2010-09-16 11:04

    If the metro police did their homework (or even work for that matter)they would realise that in the case S v Naidoo, the court found a person who warned the public against speed traps and road blocks not guilty of any offence. The court said that stopping another motorist from committing an offence (such as speeding)is not a crime.So, mr. Minnaar is waisting his time and energy that could have been spent more wisely elsewhere.

  • Heksie - 2010-09-16 11:05

    Let me see now, he tweets where Metro standing so this results in people driving slower. Erm what is the problem exactly,is that not crime prevention. Metro is just upset because the majority of the tweets state that they wanted bribes.Also he could be making up these tweets and you would not even know it. It is not obstuction yet if no crime has been commited ergo if the person was not speeding it is not obtruction.Free Pigspotter

  • victor - 2010-09-16 11:05

    Keep up the good work Cliff and it is against the law to hide behind bushes and transformers like terrorists.

  • Arrest him - 2010-09-16 12:42

    I have absolutely no sympathy for "Pigspotter" if he is to be arrested. Roadblocks are an integral part of crime prevention and if this idiot wants to warn criminals and allow them to avoid the roadblocks he can go visit these criminal friends of his in a cell.
    If you poke your nose where it doesn't belong it will get burnt, stop trying to be a clown, go back to work and leave the police to do their jobs!!!

  • Cessna900 - 2010-09-16 12:53

    Love your work " Piggie"

  • Justlookatthattaxi - 2010-09-16 13:17

    I no longer shop at Woodmead during the week because of the regular road blocks. I have been intimidated and threatened by various officers and dare you pick up a fuss then your car is surrounded by officers with guns and handcuffs. Report this behaviour to who - I am of the belief that nothing will be done. I was told to keep a watch out as they will constantly harass me until I no longer want to drive on the road. These are people who are sworn to Serve and Protect - my A$$!! They are bullies.

    Yet every morning when taking my children to school - there are taxi's doing what they want, where they want. They will drive head on at you on the wrong side of the road to beat the traffic in the lane they should be in!!

    Just who runs this country?? The Government, The Unions or The Taxis???

  • vee - 2010-09-16 13:22

    LOL this guy is a legend. A twitter vigilante haha. I say leave him be. Lets face it, cops are pigs and they just upset coz now they'll be 'earning' less bribes.

  • DMan - 2010-09-16 13:24

    It is because of guys like this so many people die on our roads. we bitch and moan the police dont do enough for our road safety, yet we allow this. Arrest is a bit harsh, but this has to be stopped.

  • Dean - 2010-09-16 13:27

    A bit of a catch 22 situation.
    I agree with him to prevent those swines who want to misuse their jobs for self-enrichment but on the other hand,the idiots who are guilty also get away with it.
    Why not get information on the circuit about at which roadblocks the crooked buggers are and warn motorists just about those spots?

  • Gustav - 2010-09-16 13:41

    Leave PigSpotter alone!!!!!! We need someone to open up the can of worms!!!!!

  • Realist - 2010-09-16 14:20

    Go Pigspotter!!!

  • ME - 2010-09-16 14:22

    as far as im concerned how in hell can this all be illegal as they all saying, do they not put signs up warning us and do are GPS software give us this information. what is the difference with someone warning you , if you want to arrest him you should also arrest the the guys that put up all the signs warning us and the ones that created the GPS software that warns us. In honesty WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE

  • lol - 2010-09-16 14:30

    It's not really illegal .. if a person a metro cop on a the side of the road and call his friend and informs them that theres a metro cop it's not illegal. What is illegal is for a metro cop to hide behind a bush so motorists can't see them ...

  • roger - 2010-09-16 14:34

    PigSpotter is doing exactly what the authorities claimed was their purpose of cameras etc. and that is to result in motorists slowing down where they know cameras etc. might be. So PigSpotter is in fact doing their job for them.

  • Swine - 2010-09-16 14:38

    Now, how are we suppose to get those bribes for our KFCs... darn you Spotter!!!

  • GP - 2010-09-16 14:45

    Wayne,get a life.At least PigSpotter is saving lives by getting driver to keep to the speed.He is not hiding in the bush like the beacon.It was your job to see that drivers obey the rules,it look like PigSpotter is doing a better job.

  • Victor - 2010-09-16 14:50

    With the fear of stepping on someone's toes. One web blogger stated "Metro Police are not enforcing law but running a business" He was referring to the paying of fines later rather than being pulled over and having to loose time while a ticket was written out. As for hiding, last I heard it was not allowed. Remember the huge ting when camouflage was used on cameras a few years back, but I would leave that point to the lawyers. Personally I think if they caught me, I want to know while I know what I was doing. Not months later when I can't even remember driving there.

  • missk - 2010-09-16 14:57

    i think its being blown out of proportion really- we update fbk and twitter to let people know of our whereabouts and this is jus someone letting us know of speed traps?if that isnt encourageing NOT speedng i dont know what is.....

  • Mfana - 2010-09-16 14:57

    Alerting people about Speed Camera's in ma view is not illegal. Its like providing necessary info to the motorists, however twitting road blocks may aid criminals to avoid cops. Yes for Cameras. No for Road blocks.

  • srx505 - 2010-09-16 14:58

    Whats next? are we going to arrest the agents for Garmin too? As their GPS updates also inform you of trapping. Isnt it about time the pork chops deal with some real crime?

  • Mr T - 2010-09-16 15:00

    Leave Pigspotter alone!
    This has the same positive effect as 'Visible Policing' has. If people know that law enforcers are around, or they know that they are being watched, their behavior changes. Its a way of PREVENTING people from breaking the law rather than waiting for someone to break the law and then punishing them. Metro cops are only upset because there it means less cash in their pockets.

  • SN - 2010-09-16 15:01

    The postings of road blocks is a bad idea, and chances are - is what is going to land him in hot water. But the other part (postings on traps) police can't take action against that - cos the whole point of traps was to preventing speeding. And if people are going to stop speeding as a result of his tweets - then great! But naturally they not impressed - cos he ia cutting one major income stream! I am sorry - but metro's take on "preventing" speeding is pathetic, and would have long been doen away with if it won't for their structures. The income generated has now become a must - so now they actually have targets to achieve. Good luck to them and this fellow - maybe they should look at this as the public appealing to them to change their ways - but instead they will call it " defeating the ends of justice" so they spend more of our money on meaningless efforts! There is greater crime out there to fight.

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